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— English words —
  • aahs n. plural of aah.
  • aahs v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of aah.
— English word, define in German —
  • aahs  V. 3. Person Singular Indikativ Präsens Aktiv des Verbs aah.
— English word, define in French —
  • aahs  n. Pluriel de aah.
14 English words from 2 English definitions

aah form indicative person plural present present␣indicative simple simple␣present singular Third Third-person Third␣person Third-person␣singular

5 English words from 2 foreign definitions

aah des Person Singular Verbs

4 foreign words from 2 foreign definitions

Aktiv Indikativ Pluriel Präsens

One prefix (New word found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)


4 words-in-word (Words found as is inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

aah ahs Ahs AHS

2 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

sha SHA

6 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letter.)

AHAs asha Asha Haas has-a Saha

63 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

AACHS abash Aesah aghas Aghas ahaus Ahsan Aisha amahs Ansah ASAHP Asaph asham Athas awash ayahs basha Basha chaas Haans haars Haase Haast hahas ha-has hakas Hamas hamsa hapas haras hasma hasna hassa hasta Hausa hayas kasha Khasa Lasha Lhasa Masha pasha Pasha Saadh Sabah sabha Sahar Sahas Sakha salah Salah +12 words

18 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

aah AAs AAS aha AHA a-ha ahs Ahs AHS Asa ASA ash Ash has Hsa. SAA sha SHA

41 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

AAAs AAAS A.A.A.S. AABs AACs AACS A.A.C.S. aads AADs aals AALS aams AAMs AAMS AAOS AAPs AAPS AARs AAUs AAVs achs ACHs ADHs ahhs akhs AMHS ATHs bahs Bahs cahs CAHs dahs fahs hahs Mahs pahs PAHs rahs wahs Wahs yahs

6 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

aah AAs AAS ahs Ahs AHS

3 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

AACHS amahs ayahs

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