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— English words —
  • abacus n. (Historical, obsolete) A table or tray scattered with sand which was used for calculating or drawing.
  • abacus n. A device used for performing arithmetical calculations; (rare) a table on which loose counters are placed…
  • abacus n. (Architecture) The uppermost portion of the capital of a column immediately under the architrave, in…
  • abacus n. (Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, historical) A board, tray, or table, divided into perforated compartments…
— Foreign word, define in English —
  • Middle english
— English words, defined in German —
  • abacus S. Ein aus der Antike stammendes Rechenbrett mit Kugeln.
  • abacus S. Ein mit Sand bestreuter Tisch, der früher für das Zeichnen und das Rechnen verwendet wurde.
  • abacus S. Deckplatte der Dorischen Säule.
— English word, defined in Dutch —
  • abacus n. (Wiskunde) telraam, abacus.
— English words, defined in French —
  • abacus n. Abaque (1), boulier.
  • abacus n. (Architecture) Abaque (2), tailloir.
— English word, defined in Spanish —
  • abacus s. Ábaco.
— English word, defined in Portuguese —
  • abacus s. Ábaco.
— English words, defined in Italian —
  • abacus s. Abaco, abbaco, pallottoliere.
  • abacus s. (Architettura) abaco.
— In Dutch —
  • abacus n. (Wiskunde) raam met staven waarop balletjes kunnen schuiven…
  • abacus n. (Bouwkunde) dekplaat van een kapiteel.
— In Latin —
  • abacus n.subs. Tessera; tabula quadrata.
  • abacus n.subs. Tabula tamquam calculatoria utebantur arithmetici et geometrae.
  • abacus n.subs. Tabula de qua supra erat etiam alveolus lusorius.
— In French —
  • abacus n.m. (Histoire) Sorte de sceptre, long d’une toise, que portait…
44 English words from 5 English definitions

Abacus A␣board Ancient Ancient␣Greece Ancient␣Rome Architecture architrave are arithmetical board calculating calculations capital column compartments counters device divided drawing for Greece historical immediately into loose obsolete of␣a perforated performing placed portion rare Rome sand scattered table the tray under uppermost used was which with

22 English words from 16 foreign definitions

Abaco abacus Abaque alveolus Architecture das der een long met qua que Sand sceptre Sorte supra tabula Tessera Tisch toise und van

38 foreign words from 16 foreign definitions

Ábaco abbaco Antike Architettura aus balletjes bestreuter boulier Bouwkunde calculatoria Dorischen Ein etiam früher für Histoire kapiteel Kugeln kunnen mit pallottoliere portait quadrata raam Rechenbrett Rechnen Säule schuiven stammendes staven tailloir telraam une verwendet waarop Wiskunde wurde Zeichnen

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aba Aba ABA A.B.A. abac ABAC ACU acu- bac BAC -bac- Bacus cus CUs

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aba Aba ABA A.B.A. cab Cab CAB caba Caba UCA

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aucubas baucans carabus Cubanas sambuca

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AACSB AACUs AASCU abacs ASBCA aucas Bacas Bacus BCAAs busaa cabas Cabas sauba scuba ubacs UCaaS USAAC

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abacas abacks Aeacus

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AACUs abacs Bacus

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