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  • abdominothoracic  agg. (anatomia) addominotoracico.
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abdomen and chest Relating the thorax to␣the

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ABD abd. Abd. abdo Abdo abdomin- abdomino- ACI CIC dom Dom DOM -dom dom. Dom. domino hor hora Hora -ino min Min MIN min. mino Minot not NOT not. Not. notho- omi ora Ora oth OTH -oth o'th' RAC rac- tho thô tho' thor Thor Thora thoracic

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aro car Car CAR Caro CIC dba DBA d/b/a D.B.A. ICA -ica imo IMO mod MoD MOD mod. nim oni ONI Roh ROH ton TON -ton Toni

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