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  • acrosin n. (biochemistry) A proteolytic enzyme, found in the acrosome of spermatozoa, that enables penetration of the egg.
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acrosome biochemistry egg enables enzyme found penetration proteolytic spermatozoa that the

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acr- acro acro- CRO OSI -osin Ros ROS rosin Rosin sin Sin SIN

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iso ISO iso- nis NIS Niš orc ORC orca RCA

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aircons arsonic racinos Roscian

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acropsin acrosine alicorns anticors cantoris Carbonis carnosic carolins carotins Carpinos carrions castiron cast-iron cast␣iron castorin clairons clarinos clarions conistra corbinas Corsican Cortinas corvinas C-rations Crisanto Francois François Fricanos maricons moracins narcosis nasicorn Nicastro nicators Nicobars Nicotras Noricans ocarinas organics parsonic sarcosin sardonic Sargonic Scardino scenario scoparin scrivano

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acorns acrons aircon air-con arcsin cairns Cairns Caison Carino cariso carons Carson casino casoni Cianos cirons corans Corias Corina Crains cranio- narcos norias oirans orcins racino racons raions Rascon rasion Rosina sarcin scarin' scoria Sicano Sirona Sonrai Sorani sornai

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