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— English words —
  • actin n. (Biochemistry, uncountable) A globular structural protein that polymerizes in a helical fashion to form…
  • actin n. (Biochemistry, countable) One of the six isoforms of actin.
  • actin' v. Pronunciation spelling of acting.
  • actin- pref. Alternative form of actino-.
— English word, defined in German —
  • actin S. Biologie: Aktin.
— English word, defined in Dutch —
  • actin n. (Biochemie) actine.
— English word, defined in French —
  • actin’ v. Participe présent du verbe act.
— English word, defined in Italian —
  • actin s. (Biologia) actina.
22 English words from 4 English definitions

actin acting actino- Alternative Biochemistry countable fashion form globular helical isoforms One polymerizes Pronunciation Pronunciation␣spelling protein six spelling structural that the uncountable

1 English word from 4 foreign definitions


1 foreign word from 4 English definitions


10 foreign words from 4 foreign definitions

actina actine Aktin Biochemie Biologia Biologie Participe Participe␣présent présent verbe

253 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

acting actino- actins actinal actings actinia actinic actinin actinon actinase actinate actineon acting␣on acting␣up actiniae actinian actinias actinide actiniid actinins actinism actinium actinoid actinome actinons actinopt actinost actinote actinula actinally actinases acting␣out actinians actinides actinidic actinidin actiniids actinisms actiniums actinodin actinoids actinomes actinonin actinopod actinopts actinosts actinotes actinozoa actinulae actinulæ +203 words

293 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

pacting tacting coacting diactine enacting enactins exacting fracting reacting reäcting tracting unacting abactinal cisacting cis-acting diactinal diactines diactinic dynactins enactings entactins exactinio factiness galactins hexactine impacting inactinic isoactins misacting monactine nonacting nonactins olfacting outacting peracting preacting proacting redacting subacting triactine unactinic abreacting adiactinic attracting attractins calpactins coenacting compacting contacting contactins +243 words

99 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

lactin diactin enactin calactin depactin dynactin entactin galactin hexactin isoactin monactin nonactin antiactin attractin calpactin compactin contactin cortactin crenactin myotactin pentactin pertactin petractin prolactin surfactin aerobactin caltractin centractin cepabactin colibactin cytotactin equibactin fibroactin fimsbactin gliotactin lysobactin morphactin mycobactin nocobactin ornibactin parabactin pyrabactin royalactin amphibactin anguibactin astrotactin azadiractin brucebactin cichofactin coelibactin +49 words

11 words-in-word (Words found as is inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

act Act ACT act. Act. A.C.T. A.␣C.␣T. acti CTI tin TIN

3 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)


3 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

antic cain't can␣it

56 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

acetin acting actino- actins action Anctil anetic anicut antick antics atonic Cainta cannit cans␣it canthi cantic cantil Cantin castin' Catino cation catkin catlin Catlin catnip cat-nip cat␣nip Cetina Chanti Citian civnat enatic incant infact in␣fact intact in␣tact Itanic lactin mantic -mantic nastic natick Natick natric natsci nautic pancit Tangic Tanice +6 words

42 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

acti aint ain't aniṭ anti anti- -atic Atin cain Cain -cain- Cait cant Cant can't Cant. ca'n't CATI cinA cTnI inca Inca NACI Naic nait NAIT NCIT NCTA NIAC Nica Taic tain Tain Tani T-Can tian Tian tina Tina TINA TINC TNCA

8 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

Achin acton Acton act␣on altin Artin Astin Autin

2 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

acti Atin

2 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

acetin action

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