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  • actinoceratid n. (Zoology) Any of the extinct cephalopods in the family †Actinoceratidae.
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Any cephalopods extinct family the Zoology

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act Act ACT act. Act. A.C.T. A.␣C.␣T. acti actin actin' actin- actino- CER Cera CERA CTI era ERA Ino -ino NOC Noce rat Rat RAT 'rat rati Rati tid TID tin TIN

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are Are ARE Åre A.R.E. con Con CON -con con- coni dit DIT D.I.T. DITA eco ECO eco- econ econ. Econ. ita ITA ITAR ITC nit oni ONI on␣it rec rec. recon tar Tar TAR tare TCA

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accreditations actinoceratids antarcticoside antidemocratic anti-democratic contraindicate tetraenoic␣acid

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direct␣action ratiocinated tainoceratid

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