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  • actinophonic adj. Relating to the production of sound by means of the actinic, or ultraviolet, rays.
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actinic by␣means␣of means production rays Relating sound the to␣the ultraviolet

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act Act ACT act. Act. A.C.T. A.␣C.␣T. acti actin actin' actin- actino- CTI hon Hon 'hon h'on Hon. Ino -ino INOP nic Nic NIC nop Nop NOP oni ONI pho Pho PHO phở phon PHON phon- phonic -phonic tin TIN

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CIN -cin Cino Ino -ino ITC nit noh Noh NOH OHP oni ONI on␣it pon Pon PON 'pon TCA

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