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— English word —
  • ADUC prop.n. (Computing) Acronym of Active Directory Users & Computers.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Aromanian
  • Romanian
    • aduc v. Inflection of aduce…
9 English words from 3 English definitions

Acronym Active amp bring Computers Computing Directory Inflection Users

2 foreign words from 3 English definitions

Active␣Directory aduce

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daduch Laduca caducei daduchs Laducas Paducah seaduck sea␣duck traduce traduct viaduct aquaduct caducary caducean caduceus caducity caducous can␣a␣duck gonaduct lovaduck luvaduck Paducahs Raducanu seaducks sea␣ducks traduced traducer traduces traducts viaducts fuckaduck fuck␣a␣duck gonaducts infraduct intraduct loveaduck love␣a␣duck luvvaduck Raducanus supraduct traducent traducers traducian traducing traducted traductor viaducted caducicorn caducities graduction +50 words

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adunc caudo- caus'd Claud ducal Ducas ducat Ducat Dulac

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ACD ACU acu- ADC Adu ADU AUC aud Aud AUD aud. Au.D. cad CAD cad. Cau CDA CDU CUA cud CUD DAc DAC DAc. D.Ac. dau DAU DCA DCU dua Dua du'a' UAC UCA ucd UCD Uda UDA UDC

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ADCC adic -adic ADSC ADS-C Adur Adus ADUs educ. Educ.

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