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— English words —
  • age n. (countable) The whole duration of a being, whether animal, plant, or other kind, being alive.
  • age n. (countable) The number of full years, months, days, hours, etc., that someone, or something, has been alive.
  • age n. (countable) One of the stages of life.
  • age n. (countable) The time of life at which some particular power or capacity is understood to become vested.
  • age n. (countable) A particular period of time in history, as distinguished from others.
  • age n. (countable) A great period in the history of the Earth.
  • age n. (countable) A period of one hundred years; a century.
  • age n. (countable) The people who live during a particular period.
  • age n. (countable) A generation.
  • age n. (countable, hyperbolic) A long time.
  • age n. (countable, geology) A unit of geologic time subdividing an epoch into smaller parts.
  • age n. (countable, poker) The right of the player to the left of the dealer to pass the first round in betting…
  • age n. (uncountable) That part of the duration of a being or a thing which is between its beginning and…
  • age n. (uncountable) Mature age; especially, the time of life at which one attains full personal rights and capacities.
  • age n. (uncountable) An advanced period of life; the latter part of life; the state of being old; eld, seniority.
  • age v. (transitive) To cause to grow old; to impart the characteristics of age to.
  • age v. (transitive, figuratively) To postpone an action that would extinguish something, as a debt.
  • age v. (transitive, accounting) To categorize by age.
  • age v. (intransitive) To grow aged; to become old; to show marks of age.
  • -age suff. Forming nouns with the sense of collection or appurtenance.
  • -age suff. forming nouns indicating a process, action, or a result.
  • -age suff. forming nouns of a state or relationship.
  • -age suff. forming nouns indicating a place.
  • -age suff. forming nouns indicating a charge, toll, or fee.
  • -age suff. forming nouns indicating a rate.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Albanian
    • Agë prop.n. A female given name.
  • Danish
    • age v. to drive.
  • Estonian
    • Age prop.n. A female given name, short form of Agnes.
    • äge adj. sudden, sharp, fierce, stormy, fast.
    • äge adj. acute.
    • äge adj. (slang) awesome.
  • Irish
    • age prep. Munster form of ag (used before a possessive determiner).
  • Japanese
    • age rom. Rōmaji transcription of あげ.
    • -age rom. Rōmaji transcription of あげ.
  • Kott
    • age adj. rotten.
  • Mapudungun
    • age n. (anatomy) face.
  • Middle english
    • age n. Alternative form of awe.
    • age n. The age of someone (or rarely, something); the amount of time which someone has existed for.
    • age n. The correct or traditional age for doing something (especially the age of maturity).
    • age n. The state of being old, elderly, or aged; senescence or old age.
    • age n. The life of something or someone; the length of time where a person or thing exists.
    • age n. A period or portion of time; an age, epoch, or era.
    • age n. Time (as an abstract concept); the passing of time.
    • age n. (rare, in every age) A person or individual who is of a given or certain age.
  • Middle french
    • -age suff. forms nouns with the sense of "action or result of Xing" or, more rarely, "action related to X".
    • -age suff. forms nouns with the sense of "state of being (a) X".
  • Norwegian
    • Åge prop.n. A male given name of Old Norse origin, cognate to Swedish Åke.
  • Occitan
    • -age suff. (Mistralian) Alternative form of -atge.
  • Occitan - Scots
  • Old french
    • -age suff. forms nouns with the sense of ’action or result of’.
    • -age suff. forms nouns with the sense of ’state of being’.
  • Old frisian
  • Scots
— English words, define in German —
  • age  S. Alter.
  • age  S. geschichtlich: Zeitalter, Ära.
  • age  V. intransitiv: altern, alt / älter werden.
  • age  V. intransitiv, Gastronomie: reifen.
  • age  V. transitiv: jemanden älter machen, altern lassen.
  • age  V. transitiv: Gastronomie: reifen lassen.
  • age  V. transitiv: das Alter einer Sache bestimmen.
— English words, define in Dutch —
  • age  n. leeftijd.
  • age  n. tijdperk.
— English words, define in French —
  • age  n. Époque.
  • age  n. Âge.
  • age  n. Durée de vie.
  • age  n. Âge adulte.
  • age  n. Âge d’une espèce.
  • age  v. Vieillir.
  • age  v. Retarder.
  • age  v. Classer par âge.
  • -age  suff. -age.
— English words, define in Spanish —
  • age  s. Edad.
  • age  s. Edad, era.
  • age  v. Envejecer.
— English words, define in Portuguese —
  • age  s. idade.
  • age  s. era, época.
  • age  v. envelhecer.
  • age  v. amadurecer.
  • age  v. adiar.
  • age  v. classificar por ano.
  • age  v. One his first assignments was to age the accounts receivable.
  • age  v. Um de seus primeiros trabalhos foi classificar por ano as contas a receber.
— English words, define in Italian —
  • age  s. età.
  • age  s. (per estensione) la parte finale di una vita, vecchiaia.
  • age  s. epoca.
  • age  s. (figurato) eternità.
— In German —
  • -age  Suff. nachgestelltes Wortbildungselement, das oftmals das Ergebnis…
— In Dutch —
  • Age  eig. (mannelijke naam) jongensnaam.
  • -age  het verrichten van de door het grondwoord genoemde handeling…
  • -age  het geheel van het door het grondwoord genoemde.
  • -age  hoeveelheid van het door het grondwoord genoemde.
— In French —
  • age  n.m. (Agriculture) Pièce de la charrue, horizontale, reliée…
  • age  n.m. (Régionalisme) Haie.
  • AGE  n.f. Assemblée générale extraordinaire.
  • âge  n.m. Période écoulée depuis la naissance d’un être vivant ou…
  • âge  n.m. Chacune des parties de la vie d’un homme.
  • âge  n.m. (En particulier) Âge requis par les lois, pour certains…
  • âge  n.m. Avancement dans la vie, progrès de la vie.
  • âge  n.m. Vieillesse.
  • âge  n.m. (Vieilli) Durée ordinaire de la vie.
  • âge  n.m. (Chronologie) Un certain nombre de siècles, période de…
  • âgé  adj. Qui a un certain nombre d’années, un certain âge.
  • âgé  adj. (Absolument) Qui est avancé en âge ; vieux.
  • -age  suff.m. Nom dérivé d’un verbe : indique l’action du verbe, parfois…
  • -age  suff.m. Nom dérivé d’un substantif.
  • A.G.E.  n.f. Assemblée générale extraordinaire.
195 English words from 53 English definitions

abstract accounting action acute advanced age aged Agnes alive Alternative amount anatomy and animal appurtenance attains awe awesome become been before beginning being betting between capacities capacity categorize cause century certain characteristics charge cognate collection concept correct countable days dealer debt determiner distinguished doing drive duration during Earth eld elderly epoch era especially etc every existed exists extinguish eye face fast fee female fierce figuratively first for form forming forms from full generation geologic geology given given␣name great grow has history hours hundred hyperbolic impart indicating individual into intransitive its kind latter left length life live long long␣time male marks Mature maturity Mistralian months more Munster name Norse nouns number of␣a of␣age old old␣age Old␣Norse one origin or␣something other others part particular parts pass passing people period period␣of␣time person personal place plant player poker portion possessive possessive␣determiner postpone power process rare rarely rate related relationship result right rights Rōmaji rotten round round␣in senescence seniority sense sharp short short␣form show slang smaller some someone something stages state state␣of␣being stormy subdividing sudden Swedish that the thing time toll to␣the traditional transcription transitive uncountable understood unit used vested where whether which which␣one who whole with would Xing years

41 English words from 53 foreign definitions

accounts accounts␣receivable action -age age Agriculture alt Alter altern assignments certain Classer dans das des door era est extraordinaire finale first het his les naam Nom One ordinaire par parte parties per pour receivable Retarder the van vie vita vivant was

100 foreign words from 53 foreign definitions

Absolument adiar adulte âge Âge␣adulte älter amadurecer années ano Ära Assemblée Assemblée␣générale avancé Avancement bestimmen certains Chacune charrue Chronologie classificar contas de␣la de␣la␣vie depuis dérivé Durée Durée␣de␣vie écoulée Edad einer En␣particulier Envejecer envelhecer epoca época Époque Ergebnis espèce estensione età eternità être être␣vivant figurato foi Gastronomie geheel générale geschichtlich Haie handeling hoeveelheid homme horizontale idade indique intransitiv jemanden jongensnaam lassen leeftijd lois machen naissance nombre nombre␣de oftmals parfois particulier per␣estensione période Pièce por primeiros progrès Qui receber Régionalisme reifen reliée requis Sache seus siècles substantif tijdperk trabalhos transitiv una une vecchiaia verbe verrichten Vieillesse Vieilli Vieillir vieux werden Wortbildungselement Zeitalter

180 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

aged agèd agee Agee agen ager Ager ages agean Agees agend agene agent agers Agers agest ageth agedly ageest ageful ageing ageism ageist agency agenda Agenda agends agenic agenst agents age-old age␣out ageyne ageable aged␣out agefuls ageings ageinst ageisms ageists agelast ageless agelong agemate age-mate agendae agendas agender agendum agenest +130 words

4242 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

bagel Bages caged cager cages cagey dagen Eagen eager Eager Fagen Fager Fages gaged gager Gager gages Hagen Hager jager jäger Jäger kages lager Magee Mager mages paged Pagel pager pages Paget raged rager Rager rages ragey saged sager sages sagey waged wagel wager Wager wages yager Yager Zager adages +4192 words

1949 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

cage Cage gage Gage kage lage mage page Page PAGE rage sage Sage wage yage adage arage étage fuage guage image liage of␣age Osage peage phage -phage plage stage Stage suage swage usage achage alnage ambage anlage assage barage bocage borage cépage cowage cubage damage Davage decage dégagé domage donage +1899 words

2 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)


3 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letter.)

Ega EGA G.␣E.␣A.

82 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

aged agèd agee Agee agen ager Ager ages agoe ague Ange areg beag bega Bega cage Cage cega egad egal Egan EGTA ETag e-tag EVGA Gabe gade Gade Gaeaa Gael gage Gage gale Gale game gape gare gate Gate GATE -gate gaue gave Gaye gaze -gaze geal gean Gean +32 words

28 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

ae AE æ Æ -ae A&E -æ a**e a.e. A␣&␣E ag Ag AG Ag. A/G ea Ea EA ea. eg EG e.g. Ga GA G&A gE Ge GE

68 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

AAE abe Abe ABE Abé a-be ace Ace ACE ade Ade -ade aga Aga AGA AGB AGC agh AGI A.G.I. A.␣G.␣I. AGJ AGL AGM AGN ago AGO AGP AGs AGS Ags. AGU AGW AJE ake Ake ale AmE AME ANE -ane AOE ape are ARE ase ASE -ase ate Até Atë -ate ave 'ave ave. Ave. awe Awe axe Axe aye Aye aze bge GGE Ige IgE TGE

18 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

ae AE æ Æ -ae A&E -æ a**e a.e. A␣&␣E ag Ag AG Ag. A/G gE Ge GE

5 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

agee Agee agoe ague Ange

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