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— English words —
  • ar n. The name of the Latin-script letter R/r.
  • ar interj. (UK, West Country, West Midlands) Alternative form of arr.
  • ar part. (UK, West Country, West Midlands) Alternative form of arr.
  • ar v. Obsolete spelling of are.
  • AR adj. (Statistics) Initialism of autoregressive.
  • AR n. (Countable, weaponry) an AR-15 personal semi-automatic rifle, M-16 assault rifle, M-4 carbine, derivative…
  • AR n. (Countable, weaponry, informal) an assault rifle or automatic rifle.
  • AR n. (Biochemistry) Initialism of androgen receptor.
  • AR n. (Accounting, uncountable or plural only) Initialism of accounts receivable.
  • AR n. (Sports, countable) area record: best achievement among those by persons from a given continent.
  • AR n. (Sports, US, countable) Abbreviation of American record., national record for the United States.
  • AR n. (Crime) Initialism of armed robbery.
  • AR n. (Computing, chiefly uncountable) Initialism of augmented reality.
  • AR n. (Countable) Initialism of aspect ratio.
  • AR n. (Fan fiction) alternate reality.
  • AR n. (Meteorology) Initialism of w:atmospheric river.
  • AR n. (Emergency medicine) Initialism of artificial respiration.
  • AR n. (Philately, postal service) Initialism of acknowledgment of receipt.
  • AR n. (Law, politics) Initialism of assembly resolution.
  • AR prop.n. Postal abbreviation of Arkansas.
  • -ar suff. Of, near, or pertaining to; adjective suffix appended to various words, often nouns, to make an adjective…
  • -ar suff. Forming nouns such as vicar, exemplar, bursar, etc.
  • -ar suff. Forming nouns such as beggar, liar, pedlar, etc.
  • -ar suff. (Astronomy) Used to form names of star types, such as magnetar, collapsar, etc.
  • ar- pref. (Organic chemistry) Forming classification names for classes of organic compounds that contain a carbon…
  • ar- pref. (Mathematics, trigonometry) Used to form the names of inverse hyperbolic trigonometric functions, and…
  • Ar. prop.n. Abbreviation of Arabic.
  • A&R n. Alternative form of A & R.
  • A/R n. (Accounting) Initialism of accounts receivable.
  • A.R. n. (Alchemy) Initialism of aqua regia.
  • A␣&␣R n. (Music) Initialism of artist(s) and repertoire/repertory.
  • A.␣&␣R. n. Alternative form of A & R.
— International convention —
  • ar sym. (International standards) ISO 639-1 language code for Arabic.
  • Ar sym. (Chemistry) Symbol for argon.
  • Ar sym. (Chemistry) The relative atomic mass of an element.
  • AR sym. (International standards) ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Argentina.
  • .ar sym. The ccTLD for Argentina as assigned by the IANA.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Abinomn
    • ar n. Pometia pinnata.
  • Aka-bea
    • ar- pref. Prefix for limbs or upright things.
  • Albanian
    • ar n. (Chemistry) gold.
    • ar n. (Figurative) treasure, gem.
    • ar n. Golden thread.
    • ar adj. Golden.
    • ar adj. (Figurative) precious.
    • ar adj. (Figurative) yellow; white, bright.
    • ar adj. (Figurative) blonde, bright, light (hair).
    • ar n. Are (unit of area; abbrev. a).
  • Aromanian
    • ar v. I plough.
    • -ar suff. Suffix used to denote a profession or craft.
  • Azerbaijani
    • -ar suff. Postconsonantal form of -ər after the vowels A / I / O / U.
  • Azerbaijani - Turkish
    • ar n. Feeling of shame.
  • Basque
    • ar n. Male.
    • -ar suff. Alternative form of -tar.
    • -ar suff. Male (animals).
    • -ar suff. [+verbal noun] about to.
  • Breton
    • ar art. The.
  • Catalan
    • -ar suff. Used to form nouns indicating where a given crop is grown.
    • -ar suff. Used to form nouns indicating where something is usually found.
  • Catalan - Galician
    • -ar suff. -ar; used to form adjectives of one form indicating that the noun that is modified by the adjective…
    • -ar suff. Used to form first conjugation verbs indicating an action related to the root word.
  • Chuukese
    • ar det. Third person plural general possessive; their.
  • Cimbrian
    • ar n. (Luserna) maple, maple tree.
    • ar pron. (7) Short for èar (“he”).
  • Czech
    • ar n. Are (unit of area equal to 100 square metres).
    • -ař suff. A suffix appended to words to create an agent noun, indicating a person’s profession, much like the…
    • -ář suff. A suffix appended to words to create an agent noun, indicating a person’s profession, much like the English -or.
  • Danish
    • ar n. Scar.
    • ar n. (Slang) mouth.
    • ar v. Imperative of arre.
    • år n. Year.
  • Danish - Northern kurdish - Serbo-croatian - Swedish
    • ar n. Are (square decametre, 100 m²).
  • East central german
    • ar pron. (Erzgebirgisch) he.
  • Esperanto
    • -ar- suff. Root form of -aro.
  • Faroese - Icelandic
  • Faroese - Icelandic - Old norse
  • Finnish
    • är n. The name of the Latin-script letter R/r.
  • Galician
    • ar n. Air.
    • ar adv. (Archaic) furthermore, in addition.
    • ar adv. (Archaic) never.
  • German low german
    • àr conj. (Westphalian) Alternative form of àder.
    • år conj. (Westphalian) Alternative form of àder.
  • Hausa
    • ar interj. Damn it.
  • Hungarian
    • ár n. Price.
    • ár n. (Figuratively) cost (a negative consequence or loss that occurs or is required to occur).
    • ár n. Flood.
    • ár n. High tide, flow (as opposed to the ebb).
    • ár n. Awl (pointed instrument for piercing small holes, as in leather or wood).
    • ár n. Are (accepted SI unit of area equal to 100 square metres).
    • -ár suff. (Noun-forming suffix) Added to a verb to form a noun indicating the place of the action or the doer…
  • Icelandic
    • ár adv. (Rare) early.
    • ár n. Indefinite accusative singular of ár.
    • ár n. Indefinite nominative plural of ár.
    • ár n. Indefinite accusative plural of ár.
    • ár n. Indefinite genitive singular of á, indefinite nominative plural of á, indefinite accusative plural of…
  • Ido
    • -ar suff. This ending denotes the present infinitive form of a verb.
    • -ar- suff. Suffix denoting a collection, group or set of objects or beings.
  • Interlingua
    • -ar suff. Added to a noun root word, this forms a verb meaning to apply or make use of the root.
    • -ar suff. Added to an adjectival root word, this forms a verb meaning to render/make (adjective) the object of the verb.
  • Irish
    • ar prep. Used with a variety of nouns to indicate feelings and minor medical conditions.
    • ar prep. Used with a verbal noun to indicate a state.
    • ar prep. Upon (with a verbal noun plus personal form of do indicating the subject of the verb).
    • ar prep. Upon (with a (“his, her, their”)—indicating the subject of an intransitive verb or the object of a transitive…
    • ar prep. (In conjunction with the verb bí) must, have to.
    • ar part. Used to form direct and indirect questions.
    • ar part. Used to form direct and indirect copular questions; used before consonants.
    • ar part. Introduces an indirect relative clause.
    • ar part. Introduces an indirect relative clause; present/future tense.
    • ar part. Introduces an indirect relative clause; past/conditional tense.
    • ar part. Introduces a direct or indirect interrogative; past/conditional tense.
    • ar pron. All that, whatever.
    • ar v. Said, says.
    • ar n. Verbal noun of air (“plough”).
    • ar n. (Literary, agriculture) tillage.
    • ár det. Our.
    • ár n. Havoc, destruction.
    • ár n. Are (unit of area equal to 100 square metres).
  • Irish - Old irish
    • ár n. Slaughter, carnage.
  • Irish - Welsh
    • ar prep. On.
  • Kalasha
    • ar n. Awl.
  • Khasi - Pnar
    • ar num. Two.
  • Latgalian - Latvian
    • ar prep. With.
  • Latvian
    • ar v. 2nd person singular present indicative form of art.
    • ar v. 3rd person singular present indicative form of art.
    • ar v. 3rd person plural present indicative form of art.
    • ar v. 2nd person singular imperative form of art.
    • ar v. (With the particle lai) 3rd person singular imperative form of art.
    • ar v. (With the particle lai) 3rd person plural imperative form of art.
  • Lithuanian
    • ar conj. (Interrogative) whether, if.
    • ar conj. (Dialectal) and.
  • Lower sorbian
    • -aŕ suff. -er, -or (appended to words to create an agent noun, indicating a person’s profession).
  • Luxembourgish
    • Ar n. Are (unit of area).
    • är pron. Second-person plural possessive pronoun, nominative or accusative case, feminine or plural object; your.
  • Middle english
    • ar det. (Chiefly Kent and West Midlands ME) Alternative form of here (“their”).
    • ar n. (Northern ME) Alternative form of ore (“honour”).
  • Middle welsh
    • ar prep. On, upon.
    • ar prep. Over, of (of a ruler with respect to the area ruled).
    • ar pron. He/she who, whoever.
    • ar pron. That which, whatever.
  • Mizo
    • ár n. Chicken.
  • Ngarrindjeri
    • -ar suff. Suffix meaning many and used to denote a plural.
  • Nivkh
    • аг adv. (Amur, Sakhalin) there.
  • Northern kurdish
    • ar n. Fire.
    • ar n. Ash, ashes.
    • ar n. Alternative form of ard (“flour”).
    • ar n. Shame, disgrace.
    • ar n. Abbreviation of argon.
  • Norwegian bokmål
    • år n. Form removed with the spelling reform of 2005; superseded by åre.
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk
    • ar n. An are, area of 100 square metres.
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk - Swedish
  • Norwegian nynorsk
    • år n. An oar.
    • år n. (Anatomy, botany or geology) a vein.
    • -ar suff. Used to form regular indefinite plurals of most masculine nouns.
    • -ar suff. Used to form regular indefinite plurals of some feminine nouns.
    • -ar interf. Used to form indefinite genitive singulars of strong feminine nouns and some strong masculine nouns…
    • -ar suff. Used to form nouns from verbs, a person who performs the action of the verb.
    • -ar- interf. Used to form indefinite genitive singulars of strong feminine nouns, used in compounds.
  • Occitan
    • -ar suff. Suffix of verbs of the first conjugation.
  • Old english
    • ar n. Honour, glory, grace.
    • ar n. Ore, brass, copper.
    • ar n. Oar.
    • ar n. Messenger, herald.
    • ar n. Angel.
    • ar n. Missionary.
  • Old irish
    • ar prep. For, for the sake of, because of.
    • ar conj. Alternative spelling of air (“for, since”).
    • ár n. Defeat, destruction.
    • ar- pref. For-, fore-.
  • Old irish - Scottish gaelic
    • ar det. Our.
  • Old norse
    • ár n. A year.
    • ár n. Plenty, abundance.
    • ár n. The name of the A-rune.
    • ár adv. Early, anciently.
    • ár n. Genitive singular of of á.
    • ár n. Nominative plural of of á.
    • ár n. Accusative plural of á.
    • -ar suff. Plural (clarification of this definition is needed).
    • -ar suff. Possessive (Can we add an example for this sense?).
  • Old portuguese
    • ar adv. Also.
    • ar adv. Again.
  • Old swedish
    • ar n. Year.
  • Phalura
    • -aṛ suff. Second person singular suffix.
  • Polabian
    • ar adv. Here.
  • Polabian - Yola
    • ar conj. Or.
  • Polish
    • ar n. (Metrology) are (square decametre, 100 m²).
    • ar n. Genitive plural of ara.
  • Romanian
    • ar v. (He/she) would.
    • ar v. (They) would.
    • ar v. First-person singular present indicative/subjunctive of ara.
    • ar n. An are (a unit of area equal to 100 square metres).
    • AR prop.n. Abbreviation of Arad, a county in Romania.
    • -ar suff. Added to a word to denote a profession or craft; -er.
  • Russian
    • аг n. Genitive/accusative plural of а́га.
    • аг n. Genitive/accusative plural of ага́.
  • Scottish gaelic
    • ar v. Think.
    • àr n. Slaughter, carnage (more severe than marbh).
  • Serbo-croatian
    • -ar suff. Suffix appended to words to create a masculine noun, usually denoting a profession, a person who does…
  • Slovak
    • -ár suff. Suffix used to form agent nouns from verbs.
  • Slovene
    • -ar suff. Suffix appended to words to create a masculine noun.
  • Swedish
    • ar n. (Dialectal) eagle.
    • är v. Present tense of vara. am/is/are.
    • ÅR n. (Mathematics) R3; 3-dimensional Euclidean space; abbreviation of åskådliga rummet.
    • -ar suff. Suffix for the indefinite plural form of nouns of the second declension.
    • -ar suff. Suffix for the present tense, active voice, indicative mood for the absolute majority of Swedish verbs.
    • -är suff. -ar, -ary, -air; turning a noun into an adjective.
  • Tocharian a
    • ar- v. To evoke, call up.
    • ar- v. To produce, yield, bring forth.
  • Tocharian a - Tocharian b
    • ār- v. To cease, come to an end.
    • ār- v. To renounce, forsake, abandon.
  • Turkish
    • ar n. Are (unit of area).
    • -ar suff. Simple present and aorist tense marker.
    • -ar suff. Makes adjectives out of verbs.
    • -ar suff. Makes nouns out of verbs.
    • -ar suff. Derives distributive numbers.
    • -ar suff. Derives Intransitive verbs from names of colors.
    • -ar suff. Derives Transitive verbs from nouns.
  • Welsh
    • ar prep. About to (with a verbal noun).
    • -ar suff. Adjectival suffix.
    • ar- pref. On, above, sur-, super-, epi-.
    • ar- pref. Near.
  • Westrobothnian
    • ar n. Eagle, Aquila chrysaetos or Haliaeetus albicilla.
    • ar pron. Contraction of annar.
    • ar pron. Alternative spelling of ader (“”).
  • Yola
    • 'ar det. Alternative form of aar (“their”).
— English word, defined in German —
  • AR Abk. Kürzel für den US-Bundesstaat Arkansas.
— English words, defined in Dutch —
  • ar n. De letter r/R van het Latijnse alfabet.
  • -ar -aar, -er: toegevoegd aan een werkwoord om iemand aan te duiden die de betreffende activiteit verricht.
  • -ar -aar, -air: toegevoegd aan een zelfstandig naamwoord om een nieuw zelfstandig naamwoord te vormen iets…
  • -ar -air: toegevoegd aan (meestal) een zelfstandig naamwoord om een bijvoeglijk naamwoord te vormen met…
— English words, defined in French —
  • AR n. Réalité augmentée.
  • -ar suff. -aire, suffixe qui sert à former des adjectifs.
  • -ar suff. (Astronomie) Suffixe servant à former des mots en liens avec les étoiles, leur évolution.
— English words, defined in Portuguese —
  • ar s. Nome da letra R.
  • AR sig. (Medicina), (cardiologia) aortic regurgitation (regurgitação aórtica).
  • AR sig. (Geografia) Arkansas, estado dos Estados Unidos da América.
— English words, defined in Italian —
  • AR acro. Sigla postale per Arkansas.
  • A&R acro. Artist and Repertoire.
  • A&R acro. Abandonment and Recovery.
  • A&R acro. Academics & Research.
  • A&R acro. Air and Radiation.
  • A&R acro. Allergy and Respiratory.
  • A&R acro. Analysis and Review.
  • A&R acro. Assembly & Repair.
  • A&R acro. Assessment & Remediation.
  • A&R acro. Assurance and Resilience.
  • A&R acro. Audit & Reimbursement.
  • A&R acro. Automation and Robotics.
— In German —
  • Ar S. Flächenmaß von 100 Quadratmetern (im Gegensatz zum davon…
  • AR Abk. In Deutschland und Österreich: Amtsrat.
  • AR Abk. In Deutschland: Kraftfahrzeugkennzeichen für Arnsberg.
  • AR Abk. Offizielle Abkürzung von Appenzell Ausserrhoden.
  • -ar Suff. Nachgestelltes Wortbildungselement für Adjektive, mit…
  • ar- Präf. Vorangestelltes Wortbildungselement in Fremdwörtern aus…
  • ar- Präf. Vorangestelltes Wortbildungselement in Fremdwörtern aus…
  • ar. Abk. Arisch.
  • -är Suff. Nachgestelltes Wortbildungselement für Adjektive, mit…
  • -är Suff. Nachgestelltes Wortbildungselement für männliche Substantive…
— In Dutch —
  • ar n. Een slee die door trekdieren over sneeuw of ijs getrokken wordt.
  • ar w. Eerste persoon enkelvoud tegenwoordige tijd van arren.
  • ar w. Gebiedende wijs van arren.
  • ar w. (Bij inversie) tweede persoon enkelvoud tegenwoordige tijd van arren.
— In French —
  • AR n. Accusé de réception, avis de réception.
  • AR n. Acier rapide.
  • AR n. Aller-retour.
— In Spanish —
  • -ar suf. Forma el infinitivo en verbos de la primera conjugación.
  • -ar suf. Forma verbos a partir de sustantivos, a menudo en combinación…
  • -ar suf. Forma adjetivos que generalmente indican "relación o pertenencia…
  • -ar suf. Forma sustantivos que indican "lugar o área donde hay"…
  • ár. abr. Abreviatura de árabe.
— In Portuguese —
  • ar s. Fluido gasoso que envolve todo o planeta Terra; atmosfera.
  • ar s. (Química) gás que constitui a atmosfera terrestre; formado…
  • ar s. O espaço aéreo.
  • ar s. Vento, brisa, aragem.
  • ar s. Aparência, fisionomia, semblante.
  • ar s. (Figurado) indício.
  • ar s. (Antigo) gás ou vapor.
  • ar s. (Coloquial) ataque repentino de causa atribuída por golpe…
  • ar s. Maneiras, modos; ares.
  • AR sig. (Portugal) (política) Assembleia da República.
  • -ar suf. Cuja qualidade é de (derivada de substantivo).
  • -ar suf. Ação que deriva de uma ação ou é seu resultado.
  • -ar suf. Que funciona como ou é como (derivado de substantivo).
  • -ar suf. Indica ação no infinitivo (formada a partir de substantivo…
541 English words from 223 English definitions

abandon abbrev abbreviation about about␣to above absolute absolute␣majority abundance accepted Accounting accounts accounts␣receivable accusative accusative␣case achievement acknowledgment action active active␣voice add Added addition adjectival adjective adjectives after Again agent agent␣noun agent␣nouns agriculture air Alchemy All All␣that alpha Also alternate Alternative American among amp Amur Anatomy anciently and androgen Angel animals aorist aorist␣tense appended apply aqua aqua␣regia Aquila ara Arabic Arad Archaic ard are area Argentina argon Arkansas armed armed␣robbery aro arr art artificial artificial␣respiration artist ary Ash ashes as␣in as␣opposed␣to aspect aspect␣ratio assault assault␣rifle assembly assigned Astronomy atmospheric atmospheric␣river atomic atomic␣mass augmented augmented␣reality automatic automatic␣rifle autoregressive Awl because because␣of before beggar beings best Biochemistry blonde botany brass bright bring bring␣forth bursar call call␣up Can carbine carbon carnage case ccTLD cease chemistry Chicken chiefly clarification classes classification clause code collapsar collection colors come come␣to come␣to␣an␣end compounds Computing conditional conditional␣tense conditions conjugation conjunction consequence consonants contain continent Contraction copper copular cost countable country country␣code county craft create Crime crop Damn Damn␣it decametre declension Defeat definition denote denotes denoting der derivative Derives destruction Dialectal dimensional direct disgrace distributive distributive␣numbers doer does eagle early ebb element Emergency Emergency␣medicine end ending English epi- equal etc Euclidean Euclidean␣space evoke example exemplar Fan Fan␣fiction Feeling feelings feminine fiction Figurative Figuratively Fire first First␣person First-person␣singular Flood flour flow for fore- form forming forms forsake forth for␣the␣present for␣the␣sake␣of found from functions furthermore future future␣tense gem general genitive geology given glory gold Golden Golden␣thread grace group grown hair have have␣to Havoc her herald here He/she High High␣tide his holes honour hyperbolic IANA imperative in␣addition In␣conjunction␣with indefinite indicate indicating indicative indicative␣mood indirect infinitive informal Initialism instrument International interrogative into intransitive intransitive␣verb Intransitive␣verbs Introduces inverse ISO Kent lai language language␣code Latin Latin␣script Law leather letter liar light like limbs Literary loss Luserna magnetar majority make Makes make␣use Male many maple maple␣tree marker masculine mass Mathematics meaning medical medical␣conditions medicine Messenger Meteorology metres Metrology Midlands minor Missionary modified mood more most mouth much Music must name names national near needed negative never nominative Northern noun nouns numbers oar object objects Obsolete occur occurs of␣a of␣an often one only opposed ore organic Organic␣chemistry organic␣compounds Our out out␣of Over particle past pedlar performs person personal persons pertaining Philately piercing place Plenty plough plural plurals plus pointed politics possessive possessive␣pronoun postal Postconsonantal precious Prefix present present␣indicative present␣tense Price produce profession pronoun questions Rare ratio reality receipt receivable receptor record reform regular related relative relative␣atomic␣mass relative␣clause removed render renounce repertoire repertory required resolution respect respiration rifle river robbery Romania root root␣word ruled ruler rune Said sake Sakhalin says Scar script second Second␣person Second-person␣plural semi semi-automatic sense service set severe shame she Short Short␣for Simple Simple␣present since singular singulars ska Slang Slaughter small some something space spelling spelling␣reform Sports square square␣metres standards star state States Statistics strong subject subjunctive such such␣as suffix super- superseded sur- Swedish Symbol tar tense than that that␣is the their there They things Think Third Third␣person this those thread tide tillage to␣the transitive Transitive␣verbs treasure tree trigonometric trigonometry turning Two types uncountable unit United United␣States upon upright use used used␣to usually vara variety various vein verb verbal verbal␣noun verbs vicar voice vowels weaponry West West␣Country West␣Midlands Westphalian whatever where whether which white who whoever with with␣respect with␣respect␣to wood word words would year yellow yield your

70 English words from 59 foreign definitions

Abandonment Academics air aire Allergy amp Analysis and Antigo aortic Appenzell ares Arkansas Artist Assembly Assessment Assurance Audit Automation avis den des Deutschland die door dos een envolve estado étoiles former golpe hay het Indica indican les letter liens menudo met mots Nome over per Portugal que Radiation Recovery regurgitation Reimbursement Remediation Repair Repertoire Research Resilience Respiratory retour Review Robotics servant Sigla slee Substantive Terra todo und van vapor Vento

8 foreign words from 223 English definitions

aar ader -air -aro arre Erzgebirgisch regia sur

153 foreign words from 59 foreign definitions

aan aar Abkürzung Abreviatura ação Accusé Accusé␣de␣réception Acier Acier␣rapide activiteit adjectifs Adjektive adjetivos aéreo -air alfabet Aller Aller-retour a␣menudo América aórtica Aparência a␣partir␣de Appenzell␣Ausserrhoden árabe aragem área Arisch Arnsberg arren Assembleia Astronomie ataque atmosfera augmentée aus avec avis␣de␣réception betreffende Bij bijvoeglijk bijvoeglijk␣naamwoord brisa Bundesstaat cardiologia causa Coloquial combinación como conjugación Cuja davon de␣la deriva derivada derivado donde duiden Eerste Eerste␣persoon enkelvoud espaço Estados Estados␣Unidos évolution Figurado fisionomia Flächenmaß Fluido Forma formada formado Fremdwörtern funciona für gás gasoso Gebiedende Gebiedende␣wijs Gegensatz generalmente Geografia iemand iets ijs indício infinitivo inversie Kürzel Latijnse␣alfabet letra leur lugar Maneiras männliche Medicina meestal mit modos naamwoord Nachgestelltes nieuw Offizielle Österreich partir persoon pertenencia planeta política por postale primera Quadratmetern qualidade qui Química rapide Réalité Réalité␣augmentée réception relación repentino República resultado semblante sert seu sneeuw substantivo suffixe sustantivos tegenwoordige␣tijd terrestre tijd toegevoegd trekdieren tweede tweede␣persoon uma Unidos US-Bundesstaat verbos verricht von Vorangestelltes vormen werkwoord wijs wordt Wortbildungselement zelfstandig zelfstandig␣naamwoord zum

6764 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

ara Ara ARA arb ARB Arb. arc Arc ARC arc- ard Ard ARD 'ard -ard are Are ARE Åre A.R.E. arf ARF 'arf arg ARG Arg. Ari ARI ark Ark Ark. arm Arm ARM Arm. Arn aro ARO arp Arp ARP arr ARR arr. ars ARs ARS art Art ART 'art art. +6712 words

91016 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

Aare aarF Aari AARP AARs A.A.R.T. Aaru bara barb Barb Barb. -barb- bard Bard BARD bare Bare Baré barf bari Bari Barí bark barm barn Baro baro- barr Barr bars BARs BARS Bart BART bary- Cara carb carb- card Card care Care -care carf cark Cark carl Carl carn Carn +90966 words

6931 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

Aar AAR bar Bar BAR bar- Bar. car Car CAR dar Dar DAR -dar ear EAR 'ear far FAR gar GAR har HAR IAR jar JAR kar KAR lar LAr LAR mar Mar MAR mar- Mar. -mar- Nar oar OAR par Par PAR QAR rar RAR Sar SAR Sar. tar Tar TAR +6879 words

3 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

ra Ra RA

219 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

Aar AAR ABR abr. ACR acr- ADR Aer aer- aër- AFR Afr. AFr. Ahr air 'air ajr AKR alr ALR AMR AoR AOR apr Apr APR Apr. ara Ara ARA arb ARB Arb. arc Arc ARC arc- ard Ard ARD 'ard -ard are Are ARE Åre A.R.E. arf ARF 'arf +169 words

260 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

aa Aa AA āā a'a a-a a/a a/A A-a A&A A/A a.a. A.A. A␣&␣A ab Ab AB A -ab ab- ab. A&B A/B a.b. A.B. ac Ac AC -ac a-c a/c ac- ac. A/C a.c. A.C. ad Ad AD 'ad -ad ad- ad. A.D. A.␣D. ae AE æ Æ -ae A&E -æ a**e a.e. A␣&␣E af AF ag Ag AG Ag. A-G A/G A.G. A.␣G. ah Ah AH A"H ai Ai AI A-I a.i. A.I. AJ Ak AK al Al AL Ål -al al- a.l. &␣al. am Am AM 'am Am. A&M a.m. A.M. a.␣m. A.␣M. A.␣&␣M. an An AN -an an' an- A/N a(n) (+154 words)

38 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

Aar AAR ABR abr. ACR acr- ADR Aer aer- aër- AFR Afr. AFr. Ahr air 'air ajr AKR alr ALR AMR AoR AOR apr Apr APR Apr. arr ARR arr. asr ASR ATR AUR aur- AXR ayr Ayr

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