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— English words —
  • ate v. Simple past tense of eat.
  • ate v. (Colloquial, nonstandard) past participle of eat.
  • ate n. (Philippines) An elder sister.
  • ate n. (Philippines) A respectful title or form of address for an older woman.
  • Até prop.n. (Greek mythology) A goddess of mischief, delusion, ruin, and folly, the daughter either of Zeus or of Eris.
  • Atë prop.n. Alternative form of Até.
  • -ate suff. (In adjectives) having the specified thing.
  • -ate suff. (In adjectives) characterized by the specified thing.
  • -ate suff. (In adjectives) resembling the specified thing.
  • -ate suff. (In nouns) a thing characterised by the specified thing.
  • -ate suff. (Chemistry, in nouns) a derivative of a specified element or compound; especially a salt or ester of…
  • -ate suff. (In verbs) to act in the specified manner.
  • -ate suff. (In nouns) a rank or office.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Albanian
    • atë n. Father.
    • atë pron. It, that, him, her (accusative).
    • -atë suff. Used to form verbal adjective suffix.
  • Ancient greek
    • ἅτε part. As if, as, in as much as, since, seeing that, because.
  • Asturian
    • ate v. First-person singular present subjunctive of atar.
    • ate v. Third-person singular present subjunctive of atar.
    • até v. First-person singular indefinite preterite indicative of atar.
  • Basque
    • ate n. Door, entrance.
    • ate n. Defile, gorge (deep, narrow passage).
    • ate n. (Sports) goal (structure).
    • ate n. Exterior, outside part.
  • Dakota
  • Drehu
    • ate v. To know, be knowledgable.
  • Fijian
    • ate n. Obsolete spelling of yate.
  • Galician
    • até prep. Alternative form of ata.
  • Greek
    • ατέ pron. Vocative singular masculine form of ατός.
  • Haitian creole
  • Japanese
    • ate rom. Rōmaji transcription of あて.
  • Kapampangan - Laboya - Lindu
    • ate n. (Anatomy) liver.
  • Laboya
    • ate n. (Figurative) heart.
  • Lakota
  • Ligurian
    • âte adj. Feminine plural of âto.
  • Lithuanian
    • ate interj. (Informal) goodbye, ta-ta.
  • Mandinka
    • ate pron. He, him (personal pronoun).
    • ate pron. She, her (personal pronoun).
    • ate pron. It (personal pronoun).
  • Maori
    • ate n. (Anatomy) liver (organ of the body).
  • Middle english
    • ate n. Alternative form of ote.
  • Mori bawah - Nias
  • Navajo
  • North frisian
    • åte n. (Mooring dialect) grandfather.
  • Norwegian nynorsk
    • åte v. To spread earth, ash etc. onto snow in spring (in order to make it melt sooner).
    • åte v. (Nonstandard, dialectal) supine of eta.
  • Nzadi
  • Ojibwe
    • ate v. Be (in a certain place).
    • -ate fin. Be or be in an interior space, room, house.
  • Rapa nui
  • Romanian
    • -ate suff. Used with a stem to form the feminine plural past participle of regular -a (first conjugation) verbs…
  • Russian
    • ате n. Prepositional singular of ат.
  • Sahu
  • Scots
    • ate n. Alternative form of ait (“oat”).
  • Swedish
    • åte v. Past subjunctive of äta.
  • Tagalog
    • ate n. Elder sister; big sister.
    • ate n. (Informal) term of address for a female senior (In school, work, etc.).
    • ate n. (Informal) term of address for any young female: miss; sis.
    • ate n. (Childish) dirt.
    • Ate n. (Colloquial) honorific used before the name of an elder sister or young female senior: Sister; Miss.
  • Ternate
    • ate v. (Intransitive) to connect.
  • Tocharian b
    • ate adv. Away.
    • āte adv. Alternative form of ate (“away”).
  • Tokelauan
    • a␣te art. Personal article, used after the prepositions i and ki and before pronouns.
  • Wauja
    • ate interj. Ow, ouch (expressing pain in response to heat).
— English word, defined in German —
  • ate V. Präteritum (simple past) des Verbs eat.
— English words, defined in French —
  • ate v. Prétérit de eat (manger).
  • -ate suff. Terminaison qui indique les verbes dérivés d’un verbe du premier groupe en latin.
  • -ate suff. -at, terminaison qui indique la fonction, etc.
  • -ate suff. Terminaison de certains adjectifs.
  • -ate suff. (Chimie) -ate, terminaison qui indique la formation d’un anion ou d’un sel à partir d’un acide.
— English word, defined in Spanish —
  • ate v. Pasado simple del verbo (to) eat.
— English word, defined in Portuguese —
  • ate v. Passado simples do verbo eat.
— English word, defined in Italian —
  • ate v. Passato semplice di eat.
— In Dutch —
  • Ate eig. (Mannelijke naam) jongensnaam.
— In French —
  • até n.f. (Antiquité) Folie passagère causée par l’action d’un dieu…
  • atè n.f. Variante de até.
  • atê n.f. Variante orthographique de até.
  • Até n.prop.f. Déesse de l’égarement funeste et des actes irréfléchis…
  • Até n.prop.f. (Par métonymie) Folie passagère causée par l’action…
  • Atè n.prop.f. Variante orthographique de Até.
  • Atê n.prop.f. Variante orthographique de Até.
  • -ate suff. (Chimie) Suffixe qui indique la formation d’un sel à partir…
  • -ate suff. Suffixe servant à former des noms d’habitant (gentilés)…
— In Spanish —
  • ate v. Primera persona del singular (yo) del presente de subjuntivo de atar.
  • ate v. Tercera persona del singular (ella, él, ello; usted, 2.ª…
  • ate v. Segunda persona del singular (usted) del imperativo de atar.
  • ate s. Gastronomía. Dulce de membrillo en forma de barra o bloque…
  • até v. Primera persona del singular (yo) del pretérito perfecto…
— In Portuguese —
  • ate v. Primeira pessoa do singular do presente do subjuntivo/conjuntivo…
  • ate v. Terceira pessoa do singular do presente do subjuntivo/conjuntivo…
  • ate v. Terceira pessoa do singular do imperativo do verbo atar.
  • até adv. Também.
  • até adv. Ainda.
  • até interj. Expressa despedimento a quem está a ir-se embora ou…
  • até prep. Indicativa de limite.
199 English words from 68 English definitions

accusative act address adjective adjectives after ait Alternative Anatomy and any Artery article ash Ashore As␣if as␣much as␣much␣as atar ate Atheist away because before big big␣sister body certain characterised characterized Chemistry Childish Colloquial compound conjugation connect Could daughter deep Defile delusion derivative dialect dialectal dirt Door earth eat either elder element entrance Eris especially ester eta etc expressing Exterior father female feminine Figurative first First␣person First-person␣singular folly for form form␣of␣address goal goddess goodbye gorge grandfather Greek having heart heat her him honorific house in␣as␣much␣as indefinite indicative Informal in␣order in␣order␣to interior Intransitive know knowledgable liver make make␣it manner masculine melt mischief miss Mooring much much␣as mythology name narrow nonstandard nouns oat Obsolete of␣a of␣an office older onto order organ ouch outside pain part participle passage past past␣participle past␣tense person personal personal␣pronoun Philippines place plural Prepositional prepositions present present␣subjunctive preterite pronoun pronouns rank regular resembling respectful response Rōmaji room ruin Saliva salt school seeing seeing␣that senior She Simple Simple␣past since singular sis sister snow snow␣in sooner space specified spelling Sports spread spring stem structure subjunctive suffix supine ta␣ta tense term term␣of␣address that the thing Third Third␣person Third-person␣singular title transcription Tree used Used␣to verbal verbs Vocative with woman work yate young Zeus

34 English words from 31 foreign definitions

action anion atar ate barra bloque del des Dulce eat ello etc formation former funeste groupe habitant les manger naam noms par Passado past perfecto persona premier semplice servant simple simple␣past simples singular Verbs

2 foreign words from 68 English definitions

ata ote

68 foreign words from 31 foreign definitions

acide actes adjectifs Ainda Antiquité até causée certains Chimie conjuntivo Déesse dérivés dieu égarement ella embora está Folie fonction forma Gastronomía gentilés imperativo Indicativa indique irréfléchis ir-se␣embora jongensnaam latin limite membrillo métonymie orthographique partir Pasado Passado␣simples passagère Passato pessoa Präteritum premier␣groupe presente presente␣do␣subjuntivo Prétérit pretérito pretérito␣perfecto Primeira Primeira␣pessoa Primera Primera␣persona quem qui Segunda Segunda␣persona sel subjuntivo Suffixe Também Terceira Terceira␣pessoa Tercera Tercera␣persona terminaison usted Variante verbe verbes verbo

123 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

ated -ated atef atel- Atem ATEM Aten Ater ATEAC A-team A␣team atefs ate␣it ateji atelo- atend atene Aters Ateso atest ate␣up A-teams A␣teams at␣ease ate␣ass atelia atelic atelid atends atenes ATEOTD ate␣out ate␣away atebrin ate␣crow ate␣cunt ateknia ate␣lead atelids atelier ateline Atellan atemoya Atencio Atenism Atenist Aterian ate␣shit atebrine atebrins +73 words

21197 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

bated Baten bates Bates Batey cater Cater cates Cates catex dated DATEM dater dates Dates eated eaten eater fated fates Fates gated gater Gater 'Gater gates Gates hated hatee Hatem hater hates Jater Katen kates Katey lated laten later -later lates latex LaTeX mated Matei Mateo mater 'mater mates Mates matés +21146 words

9795 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

bate Bate cate Cate date Date eate fate Fate gate Gate GATE -gate hate Jate kate Kate late LATE mate maté -mate Nate -oate pate Pate paté pâté rate sate saté tate Tate yate Yate zate abate Abate agate alate amate blate boate chate coate Coate crate drate e-date Efate +9745 words

2 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

eta ETA

11 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

aet AET aet. æt. a.e.t. eat eta ETA tea Tea TEA

147 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

abet acet- AEDT AEMT AEST Aeta AETR AETs Aite anet ante Ante ante- aret arte- ated -ated atef atel- Atem ATEM Aten Ater atpE bate Bate beat beta Beta cate Cate CETA Daet date Date 'eart east East eate eath EATL EDTA EFTA EGTA Elta epta- ESTA ETag e-tag et␣al et.␣al et␣al. +95 words

32 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

ae AE æ Æ -ae A&E -æ a**e a.e. A␣&␣E at AT 'at at- A-T A/T ea Ea EA ea. et Et ET -et ta Ta TA T&A T/A T.A. te TE

102 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

AAE abe Abe ABE Abé ace Ace ACE ade Ade ADE -ade AFE age AGE agé %age -age AJE ake Ake ale Ale AmE AME ANE -ane AoE AOE ape are Are ARE Åre A.R.E. ase ASE -ase Ata ATA âta -ata ATB ATC ATD ATF ATG ATH ATK ATL Atl. atm ATM ATN ATO atp ATP ATR ats ATs ATS at's att at&t AT&T ATV ATW ATX ave 'ave ave. Ave. awe Awe axe Axe aye Aye AYE BTE CTE DTE FTE GTE ITE -ite LTE MTE OTE Pte PTE QTE RRte. Ste StE STE Ste. ute Ute Vte VTE

18 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

ae AE æ Æ -ae A&E -æ a**e a.e. A␣&␣E at AT 'at at- A-T A/T te TE

6 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

Aite ante Ante ante- arte- atpE

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