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— English words —
  • bridge n. A construction or natural feature that spans a divide.
  • bridge n. An arch or superstructure.
  • bridge n. A connection, real or abstract.
  • bridge n. (Electronics) Any of several electrical devices that measure characteristics such as impedance and inductance…
  • bridge n. A low wall or vertical partition in the fire chamber of a furnace, for deflecting flame, etc.; a bridge wall.
  • bridge n. (Cycling) The situation where a lone rider or small group of riders closes the space between them and…
  • bridge n. A solid crust of undissolved salt in a water softener.
  • bridge n. (Roller derby) An elongated chain of teammates, connected to the pack, for improved blocking potential.
  • bridge v. To be or make a bridge over something.
  • bridge v. To span as if with a bridge.
  • bridge v. (Music) To transition from one piece or section of music to another without stopping.
  • bridge v. (Computing, communication) To connect two or more computer buses, networks etc. with a bridge.
  • bridge v. (Wrestling) To go to the bridge position.
  • bridge v. (Roller derby) To employ the bridge tactic. (See Noun section.)
  • bridge n. (Card games) A card game played with four players playing as two teams of two players each.
  • Bridge prop.n. A surname.
  • Bridge prop.n. A village and civil parish in Canterbury district, Kent, England (OS grid ref TR1854). Recorded as Brige…
  • Bridge prop.n. An unincorporated community in Coos County, Oregon, United States, named for a river bridge.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Basque - Catalan - Faroese - Indonesian - Limburgish - Romanian - Saterland frisian - Sicilian - Swedish - Welsh
    • bridge n. (Card games) bridge (card game).
  • Danish
    • bridge n. Bridge (a card game).
  • Finnish - Norwegian nynorsk
    • bridge n. (Card games) bridge.
  • Norwegian bokmål
  • Romanian
— English words, defined in German —
  • bridge S. Brücke.
  • bridge S. Zahnmedizin: Zahnbrücke, Brücke.
  • bridge S. Meist Singular, von der Nase: Nasenrücken.
  • bridge S. Von einer Brille: der Brillensteg.
  • bridge S. Schifffahrt: die Kommandobrücke.
  • bridge S. Musik, von einem Instrument: der Steg.
  • bridge S. Kartenspiel, nur Singular: das Bridge.
— English words, defined in Dutch —
  • bridge n. (Scheepvaart): brug.
  • bridge n. (Muziekinstrument): (onderdeel) de "kam" van een snaarinstrument (strijk- en toetsinstrumenten).
— English words, defined in French —
  • bridge n. (Architecture) Pont.
  • bridge n. Passerelle.
  • bridge n. (Bridge, Cartes à jouer) Bridge.
  • bridge n. (Typographie) Pontet.
  • bridge v. Construire un pont.
  • bridge v. (Réseaux informatiques) Relier deux réseaux par un pont.
  • Bridge n.prop. (Géographie) Paroisse civile d’Angleterre située dans le district de Canterbury.
— English words, defined in Spanish —
  • bridge s. Puente.
  • bridge s. Naipes. Juego de cartas o naipes, para cuatro jugadores que juegan en parejas.
  • bridge v. Puentear.
  • bridge v. Hacer o cruzar un puente.
— English words, defined in Portuguese —
  • bridge s. Ponte.
  • bridge s. Cavalete.
  • bridge v. Construir ponte.
  • bridge v. Abrir caminho.
  • bridge v. Preencher.
— English words, defined in Italian —
  • bridge s. (Architettura) ponte.
  • bridge s. (Senso figurato) collegamento, passaggio, ponte.
  • bridge s. (Marina) plancia, ponte.
  • bridge s. (Musica) ponte, passaggio, bridge.
  • bridge s. (Informatica) bridge.
  • bridge s. (Giochi) bridge.
— In German —
  • Bridge S. Kartenspiel aus England für vier Personen mit französischem…
— In Dutch —
  • bridge n. (Kaartspel) een spel gespeeld door vier spelers, verdeeld…
  • bridge n. (Muziekinstrument) de kam van een elektrische gitaar.
  • bridge w. Eerste persoon enkelvoud tegenwoordige tijd van bridgen.
  • bridge w. Gebiedende wijs van bridgen.
  • bridge w. (Bij inversie) tweede persoon enkelvoud tegenwoordige tijd van bridgen.
— In French —
  • bridge n.m. (Jeux) Jeu de cartes qui se joue à la levée et par équipe…
  • bridge n.m. (Par extension) Partie de ce jeu.
  • bridge n.m. (Dentisterie) Type de prothèse dentaire.
  • bridge n.m. (Photographie) Appareil photo numérique ayant la structure…
  • bridge n.m. Siège intermédiaire entre la chaise et le fauteuil possédant…
  • bridge v. Première personne du singulier de l’indicatif présent de bridger.
  • bridge v. Troisième personne du singulier de l’indicatif présent de bridger.
  • bridge v. Première personne du singulier du subjonctif présent de bridger.
  • bridge v. Troisième personne du singulier du subjonctif présent de bridger.
  • bridge v. Deuxième personne du singulier de l’impératif de bridger.
  • Bridge n.prop. (Géographie) Paroisse civile d’Angleterre située dans…
  • bridgé v. Participe passé masculin singulier du verbe bridger.
— In Spanish —
  • bridge s. Naipes. Juego de cartas o naipes, para cuatro jugadores que…
— In Portuguese —
  • bridge s. Certo jogo de cartas.
— In Italian —
  • bridge s. (Forestierismo) (musica) breve passaggio di transizione formale…
  • bridge s. (Elettronica) (informatica) (tecnologia) (ingegneria) dispositivo…
  • bridge s. (Giochi) gioco di carte a coppie; la variante più comune…
135 English words from 23 English definitions

abstract A␣game and another Any arch as␣if between blocking bridge buses Canterbury card card␣game Card␣games chain chamber characteristics civil civil␣parish closes communication community computer Computing connect connected connection construction Coos Coos␣County County crust Cycling deflecting derby devices district divide each electrical Electronics elongated employ England etc feature fire flame for four from furnace game games go␣to grid group impedance improved inductance Kent lone low make measure more music named natural networks Noun of␣a one Oregon over pack parish partition piece played played␣with players playing position potential real Recorded ref rider riders river Roller Roller␣derby salt section See several situation small softener solid something space span spans States stopping such such␣as superstructure surname tactic teammates teams that the them To␣go to␣the transition two undissolved unincorporated United United␣States vertical village wall water water␣softener where with without Wrestling

51 English words from 54 foreign definitions

à␣la Architecture breve bridge bridger Brille Canterbury carte cartes Certo chaise comune coppie cuatro dans das der die district door een England entre équipe extension fauteuil Instrument kam levée Marina masculin Nase nur par para passaggio passé Passerelle photo Ponte Première Puente que Relier réseaux Singular Steg structure Type van vier

128 foreign words from 54 foreign definitions

Abrir Angleterre Appareil Appareil␣photo Architettura aus ayant Bij bridgen Brücke brug caminho cartas Cartes␣à␣jouer Cavalete civile collegamento Construir Construire cruzar dentaire Dentisterie deux Deuxième Deuxième␣personne dispositivo Eerste Eerste␣persoon einem einer elektrische Elettronica enkelvoud figurato Forestierismo formale französischem für Gebiedende Gebiedende␣wijs Géographie gespeeld Giochi gioco gitaar Hacer impératif indicatif informatica informatiques ingegneria intermédiaire inversie jeu Jeu␣de␣cartes Jeux jogo jogo␣de␣cartas joue jouer juegan Juego jugadores Kaartspel Kartenspiel Meist mit musica Musik Muziekinstrument naipes Nasenrücken numérique onderdeel parejas Par␣extension Paroisse Paroisse␣civile Participe Participe␣passé Partie Personen personne persoon Photographie più plancia pont ponte Pontet possédant Preencher Première␣personne présent prothèse prothèse␣dentaire puente qui Réseaux␣informatiques Scheepvaart Schifffahrt Senso Senso␣figurato Siège singulier située snaarinstrument spel spelers strijk subjonctif subjonctif␣présent tecnologia tegenwoordige␣tijd tijd toetsinstrumenten transizione Troisième Troisième␣personne tweede tweede␣persoon Typographie variante verbe verdeeld von wijs Zahnmedizin

107 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

bridged Bridgen bridger Bridger bridges Bridges Bridget bridgey Bridgend bridgers Bridgets Bridgett Bridge␣End Bridgeman Bridgeses Bridgeton Bridgetts bridgeable bridge␣coat Bridgeford Bridgegate bridgehead Bridgeland bridgeless bridgelike bridgeline bridge␣loan Bridgemans bridgeness bridge␣plug Bridgeport bridge␣roll Bridgerule Bridgetown bridgetree bridgeward bridge-ward bridgewire bridge␣wire bridgework bridgeboard bridge␣bunny bridge␣coats Bridgefords Bridgeforth bridgeheads Bridgelands bridgelines bridge␣loans bridgemaker +57 words

172 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

abridged abridger abridges abridgers dibridged ER␣bridges rebridged rebridges sibridges unbridged abridgedly airbridges air␣bridges bus␣bridges Cambridges Corbridges Delbridges flybridges Hambridges ice␣bridges jetbridges jet␣bridges leg␣bridges Lowbridges low␣bridges nonbridged reabridged reabridges skybridges tribridged Tunbridges unabridged Walbridges abridgeable abridgement aerobridges arch␣bridges Bainbridges deck␣bridges Dellbridges drawbridged drawbridges draw␣bridges footbridged footbridges forebridges fore-bridges hand␣bridges landbridges land␣bridges +122 words

275 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

abridge Abridge Axbridge ER␣bridge Oxbridge rebridge sibridge umbridge Uxbridge airbridge air␣bridge Banbridge Bembridge Busbridge bus␣bridge Cambridge Celbridge Corbridge Cowbridge Delbridge Doxbridge Drybridge Dunbridge Elmbridge flybridge Hambridge Harbridge Heybridge ice␣bridge Ivybridge jetbridge jet␣bridge Kilbridge Lea␣Bridge leg␣bridge Lowbridge low␣bridge Loxbridge Newbridge nonbridge Pembridge Pye␣Bridge reabridge Redbridge Roybridge Roy␣Bridge Rusbridge skybridge Tonbridge Tunbridge +225 words

7 words-in-word (Words found as is inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

Bri BRI bridg rid RID ridge Ridge

8 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

dir dir. Dir. egd EGD GDI GDI+ IRB

2 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

begird BIRGed

17 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

abridge Abridge begirds bigrade bridged Bridgen bridger Bridger bridges Bridges Bridget bridgey brigade brigued bringed egg-bird rugbied

19 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

bider birde Birge bride Bride bridg derig dirge gibed giber gride g-ride G-ride G␣ride Grieb rebid redig ridge Ridge

8 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

bridie Bridie bridle brigge bringe Eridge fridge 'fridge

5 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

bride Bride bridg ridge Ridge

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