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There are 24 words containing A, D, J and Q

damnum␣absque␣injuria don't␣quit␣your␣day␣job Indiana␣Jonesesque jacquard jacquardlike jacquards jacquesdietrichite Jordanesque quadjet quadjets quadratojugal quadratojugals quadratojugular quadrijugate quadrijugous qualified␣majorities qualified␣majority quasi-adjective quasi-adjectives quasijudicial Quijada Quijadas squalorajid squalorajids

29 definitions found

  • damnum␣absque␣injuria — n. (law) Loss without injury: the situation, in tort law, when…
  • don't␣quit␣your␣day␣job — phr. Alternative form of don’t give up your day job.
  • Indiana␣Jonesesque — adj. Reminiscent or characteristic of the Indiana Jones character or franchise.
  • jacquard — n. Fabric woven on a Jacquard loom. — n. Fabric resembling a jacquard, but woven by a different process. — n. A jacquard loom.
  • jacquardlike — adj. (rare) Reminiscent of weaving on a jacquard loom.
  • jacquards — n. plural of jacquard.
  • jacquesdietrichite — n. (mineralogy) A translucent blue mineral with the chemical formula…
  • Jordanesque — adj. Reminiscent of Michael Jordan (born 1963), American former… — adj. (informal) Large-breasted, like former glamour model "Jordan"…
  • quadjet — n. A jet aircraft powered by four engines.
  • quadjets — n. plural of quadjet.
  • quadratojugal — adj. (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the quadrate and jugal bones. — adj. (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the quadratojugal bone. — n. (anatomy) A small jaw bone found in the skull of most reptiles…
  • quadratojugals — n. plural of quadratojugal.
  • quadratojugular — n. plural of quadratojugal.
  • quadrijugate — adj. (botany) Pinnate, with four pairs of leaflets.
  • quadrijugous — adj. quadrijugate.
  • qualified␣majorities — n. plural of qualified majority.
  • qualified␣majority — n. A majority in a vote that reaches a preset threshold value…
  • quasi-adjective — n. adjectival noun, a specific Japanese part of speech. Some of…
  • quasi-adjectives — n. plural of quasi-adjective.
  • quasijudicial — adj. Having a resemblance to a judicial system or process.
  • Quijada — prop.n. A surname.
  • Quijadas — prop.n. plural of Quijada.
  • squalorajid — n. (zoology) Any member of the Squalorajidae.
  • squalorajids — n. plural of squalorajid.

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