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There are 21 words containing A, Q and 2Z

azaquinzole jazz␣square jazz␣squares Qazzafi Qezel␣Ozan quizzable quizzacious quizzical quizzicalities quizzicality quizzically quizzicalness quizzification quizzifications quizzing␣glass quizzing␣glasses unquizzically Vazquez Velazquez Velazquezian Xizang␣Zizhiqu

22 definitions found

  • azaquinzole — n. An antipsychotic drug.
  • jazz␣square — n. A dance move whose four steps form a square pattern: (i) step…
  • jazz␣squares — n. plural of jazz square.
  • Qazzafi — prop.n. Rare form of Gaddafi.
  • Qezel␣Ozan — prop.n. A large river in northwestern Iran. It originates from…
  • quizzable — adj. (archaic) Fit to be quizzed or teased; comical in appearance or habits.
  • quizzacious — adj. (nonce word, obsolete) Mocking or satirical.
  • quizzical — adj. Questioning or suggesting puzzlement. — adj. Strange or eccentric.
  • quizzicalities — n. plural of quizzicality.
  • quizzicality — n. The state or condition of being quizzical.
  • quizzically — adv. In a quizzical manner; as if puzzled or asking a question.
  • quizzicalness — n. The state or condition of being quizzical.
  • quizzification — n. (dated) quizzing; teasing; mockery.
  • quizzifications — n. plural of quizzification.
  • quizzing␣glass — n. (now historical) An eyeglass with or without a handle; a monocle.
  • quizzing␣glasses — n. plural of quizzing glass.
  • unquizzically — adv. (rare) not quizzically.
  • Vazquez — prop.n. A surname of Spanish origin.
  • Velazquez — prop.n. A surname of Spanish origin.
  • Velazquezian — adj. Of, or characteristic of Diego Velázquez, or his art.
  • Xizang␣Zizhiqu — prop.n. A region of China on the Tibetan Plateau with a large…

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