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There are 19 words containing A, V, W and X

cowpoxviral exchange␣vows ex-servicewoman eyewall␣mesovortex fixed␣wave fixed␣waves grave␣wax have␣one's␣Weetabix lax␣vowel lax␣vowels Mexican␣wave Mexican␣waves Mexican␣wolves overwax overwaxed overwaxes overwaxing whateversexual whateversexuals

23 definitions found

  • cowpoxviral — adj. Relating to cowpox virus.
  • exchange␣vows — v. (literally, of two parties) To make a mutual promise. — v. To get married.
  • ex-servicewoman — n. A woman who used to be in the armed forces.
  • eyewall␣mesovortex — n. A small-scale rotational feature found in the eyewalls of intense…
  • fixed␣wave — n. A standing wave, or stationary wave.
  • fixed␣waves — n. plural of fixed wave.
  • grave␣wax — n. A waxy substance found on corpses: adipocere.
  • have␣one's␣Weetabix — v. (Britain, Ireland) To prepare to exhibit plenty of vitality…
  • lax␣vowel — n. (phonetics) A vowel produced with relatively little constriction…
  • lax␣vowels — n. plural of lax vowel.
  • Mexican␣wave — n. (Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand) A phenomenon that… — v. To perform a Mexican wave.
  • Mexican␣waves — n. plural of Mexican wave.
  • Mexican␣wolves — n. plural of Mexican wolf.
  • overwax — v. (transitive) To apply too much wax to. — v. (obsolete, intransitive) To wax or grow too rapidly or too much.
  • overwaxed — v. simple past tense and past participle of overwax.
  • overwaxes — v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of overwax.
  • overwaxing — v. present participle of overwax.
  • whateversexual — adj. (informal) Having a sexual orientation that is of no relevance… — n. (informal) A person whose sexuality is of no relevance.
  • whateversexuals — n. plural of whateversexual.

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