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There are 16 ten-letter words containing A, 2E, O, 2T and X

detoxicate ethoxylate excogitate exfetation exorbitate exploitate extenuator gadoxetate heterotaxy oxoacetate saxonettes stereotaxy tetraoxane tetraoxide tetraxenon to␣an␣extent

19 definitions found

  • detoxicate — v. (of a person) To remove poison (or its effects) from. — v. (of a poison) To counteract, or make less poisonous.
  • ethoxylate — v. (organic chemistry) To react with ethylene oxide. — n. (organic chemistry) The product of such a reaction.
  • excogitate — v. To think over something carefully; to consider fully; cogitate. — v. To reach as a conclusion through reason or careful thought.
  • exfetation — n. (medicine) imperfect fetation in some organ exterior to the uterus.
  • exorbitate — v. (obsolete) To go out of the track; to deviate.
  • exploitate — v. (proscribed, nonstandard, transitive) To exploit.
  • extenuator — n. One who extenuates.
  • gadoxetate — n. Any salt or ester of gadoxetic acid.
  • heterotaxy — n. (dated) heterotaxis.
  • oxoacetate — n. (organic chemistry) glyoxylate.
  • saxonettes — n. plural of saxonette.
  • stereotaxy — n. (medicine) Stereotaxic surgery: surgery that uses a three-dimensional…
  • tetraoxane — n. (organic chemistry) A six-membered saturated heterocycle having…
  • tetraoxide — n. Alternative spelling of tetroxide.
  • tetraxenon — n. (inorganic chemistry, especially in combination) Four xenon…
  • to␣an␣extent — phr. Partly; in part.

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