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There are 19 words containing J, 2M and W

jam␣tomorrow Jim␣Crowism Jimmy␣Woodser Jimmy␣Woodsers jumping␣worm jumping␣worms made␣someone's␣jaw␣drop make␣someone's␣jaw␣drop makes␣someone's␣jaw␣drop making␣someone's␣jaw␣drop sweet␣marjoram waterblommetjie waterblommetjiebredie waterblommetjies wild␣marjoram wild␣marjorams windjammer windjammers windjamming

25 definitions found

  • jam␣tomorrow — n. (idiomatic) Promised benefits that never arrive. — n. (idiomatic, economics, by extension) Availability of a resource…
  • Jim␣Crowism — n. The tenets and structure of Jim Crow laws.
  • Jimmy␣Woodser — n. (Australia, informal) A man who drinks alone. — n. (Australia, informal) A drink consumed alone.
  • Jimmy␣Woodsers — n. plural of Jimmy Woodser.
  • jumping␣worm — n. Any species of worms (Megascolecidae) that jump and thrash…
  • jumping␣worms — n. plural of jumping worm.
  • made␣someone's␣jaw␣drop — v. simple past tense and past participle of make someone’s jaw drop.
  • make␣someone's␣jaw␣drop — v. (idiomatic) To cause someone to be very surprised or alarmed.
  • makes␣someone's␣jaw␣drop — v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of make…
  • making␣someone's␣jaw␣drop — v. present participle of make someone’s jaw drop.
  • sweet␣marjoram — n. Origanum majorana, a fragrant species of marjoram.
  • waterblommetjie — n. The flower of Aponogeton distachyos.
  • waterblommetjiebredie — n. A South African stew of meat, typically lamb, with waterblommetjies.
  • waterblommetjies — n. plural of waterblommetjie.
  • wild␣marjoram — n. (Britain) English oregano, Origanum vulgare subsp. vulgare…
  • wild␣marjorams — n. plural of wild marjoram.
  • windjammer — n. (US, slang, dated) One who plays a wind instrument, especially… — n. (nautical) A sailing ship; especially a large, iron-hulled… — n. (nautical) A member of the crew of a ship of this kind.
  • windjammers — n. plural of windjammer.
  • windjamming — n. Excessive talking; loquaciousness. — n. Sailing a windjammer. — n. Playing a wind instrument, possibly badly.

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