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There are 125 words beginning with ANNU

annual annual␣aberration annual␣aberrations annual␣general␣meeting annual␣general␣meetings annualisation annualisations annualise annualised annualises annualising annualist annualists annualities annuality annualization annualizations annualize annualized annualizes annualizing annual␣leave annually annual␣meadow␣grass annual␣mercury annual␣report annual␣reports annual␣ring annual␣rings annual␣ryegrass annual␣ryegrasses annuals annual␣wormwood annual␣wormwoods annuaries annuary annuent annuitant annuitants Annuit␣cœptis annuities annuitize annuitized annuity annul annulability annular annular␣eclipse annular␣eclipses annulariid annulariids annularity annularly annulary annular␣zone annular␣zones annulatascaceous annulate annulated annulates annulation annulations annule annulene annulenes annulenylidene annulenylidenes annuler annulers annules annulet annulets annuli annullability annullable annullation annullations annulled annuller annullers annullest annulleth annulletty annulling annullings annulment annulments annuloaortic annuloid annuloplasties annuloplasty annulosan annulosans annulose annulospiral annulotomies annulotomy annuloventricular annuls annulus annuluses annulus␣fibrosus annulus␣of␣Zinn annum annumerate annumerated annumerates annumerating annumeration annunciable annunciate annunciated annunciates annunciating annunciation Annunciation annunciation␣lilies annunciation␣lily annunciations annunciative annunciator annunciators annunciatory annus␣horribilis annus␣mirabilis

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