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There are 7 seven-letter words beginning with BATL

batlessbatleth bat'lethbatletsBatleysbatlikebatling

9 definitions found

  • batless — adj. (Rare) Without bats (the winged mammals). — adj. (Rare) Without a bat (club used for striking the ball in sports).
  • batleth — n. Alternative form of bat’leth.
  • bat'leth — n. (Science fiction) A double-ended curved blade weapon with spiked…
  • batlets — n. Plural of batlet.
  • Batleys — prop.n. Plural of Batley.
  • batlike — adj. Having characteristics similar to those of a bat, usually… — adj. Similar to that of a bat.
  • batling — n. A young, small, or baby bat.
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