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There are 10 words beginning with DAKE

DakeDakelhdaker Dakerdakerhen daker-hendakerhens daker-hensdakersDakes

11 definitions found

  • Dake — prop.n. A surname.
  • Dakelh — n. The indigenous people of a large portion of the Central Interior… — n. The language spoken by this people.
  • daker — n. (Obsolete) Alternative form of dicker, 10 items of some commodity…
  • Daker — prop.n. A surname.
  • dakerhen — n. Alternative form of daker-hen.
  • daker-hen — n. (Archaic, dialectal) corncrake.
  • dakerhens — n. Plural of dakerhen.
  • daker-hens — n. Plural of daker-hen.
  • dakers — n. Plural of daker.
  • Dakes — prop.n. Plural of Dake.
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