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There are 25 words beginning with EARP

Earpearpadearpadsearphoneearphonedearphonesearpickearpicksearpieceearpiecedearpiecesear-piercingear-piercinglyear-piercingsearplugearpluggedearpluggingearplugsearprick ear␣prickearpricks ear␣pricksearprintearprintsEarps

31 definitions found

  • Earp — prop.n. A surname.
  • earpad — n. A cushioned pad enclosing the speaker part of a headphone for…
  • earpads — n. Plural of earpad.
  • earphone — n. A transducer that converts electric signals into sound and…
  • earphoned — adj. Wearing earphones.
  • earphones — n. A pair of small loudspeakers worn inside each outer ear or… — n. Plural of earphone.
  • earpick — n. An instrument for removing earwax from the ear.
  • earpicks — n. Plural of earpick.
  • earpiece — n. A speaker placed inside or held near to the ear. — n. A receiver of a telephone to hold near to one’s ear. — n. The arm on a pair of glasses that hooks over the ear to hold them in place.
  • earpieced — adj. Wearing or fitted with an earpiece.
  • earpieces — n. Plural of earpiece.
  • ear-piercing — adj. Extremely loud (of sound). — n. A piercing in the ear.
  • ear-piercingly — adv. In an ear-piercing manner; at an ear-piercing volume.
  • ear-piercings — n. Plural of ear-piercing.
  • earplug — n. A piece of protective gear meant to be inserted in the ear… — v. (Transitive) To fit with earplugs.
  • earplugged — v. Simple past tense and past participle of earplug.
  • earplugging — v. Present participle of earplug.
  • earplugs — n. Plural of earplug.
  • earprick — n. Alternative form of ear prick.
  • ear␣prick — n. A small puncture made in the ear of an animal in order to obtain…
  • earpricks — n. Plural of earprick.
  • ear␣pricks — n. Plural of ear prick.
  • earprint — n. The mark or impression left by an ear pressed against a surface.
  • earprints — n. Plural of earprint.
  • Earps — prop.n. Plural of Earp. — prop.n. A surname.
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