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— English words —
  • domino n. (dominoes) A tile divided into two squares, each having 0 to 6 (or sometimes more) dots or pips (as…
  • domino n. (politics) A country that is expected to react to events in a neighboring country, according to the domino effect.
  • domino n. A masquerade costume consisting of a hooded robe and a mask covering the upper part of the face.
  • domino n. The mask itself.
  • domino n. The person wearing the costume.
  • domino n. (geometry) A polyomino made up of two squares.
  • domino v. (intransitive) To collapse in the manner of dominoes.
  • domino v. (transitive) To cause to collapse in the manner of dominoes.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Catalan
    • domino v. first-person singular present indicative form of dominar.
  • Czech
  • Finnish
    • domino n. (dominoes) dominoes.
    • domino n. (dominoes) a domino (tile).
  • Hungarian
    • dominó n. dominoes (game played by arranging domino tiles).
    • dominó n. domino (domino tile).
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk
  • Swedish
    • domino n. dominoes; a type of game.
  • Tagalog
— English word, define in French —
  • domino  n. (Jeu) Domino.
— English word, define in Portuguese —
  • domino  s. (Jogo) dominó.
— English words, define in Italian —
  • domino  s. (abbigliamento) domino (maschera carnevalesca con mantello e cappuccio).
  • domino  s. (giochi) domino (gioco da tavolo).
— In German —
  • Domino  S. Name eines Gesellschaftsspieles mit Spielsteinen, auf denen…
  • Domino  S. Kapuzenumhang, der der Maskierung dient.
  • Domino  S. Träger von [1].
  • Domino  S. österreichisch: Dominostein.
— In Dutch —
  • domino  n. (spel) een spel met stenen die aan twee zijden voorzien zijn…
  • domino  w. eerste persoon enkelvoud tegenwoordige tijd van dominoën.
  • domino  w. gebiedende wijs van dominoën.
  • domino  w. (bij inversie) tweede persoon enkelvoud tegenwoordige tijd van dominoën.
— In French —
  • domino  n.m. (Liturgie) (Vieilli) Camail que portaient les ecclésiastiques…
  • domino  n.m. Habillement ou costume de bal masqué, composé d’une robe…
  • domino  n.m. (Par métonymie) Personne en domino.
  • domino  n.m. (Jeux) Jeu de société constitué de 28 pièces à deux parties…
  • domino  n.m. (Électricité) (Électronique) Sucre électrique, pièce cubique…
  • domino  n.m. (Antilles) Manière de désigner un couple dont l’une des…
  • domino  n.m. (Argot) Dent.
  • domino  n.m. (Papeterie) (Vieilli) Papier imprimé et colorié.
— In Spanish —
  • domino  v. Primera persona del singular (yo) del presente de indicativo de dominar.
  • dominó  s. Juego. Juego de mesa en el que se emplean unas fichas rectangulares…
— In Portuguese —
  • domino  v. primeira pessoa do singular do presente do indicativo do verbo dominar.
  • dominó  s. jogo formado por peças retangulares, dotadas normalmente…
— In Italian —
  • domino  s. (latinismo), (letterario) termine aulico per "signore, padrone".
  • domino  s. (abbigliamento) maschera carnevalesca costituita da un mantello…
  • domino  s. (giochi) gioco da tavolo costituito da una serie di tessere…
  • domino  v prima persona singole dell’indicativo presente di dominare.
  • domino  v terza persona plurale del congiuntivo presente di domare.
  • domino  v terza persona plurale dell’imperativo di domare.
  • dominò  v terza persona singolare dell’indicativo passato remoto di dominare.
67 English words from 18 English definitions

according according␣to and arranging cause cloak collapse consisting consisting␣of costume country covering divided domino domino␣effect dominoes dots each effect events expected face first first-person first␣person first-person␣singular form game geometry having hooded indicative into intransitive itself made made␣up manner mask masquerade more neighboring of␣a part person pips played politics polyomino present present␣indicative react robe singular sometimes squares that that␣is the tile tiles to␣the transitive two type upper wearing

38 English words from 31 foreign definitions

à␣deux Antilles Argot auf Camail cappuccio con costume couple del dell Dent der des die domino dont een les mesa met Name padrone Papeterie Par parties per persona prima que robe serie signore singular Sucre termine twee van

1 foreign word from 18 English definitions


110 foreign words from 31 foreign definitions

aan abbigliamento aulico bal bal␣masqué bij carnevalesca colorié composé congiuntivo constitué costituita costituito cubique denen désigner deux dient domare dominar dominare dominó dominoën Dominostein dotadas ecclésiastiques eerste eerste␣persoon eines Électricité électrique Électronique emplean enkelvoud fichas formado gebiedende gebiedende␣wijs Gesellschaftsspieles giochi gioco Habillement imperativo imprimé indicativo inversie Jeu Jeu␣de␣société Jeux jogo Juego latinismo letterario Liturgie l’une Manière mantello maschera Maskierung masqué métonymie mit normalmente österreichisch Papier passato passato␣remoto peças Personne persoon pessoa pièce pièces plurale por portaient presente presente␣do␣indicativo prima␣persona primeira primeira␣pessoa Primera Primera␣persona rectangulares remoto singolare singole société spel stenen Sucre␣électrique tavolo tegenwoordige␣tijd terza terza␣persona tessere tijd Träger tweede tweede␣persoon una unas une verbo Vieilli von voorzien wijs zijden zijn

16 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

dominos dominoes Dominoid Dominoids dominolike domino␣mask domino␣masks domino␣whist domino␣effect domino␣theory domino␣costume domino␣effects domino␣surgery domino␣computer domino␣costumes domino␣computers

30 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

abdominous abdominoscopy abdominocyesis abdominocystic abdominopelvic abdominoplasty abdominocardiac abdominocranial abdominogenital abdominojugular abdominoplastic abdominoscrotal abdominovaginal abdominovesical sparrow␣dominoes abdominocenteses abdominocentesis abdominoperineal abdominoplasties abdominothoracic abdominocutaneous abdominouterotomy abdominohysterotomy abdominouterotomies abdominohysterectomy abdominothoracic␣arch abdominocardiac␣reflex abdominohysterotomies abdominoscrotal␣muscle thoracoabdominopelvic

3 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

abdomino- pro␣domino a␣non␣domino

13 words-in-word (Words found as is inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

dom Dom DOM -dom dom. Dom. -ino min Min MIN min. mino omi

9 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

imo IMO mod MoD MOD mod. nim oni ONI

One anagram (New word found by changing the order of the letter.)


12 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

dinotom dominos domoxin dooming dromion manidoo midnoon Mindoro monodic monoids monolid moronid

6 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

mid␣on Modon mondo monoi NOMID nomoi

9 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

Comino domina domine doming domini Domini Dominy n-omino nomino-

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