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— English words —
  • eh interj. (Informal, UK, Australia, chiefly Canada, MTE, New Zealand, US) Used as a tag question, to emphasise…
  • eh interj. In isolation, a request for repetition or clarification of what has just been said; compare what, pardon.
  • eh interj. In isolation, expressing surprise or confusion; compare wha, huh, za.
  • eh interj. (Chiefly Canada) An interjection used to ascertain the continued attention of an individual addressed by the speaker.
  • eh interj. Expressing apathy or lack of enthusiasm; meh.
  • eh interj. (Philippines) Expressing apprehension following or preceding a reasoning or excuse; uh.
  • eh v. To use the interjection eh.
  • eh adj. (Informal, predicative only) Of mediocre quality; unremarkable.
  • eH sym. Redox potential (in volts).
  • EH prop.n. (Travel, aviation) Initialism of Eastern Hemisphere (travel within or between IATA areas 2 and 3).
  • EH adj. Initialism of emotionally handicapped.
  • EH n. Initialism of epididymal hypertension.
  • -eh suff. (Humorous, Internet slang) Used to replace -y, often in lolcat speak.
  • E.H. n. (Music) Abbreviation of English horn.
— International convention —
  • EH sym. (Metrology) Symbol for exahenry, an SI unit of electrical inductance equal to 1018 henrys.
  • EH sym. (International standards) ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Western Sahara since 1976.
  • EH sym. (International standards, obsolete) Former ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Spanish Sahara from 1974 to 1976.
  • .eh n. The ccTLD for Western Sahara (not assigned; no DNS) as assigned by the IANA.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Albanian
    • eh v. I sharpen.
    • eh v. I whet.
    • eh v. I hone (metal-edged tools).
  • Bashkir
    • ең n. (Clothing) sleeve.
  • Belarusian
  • Bulgarian
    • -ен suff. (Highly productive) suffix appended to nouns to form an adjective meaning "having the property of X"…
  • Cherokee
  • Chuvash
  • Classical nahuatl
    • -eh suff. (Added to nouns) possessor, owner; indicates a noun that possesses the root noun, either as property…
  • Dungan
  • Hungarian
    • eh interj. Indicates indifference, usually used as a reply alone: meh.
    • eh interj. Indicates an obvious mistake: oh, no.
    • éh adj. (Archaic) hungry.
    • éh n. (Archaic) hunger.
  • Icelandic
    • eh pron. (Informal, nonstandard) abbreviation of einhver.
    • e-h pron. (Informal, nonstandard) abbreviation of einhver.
  • Kazakh
    • ең adv. Most (forms the superlative of many adjectives).
  • Komi-zyrian
    • ен n. God, deity.
    • ен n. (Archaic) heaven.
    • ен n. (Dialectal) icon (religious painting).
    • ён adj. Strong.
    • ён adj. Solid.
    • Ен prop.n. One of the two original deities in Komi mythology, often portrayed by a swan or a duck.
  • Macedonian
    • ен num. (Colloquial) one.
    • -ен suff. Suffix appended to nouns to form an adjective meaning "having the property of X".
    • -ен suff. Suffix appended to nouns to form an adjective meaning "consisting of, related to, or pertaining to X".
    • -ен suff. Suffix appended to some verbs ending in -е and most verbs ending in -и, provided that the preceding…
  • Manx
    • eh pron. He, him.
    • eh pron. It.
  • Nauruan
    • eh part. Yes.
  • Norwegian
    • eh interj. Uh.
  • Old english
    • eh n. Alternative form of eoh.
  • Pohnpeian
    • eh n. The name of the Latin-script letter E/e.
    • eh det. His, her, hers, its, third person possessive pronoun.
    • eh n. Liver.
    • eh interj. A particle used after names of people when calling them.
    • eh interj. An interjection signifying understanding.
    • eh interj. A response used when answering a call in a feast.
  • Romanian
    • eh interj. Expresses dissatisfaction or sadness.
  • Southern ohlone
    • eh n. Gray ground squirrel.
  • Sumerian
    • eh rom. Romanization of 𒄴 (eḫ).
  • Tundra nenets
    • ен n. String (of a bow).
  • Zou
    • eh n. Tear.
  • ǃxóõ
    • èh pron. (Personal) he, she, (animate) it (third person singular).
— English word, defined in French —
  • eh interj. Hein, tsé.
— English word, defined in Italian —
  • eh int. Eh (stessi usi che in italiano, vedi più su).
— In German —
  • eh Adv. Umgangssprachlich, Süddeutschland, Österreich: auf alle…
  • eh Adv. Ehemals.
  • eh Interj. Ausruf, um die Aufmerksamkeit einer Person zu erregen.
  • eh Interj. Ausruf der Überraschung/des Erstaunens.
  • eh Interj. Am Ende einer Frage: nun, na.
  • eh Subj. Ehe, bevor.
  • e.␣h. Abk. Eh.
  • e.␣h. Abk. Österreichisch: eigenhändig.
  • e.␣h. Abk. Ehrenhalber.
— In Dutch —
  • eh tuss. Een uiting die enige aarzeling aangeeft.
— In French —
  • eh interj. D’admiration, de surprise.
  • eh interj. Autre graphie pour « hé ».
— In Spanish —
  • eh interj. Se usa para llamar sobre sí mismo la atención de otra persona.
  • Eh s. Química, Electroquímica, Electrólisis. Transferencia de uno…
— In Portuguese —
  • eh interj. Expressa dúvida sobre o que está sendo dito.
  • eh interj. (Internetês) o mesmo que é.
— In Italian —
  • eh int. Espressione di stupore.
  • eh int. Espressione di disapprovazione o, al contrario, affermativa.
  • eh int. Espressione di dubbio.
  • eh int. Richiesta di conferma, specialmente dopo una domanda.
  • eh int. (Per estensione) espressione che indica rinuncia o rammarico.
  • eh int. (Per estensione) riflessione compiaciuta tra sé e sé.
  • eh int. (Per estensione) per un’esagerazione.
  • eh int. (Per estensione) con amicizia leale e talvolta sincero amore.
  • eh int. (Per estensione) come rimprovero.
241 English words from 62 English definitions

abbreviation Added addressed adjective adjectives after alone alpha Alternative and animate answering apathy appended apprehension Archaic areas ascertain assigned attention Australia aviation been between bow call call␣in calling Canada ccTLD chiefly clarification Clothing code Colloquial compare confusion consisting consisting␣of continued country country␣code deities deity Dialectal dissatisfaction DNS duck Eastern Eastern␣Hemisphere edged either electrical electrical␣inductance emotionally emphasise ending ending␣in English English␣horn enthusiasm epididymal equal excuse Expresses expressing feast following for form Former forms from God Gray Gray␣ground␣squirrel ground ground␣squirrel handicapped has having heaven Hemisphere henrys her hers Highly him His hone horn huh Humorous hunger hungry hypertension IANA IATA icon indicates indifference individual inductance Informal Initialism interjection International Internet ISO isolation its just Komi lack Latin Latin␣script letter Liver lolcat many meaning mediocre meh metal Metrology mistake most MTE Music mythology name names New New␣Zealand nonstandard not noun nouns obsolete obvious Ocean of␣a of␣an often one only original owner painting pardon particle people person Personal pertaining Philippines portrayed possesses possessive possessive␣pronoun possessor potential preceding predicative productive pronoun property provided provided␣that quality question reasoning Redox Redox␣potential related religious repetition replace reply request response Romanization root root␣noun sadness Sahara said script sharpen she signifying since singular slang sleeve Smolder Solid some Spanish Spanish␣Sahara speak speaker squirrel standards String Strong suffix superlative surprise swan Symbol tag tag␣question Tear that the them third third␣person tools travel Turkey two understanding unit unremarkable use used used␣to usually verbs volts Western Western␣Sahara wha what when whet within Yes Zealand

22 English words from 27 foreign definitions

admiration auf bevor che come con der des die Een Ende Hein indica nun para per Person persona pour que surprise tra

1 foreign word from 62 English definitions


68 foreign words from 27 foreign definitions

aangeeft aarzeling alle amicizia amore atención Aufmerksamkeit Ausruf Autre compiaciuta conferma contrario disapprovazione dito domanda dopo dubbio dúvida Ehe Ehemals Ehrenhalber eigenhändig einer Electroquímica enige erregen Erstaunens esagerazione espressione está estensione Frage graphie Internetês italiano leale llamar mesmo mismo Österreich Österreichisch otra Per␣estensione più Química rammarico Richiesta riflessione rimprovero rinuncia sendo sincero sobre specialmente stessi stupore Süddeutschland talvolta Transferencia tsé Überraschung uiting Umgangssprachlich una uno usa usi vedi

106 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

EHC EHF ehh ehm Ehr EHR ehs EHS EH&S EHCP EHEC ehed ehem ehhh ehhs Ehle EHRC EHRs EHSs e-hub e-hug eh␣up e-hail EHCPs E-head ehevi ehhed Ehime ehing Ehlen Ehler Ehles Ehman Ehmke Ehret Ehsan e-hubs e-hugs e-hails E-heads ehhing Ehlens Ehlers Ehlert ehlite Ehmann Ehmans Ehmkes Ehrets Ehrich +56 words

6281 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

Beha Behl Behm Behn Behr Dehn DEHP EEHV Fehl Fehm Fehr Gehl Gehm Gehr gehu hehe Hehe Hehr hehs jehu Jehu Kehl Kehm Kehn Kehr Lehi Lehn lehr Lehr Lehs Mehr mehs Mehs mehu Pehl pehs Rehe reh'g rehi ReHi Rehm rehs te-he TEHM tehr Tehs Vehm WeHo wehs Yehs +6231 words

230 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

feh Fe/H heh leh Leh meh Meh NEH Neh. peh reh SEH teh Teh TEH weh yeh Yeh Aceh Aleh bleh breh kueh Ngeh okeh oleh Roeh RSeH Sieh Yueh eh Acheh ah␣neh almeh ardeh babeh bobeh bokeh boteh Citeh Doseh Esmeh Frueh Hopeh Hsieh Hsueh Hupeh kaneh maneh mute␣h +180 words

6 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

he He HE he- H&E H.E.

110 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

che CHE ECH edh EHC EHF ehh ehm Ehr EHR ehs EHS EH&S Eph Eph. esh Esh ESH eth Eth ETH -eth eth- Eth. exh ezh feh Fe/H FHE hae HAE hea HEA hea' Heb. hed HED he'd hee Hee hef Hef heh hei Hel he'l hem Hem 'hem hem- +60 words

158 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

ah Ah AH A"H BH B"H B&H b***h ch CH ch- ch. DH ea Ea EA ea. Eb EB E EC ec. E.C. ed Ed ED -ed ed- ed. Ed. -èd E.D. ee EE 'ee -ee E&E ef EF eg EG E&G e.g. e.␣g. EI EJ EK el El EL -el em Em EM 'em em- en En EN -en en- Eo EO eo- E&O E␣O ep EP ep. eq EQ eq. Eq. er ER 'er -er er. E-R -'er E.R. E.␣R. es Es ES -es e's es- E's 'e's et Et ET -et EU eu- ev eV Ev EV e.v. E.V. (+56 words)

16 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

ECH edh ehh Eph Eph. esh Esh ESH eth Eth ETH -eth eth- Eth. exh ezh

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