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— English words —
  • el n. The name of the Latin-script letter L/l.
  • el n. (US) An elevated railway, especially for specific systems such as the metro in Chicago.
  • el num. The cardinal number occurring after dek and before do in a duodecimal system. Written ↋, decimal value 11.
  • el art. (Informal, humorous, chiefly Internet slang) the.
  • el n. The name of the Cyrillic script letter Л / л.
  • El prop.n. Any of several major ancient Near East deities, including the supreme god of the Canaanite religion…
  • El prop.n. (Transport, slang) Any one of several specific elevated railways.
  • EL n. Initialism of electroluminescence.
  • EL n. Initialism of encephalitis lethargica (von Economo disease, sleepy sickness).
  • EL n. Initialism of expression language.
  • -el suff. Suffix forming nouns, originally denoting an instrument, from verbs, usually spelt -le except after n and e.
  • -el suff. Diminutive suffix in words of Germanic origin.
  • -el suff. Suffix, originally diminutive, in words of mostly Romance origin.
— International convention —
  • el sym. (International standards) ISO 639-1 language code for Greek.
  • El sym. (Metrology) Symbol for exaliter (exalitre), an SI unit of fluid measure equal to 1018 liters (litres).
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Abenaki
    • -el suff. Used on verbs, together with the prefix k-, to indicate that the first person singular (I) is the actor…
  • Aragonese
    • él pron. He (third-person singular masculine pronoun).
  • Aragonese - Catalan
    • el pron. Him (direct object).
  • Aromanian
    • el pron. (Third-person masculine singular pronoun, nominative form) he.
    • el pron. (Long/stressed accusative form) him.
  • Asturian
    • el art. (Definite) the.
    • él pron. He, it (third-person singular masculine pronoun).
  • Azerbaijani
    • el n. (Somewhat poetic) people.
    • el n. (Somewhat poetic) country, land.
    • el n. (Somewhat poetic) tract, region, district, province.
  • Breton
    • el cont. E (preposition “in”) + ul (indefinite article “a(n)”).
    • el cont. E (preposition “in”) + al (definite article “the”).
    • -el suff. To make an adjective of a noun; -al.
  • Catalan
    • el art. The; definite article.
    • el art. Neuter definite article used to make abstract nouns from adjectives; the; what, that which.
  • Cornish
    • el n. (Religion) angel.
  • Crimean tatar
    • el n. Hand, forearm.
    • el n. Ell.
  • Czech
    • -el suff. Forms nouns.
  • Czech - Welsh
    • el n. The name of the Latin-script letter L/l.
  • Dalmatian
    • el art. The; masculine singular definite article.
  • Danish
    • el n. Alder.
    • el n. Electricity.
    • EL prop.n. Abbreviation of Enhedslisten.
    • -el suff. -al.
    • el. conj. Abbreviation of eller.
  • Emilian
    • el pron. (Nominative case, feminine) they.
    • el pron. (Accusative case, feminine) them.
  • Esperanto
    • el prep. Made of.
    • el prep. From (of).
    • -el suff. In [...] way.
    • el- pref. Out, from.
    • el- pref. All the way, to a significant degree of completion, up.
  • Fala
    • el pron. Third person singular masculine nominative pronoun; he.
  • Faroese
  • Galician - Mirandese - Romansch
    • el pron. He.
  • Gothic
    • 𐌴𐌹 part. (Relative) that, who, which; generic relative particle.
    • -𐌴𐌹 suff. Forms abstract nouns from words (mostly adjectives) which represent "the state, quality or measure of"…
  • Guinea-bissau creole - Kabuverdianu
    • el pron. He, she (third person singular).
  • Hungarian
    • el adv. Off.
    • el adv. Away.
    • él v. (Intransitive) to live (to remain alive, be alive, reside at).
    • él v. (Transitive) to live.
    • él v. (Intransitive) to live in a particular state.
    • él v. (Intransitive) to use something habitually or regularly (+ -val/-vel), especially when that something…
    • él v. (Intransitive) to consume something (+ -n/-on/-en/-ön) as a main part of one’s diet.
    • él v. (Intransitive) to use something (+ -val/-vel) to one’s advantage, to make proper use of.
    • él v. (Intransitive) to spend most of one’s time benefiting something or someone (usually + -nak/-nek).
    • él v. (Intransitive) to make a living, to depend on something (+ -ból/-ből) as a source of income.
    • él v. (Intransitive) to continue to be remembered, to live with someone (+ -ban/-ben).
    • él n. Edge.
    • él n. Crease (of pants/trousers).
    • él n. Fore, front, forefront, head (see élen, élén).
    • él n. (Geometry) side (a bounding straight edge of a two-dimensional shape).
    • -el suff. (Personal suffix) Used to form the second-person singular present tense of verbs ending in s, sz, z…
    • -el suff. (Verb-forming suffix) Appended to a noun to form a verb.
    • -el suff. (Noun-forming suffix) Appended to a verb to form a noun (no longer productive in this role).
    • el- pref. (Verbal prefix) indicates actions whose direction is pointing away from the speaker, either literally or figuratively.
    • el- pref. (Verbal prefix) indicates the unsuccessful or inaccurate completion of an action.
    • el- pref. (Verbal prefix) indicates separation, deprivation, etc.
    • el- pref. (Verbal prefix) indicates completeness or perfection.
    • el- pref. (Verbal prefix) indicates continuity over a long period of time.
    • -él suff. (Noun suffix, archaic) Added to a verb to form a noun.
    • -él suff. (Frequentative suffix) Added to a verb to form a verb to express repetitive action. No longer productive.
    • -él suff. (Personal suffix) Used in the second-person singular indefinite form of verbs. It appears in past tense…
  • Icelandic
    • el v. First-person singular present indicative of ala.
    • él n. Hailstorm, hail shower.
  • Ido
    • el pron. Apocopic form of elu; she, her.
  • Indonesian - Malay
    • -el- inf. Used to form a noun.
    • -el- inf. Used to form a verb.
  • Istriot
    • el pron. He third-person singular masculine personal pronoun.
  • Istriot - Venetian
    • el art. The.
  • Kabyle
    • el v. (Obsolete) to have, own, possess.
    • el v. (Obsolete) to belong to.
  • Ladin
    • ël n. (Gherdëina, Badiot) man.
    • ël pron. (Gherdëina, Badiot) he.
  • Ladino
    • el art. The (masculine singular).
    • el pron. He, it.
  • Latvian
    • el n. The Latvian name of the Latin script letter L/l.
    • n. The Latvian name of the Latin script letter Ļ/ļ.
  • Leonese
    • el art. The (definite article).
  • Livonian
    • n. Hell.
    • v. 1st person singular negative form of eļļõ.
    • v. 2nd person singular negative form of eļļõ.
    • v. 3rd person singular negative form of eļļõ.
    • v. 2nd person singular imperative form of eļļõ.
    • ēļ n. Voice.
    • ēļ n. Sound.
  • Low german
    • -el suff. Suffix forming nouns originally denoting an agent from verbs.
    • -el suff. A suffix that describes a male person (or other creature) in terms of a place of origin or a quality…
  • Middle dutch
    • el det. Other, another.
    • el adv. Else, otherwise.
    • el adv. Elsewhere.
  • Middle english
    • el n. Eel.
    • -el suff. Forms adjectives meaning "tending to" or "able to" from verbs.
    • -el suff. Forms diminutives from verbs or other nouns.
    • -el suff. Forms agent nouns from verbs or other nouns.
    • -el suff. Alternative form of -al.
    • -el suff. Alternative form of -elen.
  • Middle welsh
    • el v. Third-person singular present subjunctive of mynet.
  • Norman
    • -el suff. Makes an adjectival form of a noun; -al.
  • Norwegian bokmål
    • e.l. phr. Abbreviation of eller lignende (“or similar”).
    • e.l. phr. Abbreviation of eller liknende (“or the like”).
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk
    • el n. Short form of elektrisitet, elektrisk, elektro-, used mainly in compound words. It is treated as a noun…
  • Norwegian nynorsk
    • el v. Present tense of ala.
    • el v. Present tense of elja.
    • e.l. phr. Abbreviation of eller liknande (“or similar; or the like”).
  • Norwegian
    • el. conj. Abbreviation of eller (“or”).
  • Occitan
    • el pron. He (third-person singular subject pronoun).
    • el pron. It (third-person singular subject pronoun).
  • Old english
    • el n. El, the letter L.
    • -el suff. Alternative form of -ol.
    • -el suff. (Causes i-mutation) agent and instrumental suffix creating nouns from verbs.
    • el- pref. Foreign, strange.
    • el- pref. Different, other.
  • Old french
    • el cont. Contraction of en le (“in the”).
    • el pron. Something else.
    • -el suff. Used to form an adjective.
    • -el suff. Used to form a diminutive.
  • Old irish
    • Él prop.n. (Christianity, Judaism) God.
  • Old norse
    • el v. First-person singular active present indicative of ala.
  • Old portuguese
    • el pron. Apocopic form of ele.
  • Polish
    • -el suff. Forms masculine agent nouns.
  • Polish - Upper sorbian
    • n. The name of the Latin-script letter Ł/ł.
  • Romani
    • -el suff. Forms the third-person singular present indicative of consonantal oikoclitic verbs.
  • Romanian
    • el pron. (Nominative form) he.
    • el pron. (Direct object, preceded by preposition, such as "pe", "cu", "la", or "pentru") him.
    • -el suff. Used to form a masculine diminutive of a word (e.g. băiat (“boy”) + -el → băiețel (“little boy”).
  • Salar
    • el n. (Anatomy) hand.
  • Swedish
    • el n. Electricity, electric current or power; Contraction of elektricitet. or elektrisk.
    • el n. (School slang) Short for el- och energiprogrammet.
    • el. conj. Or; Abbreviation of eller.
    • el. adj. Electric, electrical, electricity; Abbreviation of elektrisk.
    • e.l. adv. Abbreviation of eller liknande (“or other similar items, terms”).
  • Ternate
    • el v. Alternative form of eli (“to remember”).
  • Tocharian b
    • El prop.n. An unknown-gender given name.
    • el- v. To lean.
  • Turkish
    • el n. Hand.
    • el n. A foreign person.
    • el n. Country, homeland, province.
    • -el suff. Forms adjectives from nouns and verbs.
  • Venetian
    • el pron. He, she, it (used as an obligatory clitic pronoun following a verb).
  • Volapük
    • el art. The (used for all proper nouns and also foreign loanwords not yet assimilated into Volapük).
    • -el suff. Used to indicate a maker of a certain thing.
  • Welsh
    • êl v. (Literary) third-person singular present subjunctive of mynd.
  • Westrobothnian
    • el n. Fire.
    • el n. A bird of the family Motacillidae.
— English words, defined in French —
  • El n.prop. (Antiquité) (Religion) El.
  • EL n. (Etats-Unis, en particulier Chicago) Métro.
— English words, defined in Portuguese —
  • el s. Nome da letra L/l.
  • el s. (Estados Unidos) trem elevado, especialmente na cidade de Chicago.
— In German —
  • El S. Bei einem Großteil der semitischen Völker (beispielsweise…
  • EL Abk. In Koch- und Backrezepten: Esslöffel.
  • EL Abk. Ergänzungslieferung.
  • -el Suff. Nachgestelltes Wortbildungselement (Derivatem, Ableitungsmorphem)…
  • -el Suff. Nachgestelltes Wortbildungselement (Derivatem, Ableitungsmorphem)…
  • -el Suff. Nachgestelltes Wortbildungselement für Substantive aus…
— In Dutch —
  • el n. (Eenheid), (verouderd) een oude lengtemaat gebaseerd op de…
  • -el (Verouderd) een uitgang die oorspronkelijk afstamming aangaf…
  • -el (Verouderd) een uitgang die een werktuiglijke of instrumentele…
  • -el (Verouderd) een achtervoegsel dat direct na de stam en voor…
— In French —
  • el pron. (Néologisme) Pronom de la troisième personne du singulier…
  • EL n.m. Synonyme de équivalent lait.
  • -el suff.m. Suffixe adjectival. Variante de -al → voir annuel, latin…
  • -el suff. Suffixe nominal.
— In Spanish —
  • el art. Artículo determinado masculino singular.
  • el art. Por razones de eufonía, antecede a sustantivos femeninos…
  • él pron. Nominativo y dativo del pronombre personal de la tercera…
— In Portuguese —
  • el art. (Arcaico) o, apenas usado na forma el-rei.
  • el pron. (Portugal, regional e arcaísmo) o mesmo que ele.
402 English words from 162 English definitions

Abbreviation able abstract abstract␣nouns accusative Accusative␣case action actions active actor Added adjectival adjective adjectives advantage after agent agent␣nouns ala Alder alive all All␣the␣way also Alternative Anatomy ancient and angel another Any Apocopic appears Appended archaic article assimilated away Badiot ban before belong ben benefiting bird bounding boy Canaanite cardinal cardinal␣number case Causes certain Chicago chiefly Christianity clitic code completeness completion compound compound␣words consonantal consume continue continuity Contraction country Crease creating creature current Cyrillic decimal definite definite␣article degree deities dek denoting depend deprivation describes diet Different dimensional diminutive diminutives direct direction direct␣object disease district do␣in duodecimal East edge Eel either electric electrical electric␣current electricity electroluminescence elevated elevated␣railway elevated␣railways Ell eller else Elsewhere encephalitis ending ending␣in equal especially etc exaliter exalitre except express expression family feminine figuratively Fire first first␣person First-person␣singular fluid fluid␣measure following for for␣all Fore forearm forefront foreign form forming Forms Frequentative from front gender generic Geometry Germanic given given␣name god Greek habitually hail Hailstorm hand have head Hell her him homeland humorous imperative i-mutation inaccurate including income indefinite indefinite␣article indicate indicates indicative Informal Initialism instrument instrumental in␣terms␣of International Internet into Intransitive ISO items Judaism land language language␣code Latin Latin␣script Latvian lean letter like literally Literary liters litres little little␣boy live live␣in live␣with living loanwords long longer Made Made␣of main mainly major make make␣a␣living maker Makes male man masculine meaning measure metro Metrology most mostly mutation nak name Near Near␣East negative nek Neuter no␣longer nominative Nominative␣case not not␣yet noun nouns number object obligatory Obsolete occurring och of␣a of␣a␣certain of␣an Off oikoclitic one origin originally other otherwise Out over own pants part particle particular past past␣tense people perfection period period␣of␣time person personal personal␣pronoun place poetic pointing possess power preceded prefix preposition present present␣indicative present␣subjunctive present␣tense productive pronoun proper proper␣nouns province quality railway railways region regularly relative religion remain remember remembered repetitive represent reside role Romance School script second second␣person second-person␣singular see separation several shape she Short Short␣for Short␣form shower sickness side significant similar singular slang sleepy sleepy␣sickness someone something Something␣else Somewhat Sound source speaker specific spelt spend standards state straight straight␣edge strange stressed subject subject␣pronoun subjunctive such such␣as suffix supreme Symbol system systems tending tense terms that the them the␣way they thing third third␣person third-person␣singular this time together together␣with tract Transitive Transport treated trousers two two-dimensional unit unknown unsuccessful use used used␣to usually val value vel verb Verbal verbs Voice Volapük von␣Economo␣disease way what when which who whose with word words Written yet

26 English words from 23 foreign definitions

adjectival antecede Chicago dat del der die direct een Koch lait Métro Nome nominal personal Portugal que regional rei Religion singular stam Substantive Synonyme und Unis

7 foreign words from 162 English definitions

Economo ele elektro- elu iet -vel von

72 foreign words from 23 foreign definitions

aangaf Ableitungsmorphem achtervoegsel afstamming annuel Antiquité apenas Arcaico arcaísmo Artículo Artículo␣determinado aus Bei beispielsweise cidade dativo de␣la Derivatem determinado Eenheid einem ele elevado en␣particulier équivalent équivalent␣lait especialmente Esslöffel Estados Estados␣Unidos Etats Etats-Unis eufonía femeninos forma für gebaseerd Großteil latin lengtemaat letra masculino mesmo Nachgestelltes Néologisme Nominativo oorspronkelijk oude particulier personne Por Pronom pronombre pronombre␣personal razones semitischen singulier Suffixe sustantivos tercera trem troisième troisième␣personne uitgang Unidos usado Variante verouderd voir Völker voor Wortbildungselement

3784 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

Ela ELA E-la eld 'eld ELE elf ELF ElG ELG Eli elk Elk ell Ell ELL 'e'll elm Elm elo Elo 'elp els Els ELs elt ELT Elu ELV Ely Elam elan ELAN élan Elar ELAs ELAS e-law Elba Elbe elce ELCS elds Elea elec. Elec. Elem ELEs elev. elex +3734 words

53755 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

aels bélé Belf Belg. beli belk Belk bell Bell Belo Belp Belr. bels belt Belt bely Belz Cela cele Cele -cele Celi cell cels CELs celt Celt CELT Cely Dela dele delf DELF deli Delk dell Dell Delo Delp dels Dels delt Dely eels EELS EELV eely fele fell Fell +53705 words

3667 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

ael bel Bel cel CEL -cel del Del del. Del. eel gel Hel he'l jel Kel lel LEL mel Mel MEL -mel- OEL pel rel REL -rel rel. SEL tel TEL Tel. vel we'l yel zel Abel Adel Akel amel Arel atel- avel axel Axel ayel bael beel bhel Biel +3617 words

4 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

le Le LE -le

177 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

ael ale Ale bel Bel BLE cel CEL -cel CLE del Del del. Del. DLE EAL EBL ECL EDL eel EFL EIL Ela ELA E-la eld 'eld ELE elf ELF ElG ELG Eli elk Elk ell Ell ELL 'e'll elm Elm elo Elo 'elp els Els ELs elt ELT Elu +127 words

180 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

al Al AL Ål -al al- a.l. &␣al. BL B/L Cl CL cl. Cl* Cl. c.l. dl DL d/l D/L D.L. D.␣L. ea Ea EA ea. Eb EB E EC ec. E.C. ed Ed ED -ed ed- ed. Ed. -èd E.D. ee EE 'ee -ee E&E ef EF eg EG E&G e.g. e.␣g. eh eH EH -eh E.H. EI EJ EK em Em EM 'em em- en En EN -en en- Eo EO eo- E&O E␣O ep EP ep. eq EQ eq. Eq. er ER 'er -er er. E-R -'er E.R. E.␣R. es Es ES -es e's es- E's 'e's (+80 words)

17 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)


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