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— English words —
  • enraged adj. Angered, made furious, made full of rage.
  • enraged adj. (Obsolete) Insane, mad.
  • enraged v. Simple past tense and past participle of enrage.
— English words, defined in German —
  • enraged V. Präteritum (simple past) des Verbs enrage.
  • enraged Partz. Partizip Perfekt (past participle) des Verbs enrage.
— English words, defined in French —
  • enraged v. Prétérit du verbe to enrage.
  • enraged v. Participe passé du verbe to enrage.
— English words, defined in Italian —
  • enraged agg. Infuriato, inferocito, incollerito, furioso, arrabbiato, adirato, in collera.
  • enraged agg. (Araldica) attributo araldico che si applica al cavallo o all’orso rappresentati in posizione rampante.
17 English words from 3 English definitions

and Angered enrage full furious Insane mad made Obsolete participle past past␣participle past␣tense rage Simple Simple␣past tense

12 English words from 6 foreign definitions

all che des enrage furioso participle passé past past␣participle simple simple␣past Verbs

23 foreign words from 6 foreign definitions

adirato applica Araldica araldico arrabbiato attributo cavallo collera incollerito inferocito Infuriato orso Participe Participe␣passé Partizip Partizip␣Perfekt Perfekt posizione Präteritum Prétérit rampante rappresentati verbe

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age AGE agé %age -age aged agèd ENR enrage ged Ged GED NRA rag Rag rage raged

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Arn Arne deg dEG DEG deg. Degar Ega EGA gar GAR garn RNE

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agender angered derange en␣garde grandee grenade Redange

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adreeing Anderegg dangered Degrange deranged deranger deranges drengage dungaree El␣Grande endanger engraced engraved enlarged enranged e-reading Gadarene gandered ganderer gardened gardener Gardener garnered garneted gendarme Gendreau Gerdeman grade␣one grade␣ten grandees gravened grenaded grenades guardeen langered largened Legrande Pergande rangered reangled red␣mange regained rehanged renagued renegade renegado Snedegar unagreed underage ungeared

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agreed Andree anegre angree danger deaner Dearne Deegan degear de-gear dragee dragée drenge earned Edgren e-grade endear enrage Gandee gander Gander garden Garden garned geared Gedera gender gendèr genera Gerena gerned gradee Graden grande Grande graned Nadege nadger Naeger Nagree neared ranged readen

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encaged engaged enraced enrager enrages inraged

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