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There are 20 words ending with UU

fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuhapu'u hapuʻuIUUJoensuuKhuuKualapuuLuuMkuumuumuu muu-muuNumunuusankyuuseiyuuTakuuuu UUvertuuWayuuXârâcùù

24 definitions found

  • fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu — interj. (Internet slang) Elongated form of clipping of fuck.
  • hapu'u — n. Any of four species of tropical tree ferns of the genus Cibotium…
  • hapuʻu — n. Alternative form of hapu’u.
  • IUU — adj. Initialism of illegal, underreported and unregulated.
  • Joensuu — prop.n. A city and municipality, the capital of the North Karelia…
  • Khuu — prop.n. A surname.
  • Kualapuu — prop.n. A census-designated place in Maui County, Hawaii, United States.
  • Luu — prop.n. A surname from Vietnamese.
  • Mkuu — prop.n. A dialect of the Rombo language of Tanzania.
  • muumuu — n. A long loose-fitting dress made of lightweight fabric printed…
  • muu-muu — n. Alternative form of muumuu.
  • Numunuu — n. (Uncommon) The Comanche.
  • sankyuu — interj. Alternative form of sankyu.
  • seiyuu — n. A voice actor in a native-language version anime, a video game… — v. To take on a role as a voice actor in a Japanese production…
  • Takuu — prop.n. A small atoll off the east coast of Papua New Guinea. — prop.n. A Polynesian language spoken on this atoll.
  • uu — n. Unitarian universalist.
  • UU — n. (Religion) Initialism of Unitarian Universalist. — prop.n. Initialism of Utrecht University.
  • vertuu — n. Obsolete form of virtue.
  • Wayuu — n. An Amerindian ethnic group of the La Guajira Peninsula in northern… — prop.n. The Arawak language of the Wayuu people.
  • Xârâcùù — prop.n. An Austronesian language spoken in New Caledonia.
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