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— English words —
  • for conj. Because, as, since.
  • for prep. Towards.
  • for prep. Directed at, intended to belong to.
  • for prep. In honor of, or directed towards the celebration or event of.
  • for prep. Supporting.
  • for prep. Because of.
  • for prep. Over a period of time.
  • for prep. Throughout an extent of space.
  • for prep. On behalf of.
  • for prep. Instead of, or in place of.
  • for prep. In order to obtain or acquire.
  • for prep. In the direction of: marks a point one is going toward.
  • for prep. By the standards of, usually with the implication of those standards being lower than one might…
  • for prep. Despite, in spite of. See: for all.
  • for prep. Used to indicate the subject of a to-infinitive.
  • for prep. (chiefly US) Out of; used to indicate a fraction, a ratio.
  • for prep. (cricket) Used as part of a score to indicate the number of wickets that have fallen.
  • for prep. To be, or as being.
  • for prep. (obsolete) Indicating that in prevention of which, or through fear of which, anything is done.
  • for prep. Used to construe various verbs (see the entries for individual phrasal verbs).
  • FOR init. Field Of Research.
  • FOR init. Fellowship of Reconciliation, any of a number of religious nonviolent organizations, particularly…
  • FOR init. IATA airport code for Pinto Martins International Airport in Fortaleza, Ceará, Brazil.
  • FOR init. frame of reference.
  • for- pref. (no longer productive) Meaning "far", "away"; "from", "out" e.g. forbid, forget, forsay; forbear, fordeem.
  • for- pref. (no longer productive) Meaning "completely", "to the fullest extent" e.g. forbreak; superseded…
  • for- pref. (dialectal) Very; excessively.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Abinomn
    • for n. a kind of fish.
  • Catalan
    • for n. prize, worth.
    • for n. forum.
  • Cornish
    • for n. Mixed mutation of mor.
  • Czech
    • fór n. (expressive) joke.
    • fór n. (expressive) head start.
    • fór n. genitive plural of fórum.
  • Danish
    • for n. lining (covering for the inside of something).
    • for n. lining (material used for inside covering).
    • for adv. too (more than enough; as too much).
    • for adv. in front.
    • for adv. forward.
    • for prep. to.
    • for prep. on.
    • for prep. at.
    • for prep. before, in front of.
    • for prep. by.
    • før conj. before, until.
    • før adv. before, prior, sooner.
    • før adj. (dated) stout, portly.
    • for- pref. Makes verbs from adjectives meaning "to cause to be [adjective]".
    • for- pref. Denotes initial or preparatory action; pre-.
  • Danish - Norwegian bokmål
    • for v. past tense of fare.
    • før v. imperative of føre.
  • Danish - Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk - Old english
  • Danish - Norwegian nynorsk
    • for conj. for, because.
    • for prep. of.
    • før prep. before.
  • Dutch low saxon - Elfdalian
  • Esperanto
    • for adv. away, far, gone.
  • Faroese
    • fór v. first/third-person singular past of fara.
    • før n. nominative/accusative plural indefinite of far.
    • før v. singular imperative of føra.
    • før. adj. Abbreviation of føroyskt.
  • Friulian
  • Galician
    • for v. first/third-person singular future subjunctive of ir.
    • for v. first/third-person singular future subjunctive of ser.
  • German low german
    • för prep. (in some dialects, including East Frisian) for.
    • för prep. (in some dialects) in front of.
  • Icelandic
    • for n. mud.
    • for n. bog.
    • för n. a journey, a trip, a voyage.
    • för n. indefinite nominative plural of far.
    • för n. indefinite accusative plural of far.
  • Icelandic - Norwegian bokmål
    • for- pref. previous, before, first, pre-.
    • for- pref. (emphatic) extremely.
    • for- pref. negative meaning.
  • Ido
    • for prep. far from, away from.
  • Irish
    • for- pref. over, superior, super-.
    • for- pref. outer, external.
    • for- pref. great, extreme.
  • Norwegian bokmål
    • for conj. for.
    • før prep. before (ahead of; in front of).
    • før v. present tense of fø.
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk
    • for adv. too.
    • for n. alternative form of fôr.
    • fôr n. (slang) grub, pabulum.
    • fôr n. (animal food) feed, forage, fodder, feedstock.
    • fôr n. (in clothing) lining.
    • før conj. before.
  • Norwegian nynorsk
    • for adv. in favour of.
    • fór adj. fast, quick.
    • fór v. past tense of fara.
    • før v. imperative of føra.
  • Novial
  • Old english
    • for v. first/third-person singular preterite of faran.
    • for n. journey, going, course, expedition, approach; passage, lifestyle, way of life.
    • for n. hog, pig.
    • for- pref. forming verbs from verbs with various senses especially ‘wrongly, away from, astray, abstention…
    • for- pref. used to create intensified adjectives and verbs from other adjectives and verbs, with the sense…
    • for- pref. very.
  • Old irish
    • for det. your (plural).
    • for det. you (plural; as the object of a preposition that takes the genitive).
    • for prep. on, over.
  • Old norse
  • Old saxon
    • for n. Alternative form of fora.
    • for- pref. Alternative form of far-.
  • Swedish
    • for v. past tense of fara.
    • för adv. too; To an excessive degree.
    • för conj. because.
    • för n. bow; the front part of a boat or a ship.
    • för prep. for, for the sake of something or somebody.
    • för prep. Used before the object of verbs indicating movement in conjunction with upp and ner.
    • för v. imperative of föra.
    • för v. present tense of föra.
    • för- pref. fore-, at the front, before; related to German vor-, emphasis on 1st syllable, see also före-.
    • för- pref. for-, en-, an intensifier; related to German ver-, emphasis on 2nd syllable.
  • Walloon
  • Welsh
    • fôr n. Soft mutation of môr.
  • Westrobothnian
    • för n. Road conditions.
    • för n. Dirt, slush.
    • för n. Disorder, noise.
    • för prep. Alternative spelling of fȯr.
    • fȯr conj. (with he or dy) Because.
— English words, define in German —
  • for  Präp. für.
  • for  Präp. seit.
  • for  Präp. denn.
— English words, define in Dutch —
  • for  voorz. voor.
  • for  voeg. want.
— English words, define in Latin —
  • for  praep. Propter, (indicans quare).
  • for  praep. Pro, (indicans standum pro aliqua re).
— English words, define in French —
  • for  prép. Pour.
  • for  prép. Pendant, depuis. Note d’usage : Utilisé avec l’accompli tout comme la préposition since.
  • for  prép. Comme.
  • for  prép. Contre, en échange de.
  • for  prép. Introduit le sujet d’un infinitif avec to.
  • for  conj. Car.
  • FOR  adv. (Économie) Franco wagon.
  • for-  suff. For-.
— English words, define in Spanish —
  • for  prep. Para.
  • for  prep. Hacia.
  • for  prep. En dirección a.
  • for  prep. Durante.
  • for  prep. Por.
  • for  prep. A favor de.
  • for  prep. A causa de.
  • for  prep. A pesar de.
  • for  conj. Ya que, puesto que.
— English words, define in Portuguese —
  • for  conj. porque, pois.
  • for  prep. para.
  • for  prep. para, em direção a.
  • for  prep. por.
  • for  prep. por, há, faz.
  • for  prep. a favor de.
  • for  prep. de, como em.
— English word, define in Italian —
  • for  prep. per, poiché, durante.
— In French —
  • for  n.m. (Droit ecclésiastique) Lieu où les tribunaux peuvent exercer…
  • for  n.m. (Figuré) Jugement. N’est resté en usage que dans les locutions…
  • for-  préf. Préfixe rarement utilisé en français contemporain exprimant…
— In Portuguese —
  • for  v. primeira pessoa do singular do futuro do subjuntivo do verbo ser.
  • for  v. terceira pessoa do singular do futuro do subjuntivo do verbo ser.
  • for  v. primeira pessoa do singular do futuro do subjuntivo do verbo ir.
  • for  v. terceira pessoa do singular do futuro do subjuntivo do verbo ir.
305 English words from 123 English definitions

Abbreviation abstention accusative acquire action adjective adjectives ahead ahead␣of airport all also alternative and animal a␣number␣of any anything approach assault astray attack away because Because␣of before behalf being belong boat bog bow Brazil cause Ceará celebration chiefly clothing code completely conditions conjunction construe course covering create cricket dated degree Denotes Despite dialectal dialects directed direction Dirt Disorder done East East␣Frisian emphasis emphatic enough entries especially event excessive excessively expedition expressive extent external extreme extremely fallen far fare far␣from fast fate favour fear feed feedstock Fellowship Field first fish fodder food for for- fora forage for␣all forbear forbid forbreak fordeem fore fore- forget form forming forsay Fortaleza for␣the␣sake␣of forum forward fraction frame frame␣of␣reference Frisian from front fullest future genitive German going gone great grub have head head␣start hog honor IATA imperative implication including indefinite indicate indicating individual in␣favour␣of infinitive in␣front in␣front␣of In␣honor␣of initial In␣order In␣order␣to in␣place in␣place␣of inside in␣spite␣of Instead Instead␣of intended intensified intensifier International joke journey kind kind␣of life lifestyle lining longer lower Makes marks Martins material meaning might Mixed Mixed␣mutation more movement much mud mutation negative ner noise no␣longer nominative nonviolent number object obsolete obtain of␣a On␣behalf␣of one order organizations other out outer Out␣of oven over pabulum part particularly passage past past␣tense period period␣of␣time person phrasal phrasal␣verbs pig Pinto place plural point portly pre pre- preparatory preposition present present␣tense preterite prevention previous prior prize productive quick ratio Reconciliation reference related religious Research Road sake score see see␣also sense senses ser ship since singular slang slush Soft Soft␣mutation some somebody something sooner space spelling spite standards start stout subject subjunctive super super- superior superseded Supporting syllable takes tense than that the third third-person third␣person third-person␣singular those through Throughout time to-infinitive too too␣much to␣the toward towards trip until used used␣to usually various ver verbs very vor voyage way way␣of␣life which wickets with worth wrongly you your

28 English words from 39 foreign definitions

Car dans est favor For For- Franco indicans Jugement les Lieu locutions Note para Pendant per pois Pour pro quare que ser since singular tout usage wagon want

4 foreign words from 123 English definitions

fórum mor ver- vor-

56 foreign words from 39 foreign definitions

accompli a␣favor A␣pesar␣de avec causa comme como contemporain Contre dans␣les denn depuis direção dirección Droit durante d’usage ecclésiastique échange Économie em␣direção␣a exercer exprimant faz Figuré français Franco␣wagon für futuro futuro␣do␣subjuntivo Hacia infinitif Introduit pesar pessoa peuvent poiché por porque Préfixe préposition primeira primeira␣pessoa puesto rarement resté seit subjuntivo sujet terceira terceira␣pessoa tout␣comme tribunaux utilisé verbo voor

3182 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

fora forb ford Ford fore Fore fore- fork form FORM -form form- forn fort Fort for't foram Foran foray forbs forby forc'd force Force forc't Forde fordo fords Fords fordy forel Foret forex forge forgo for␣it fork␣F forks forky Forli form'd forme FORML formo- forms formy forne Forro Forry forte Forte for +3130 words

5043 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

afore afore- e-fora e-form -iform T-form T␣form V-form V␣form afford afform Alford before biform Buford Byford byform by-form deform efform effort e-forms e-forum enform g-force g␣force Ilford inform in␣form Lefort Lyford NOFORN oh␣fors oxford Oxford reform re-form T-forms tofore unform urform ur-form V-forms ABA␣form aciform afforce affords afforms alforja aliform +4993 words

179 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

IFOR O␣for SFor affor as␣for befor do␣for go␣for oh␣for up␣for all␣for ask␣for but␣for feofor gun␣for lay␣for MARFOR pay␣for ten-for able␣for ache␣for asks␣for be␣in␣for buck␣for call␣for cape␣for care␣for come␣for does␣for done␣for fall␣for feel␣for feoffor five-for go␣in␣for go␣up␣for herefor lays␣for long␣for look␣for make␣for name␣for only␣for paid␣for pass␣for root␣for save␣for send␣for take␣for took␣for +129 words

4 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letter.)

fro 'fro orf ORF

63 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

afro Afro Afro- corf dorf faro Faro Få FIRO flor flor. Foor fora forb ford Ford fore Fore fore- fork form FORM -form form- forn fort Fort for't four Freo frob froe frog Frog from fros 'fros frot frow furo IFOR Korf MoRF ofer o-fer O␣for orfe orfs ORFs prof Prof. +12 words

23 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

fo FO fo' fo. F/O fr Fr. Fr⁺⁶ of OF Of- OF. or OR -or or- Or. rf RF R&F RO r/o R&O

96 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

AoR AOR bor Bor Bor. cor cor- Cor. dor Dor d'or Dor. D.␣Or. EOR far FAR FBR FDR fer f***er FHR fir FIR fmr fmr. Foa fob FOB F.O.B. F.␣O.␣B. FOC fod FOD foe FoE FOE fog FOG foh FOH FOI Fok FOK FOL fol. FOM fon Fon foo Foo foo' fop FOP fos FOT fou FOV FoW FOW fox Fox foy Foy fsr FTR fur Fur fur. hor jor Jor. kor KOR lor Lor Mor MOR nor NOR nor- Nor. POR QOR ROR tor Tor TOR UoR vor VOR wor Wor. xor XOR -xor yor

13 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

fo FO fo' fo. F/O fr Fr. Fr⁺⁶ or OR -or or- Or.

4 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

flor flor. Foor four

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