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— English words —
  • hi interj. A friendly, informal, casual greeting said upon someone’s arrival.
  • hi interj. An exclamation to call attention.
  • hi interj. (Dated) Expressing wonder or derision.
  • hi n. The word "hi" used as a greeting.
  • hi adj. Informal spelling of high, often in hyphenated terms.
  • Hi prop.n. A male given name, a short form of Hiram.
  • HI prop.n. Abbreviation of Hawaii.
  • HI n. Initialism of hyperspectral imaging.
  • H&I n. (US, military, historical) Initialism of harassment and interdiction.
— International convention —
  • hi sym. (International standards) ISO 639-1 language code for Hindi.
  • HI sym. The molecular formula for hydrogen iodide (hydriodic acid).
  • HI sym. (Chemistry, spectroscopy) neutral atomic hydrogen, a neutrally charged atom of hydrogen.
  • H-I sym. Alternative form of HI.
  • H␣I sym. Alternative form of HI.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Albanian
    • hi n. Ash, ashes.
    • hi n. Dust of corpses.
    • hi n. (Figurative) memory of the dead.
  • Asturian
    • ḥi interj. Hic (hiccup).
    • ḥi interj. Ha (laughter).
  • Basque
    • hi pron. (Informal, familiar) Second-person singular personal pronoun; you.
  • Belarusian
    • -ні suff. Soft variant of -ны.
  • Bikol central
    • hi- pref. To eliminate or remove what is given in the root word.
  • Breton
    • hi pron. She.
  • Catalan
    • hi pron. Represents a place associated with the action described by the verb, unless the place would be introduced…
    • hi pron. There (in constructions such as "there is", "there are", etc.: see haver-hi).
    • hi pron. Replaces an adverb (or adverbial phrase) describing the manner, instrument or association of an action.
    • hi pron. Replaces a phrase introduced by any preposition except de (most commonly a or en).
    • hi pron. Replaces an indefinite noun or an adjective which is the predicate of a verb other than ésser, esdevenir…
    • hi pron. (Central Catalan) in combination with other object pronouns, the third-person singular indirect object…
  • Chinese
    • hi interj. (Hong Kong Cantonese) hi (interjection).
    • hi v. (Hong Kong Cantonese, euphemistic, originally Internet slang, neologism) Alternative form of 屌.
    • hi v. (Hong Kong Cantonese) Alternative form of 揩.
  • Cornish
    • hi pron. She (third-person feminine singular personal pronoun).
    • hi n. Aspirate mutation of ki.
  • Dakota - Lakota
  • Danish
    • hi n. Winter quarters, winter lair (for hibernation); hibernation (used literally or figuratively).
    • hi interj. (Onomatopoeia) Signifies giggling.
  • Fasu
    • hi n. (Namumi) Synonym of he.
  • Hungarian
    • v. (Transitive, dialectal, archaic or poetic) Alternative form of hív (“to call”).
  • Indonesian
    • Hi prop.n. A surname from Hakka.
    • HI n. Initialism of hubungan internasional.
    • HI prop.n. Initialism of Hotel Indonesia.
  • Irish
    • pron. H-prothesized form of í.
    • prop.n. H-prothesized form of Í.
  • Japanese
    • hi rom. Rōmaji transcription of ひ.
    • hi rom. Rōmaji transcription of ヒ.
    • hi- rom. Rōmaji transcription of ひ.
  • Kambera
  • Maltese
    • hi pron. Alternative form of hija.
  • Middle dutch - North frisian - Old frisian
    • hi pron. He.
  • Middle english
    • hi pron. Alternative form of I (“I”).
    • hi pron. Alternative form of he (“he”).
    • hi pron. Alternative form of heo (“she”).
    • hi pron. Alternative form of he (“they”).
  • Middle low german
    • hi pron. Alternative form of hê.
  • Naga pidgin
    • hi part. An emphatic particle.
  • Norwegian nynorsk
    • hi det. Feminine singular of hin.
    • hi interj. Hee; expression of snickering.
  • Norwegian nynorsk - Westrobothnian
    • hi n. Lair (of an animal), sett (badgers).
  • Old english
    • hi pron. Alternative form of hīe (“they”).
  • Old irish
    • hi prep. Alternative spelling of i.
    • hi part. Alternative spelling of í.
    • part. Alternative spelling of í.
    • prep. Alternative spelling of hi.
  • Pali
    • hi conj. For, because.
    • hi adv. Indeed, certainly.
  • Pirahã
    • hi pron. He, she (third-person subject pronoun).
    • hi pron. Him, her (third-person object pronoun).
  • Romanian
    • interj. Alternative form of hă.
  • Rusyn
    • нї part. Negation particle for nouns; no.
    • нї part. Negation particle for verbs and participles; not, don’t, didn’t.
  • Sumerian
    • hi rom. Romanization of 𒄭 (ḫi).
  • Tagalog
    • hi- pref. Alternative spelling of hing-.
  • Turkish
    • n. Letter of the Arabic alphabet: خ.
  • Ukrainian
    • ні adv. No.
    • ні adv. Not a single, not even (a).
    • ні adv. Neither, nor.
  • Vietnamese
    • hi v. To bare one’s teeth.
    • interj. (Onomatopoeia) neigh.
    • v. (Of a horse) to neigh.
    • rom. Sino-Vietnamese reading of 矣.
    • hỉ v. To blow one’s nose.
  • Volapük
    • hi- pref. Used to specify male gender.
  • Welsh
    • hi pron. She, her.
  • Yola
    • hi pron. They.
  • Yoruba
    • hi n. The name of the Latin-script letter H/h.
    • hi prep. (Ìkálẹ̀) to, at, toward (used when movement is implied).
  • Zou
    • hi n. Disease.
— English words, defined in German —
  • hi Interj. Freundschaftliche, umgangssprachliche Begrüßung.
  • hi Interj. Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehende umgangssprachliche Äußerung.
  • hi Adj. Kurzform von high.
— English word, defined in Dutch —
  • hi tuss. Hoi, hallo (informele groet).
— English words, defined in French —
  • hi interj. (Informel) Salut, allô, bonjour.
  • hi adj. Haut, élevé (diminutif de high).
— English word, defined in Spanish —
  • hi interj. Hola.
— English word, defined in Portuguese —
  • hi interj. Oi, olá.
— English words, defined in Italian —
  • hi int. Ciao (saluto informale).
  • HI acro. Sigla postale per Hawaii.
— In German —
  • hi Interj. Freundschaftliche, familiäre mündliche Begrüßung bei…
  • hi Interj. Freundschaftliche, familiäre schriftliche Anrede bei E-Mails und SMS.
  • hi Adv. Hessisch, rheinhessisch: Verweis des Sprechenden auf einen…
  • HI Abk. Med.: Herzinfarkt.
  • HI Abk. Med.: Herzindex.
  • HI Abk. Med.: Herzinsuffizienz.
  • H.-I. Abk. Halbinsel (auf Landkarten).
— In French —
  • hi ono. Cri de peur.
  • hi ono. (Le plus souvent répété) Sanglot, pleur.
  • hi ono. Gloussement de rire étouffé ou forcé.
— In Spanish —
  • hi s. Variante de hijo.
244 English words from 88 English definitions

Abbreviation acid action adjective adverb adverbial adverbial␣phrase alphabet Alternative and animal any Arabic Arabic␣alphabet archaic are arrival Ash ashes Aspirate Aspirate␣mutation associated association atom atomic attention badgers bare because blow call Cantonese casual Catalan Central certainly charged Chemistry code combination commonly constructions corpses cry Dated dead derision described describing dialectal Disease don Dust eliminate emphatic etc euphemistic even except exclamation Expressing expression familiar feminine Figurative figuratively for form formula friendly from gender giggling given given␣in given␣name greeting Hakka harassment haver Hawaii Hee her hibernation Hic hiccup high Him hin Hindi hing Hiram historical Hong Hong␣Kong horse Hotel hydriodic hydriodic␣acid hydrogen hydrogen␣iodide hyperspectral hyphenated imaging implied Indeed indefinite indirect indirect␣object Indonesia informal Initialism instrument interdiction interjection International Internet introduced iodide ISO Kong lair language language␣code Latin Latin␣script laughter letter literally male manner memory military molecular molecular␣formula most movement mutation name Negation neigh Neither neologism neutral neutrally nor nose not not␣even noun nouns object object␣pronoun object␣pronouns of␣a of␣an often one Onomatopoeia originally other other␣than participles particle person personal personal␣pronoun phrase place poetic predicate preposition pronoun pronouns prothesized quarters reading remove Replaces Represents Rōmaji Romanization root root␣word said script Second Second␣person Second-person␣singular see sett she short short␣form Signifies single singular Sino-Vietnamese slang snickering Soft someone specify spectroscopy spelling standards subject subject␣pronoun such such␣as surname Synonym teeth terms than the there there␣are there␣is they third third␣person third-person␣singular Tooth toward transcription Transitive unless upon used Used␣to variant verb verbs Vietnamese what when which winter with wonder word would you

18 English words from 21 foreign definitions

auf bonjour Ciao des hallo Haut Hawaii high Hoi Hola Mails Med per plus sich Sigla SMS und

2 foreign words from 88 English definitions

hija Sino

46 foreign words from 21 foreign definitions

allô Anrede Äußerung Aufmerksamkeit Begrüßung bei Cri diminutif einen élevé E-Mails étouffé familiäre forcé Freundschaftliche Gloussement groet Halbinsel Herzinfarkt Herzinsuffizienz Hessisch hijo informale Informel Kurzform Landkarten mündliche olá peur pleur plus␣souvent postale répété rire rire␣étouffé Salut saluto Sanglot schriftliche souvent Sprechenden umgangssprachliche Variante Verweis von ziehende

4298 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

HIA Hib hic hid HID hie HIF H.I.H. HIL him Him H.I.M. hin Hin hip Hip HIP hir his His HIS hit HIT Hiu HIV HIV+ HIV- H.I.V. Hiw Hix hiam HIAs Hibs hice Hice hick Hick hide HIDs hidy hied hies HIES hiff HiFi hi-fi Hi-Fi hifu HIFU Higa +4248 words

42015 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

Ahir ahis Bhil chia Chia chib chic Chic chid chie chig chih ch'ih chim chin Chin Ch'in Chio chip Chip ChIP CHiP CHIP chir- chis Chis CHIS chit Chiu chiv FHIF FHIR Ghia GHIC GHIH ghit jhil Khil khim Khim Khin khir khis khit ohia OHIM Ohio OHIP Ohis phil Phil -phil phil- phil. Phil. +41960 words

799 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

ahi chi Chi CHI Ch'i Chi. ghi khi NHI Ohi phi PHI shi Shi Thi thi- UHI Yhi Abhi achi Achi akhi dahi elhi hihi Kuhi LDHI Lehi mahi Mahi mihi NTHi oghi pahi rehi ReHi Sohi Aichi amphi- Anahi Archi archi- avahi Ba'thi Baʻthi bodhi Bodhi buchi Bushi Cathi +749 words

One anagram (New word found by changing the order of the letters.)


84 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

ahi AIH bih BiH chi Chi CHI Ch'i Chi. CIH ghi hai HCI HDI hei HIA Hib hic hid HID hie HIF H.I.H. HIL him Him H.I.M. hin Hin hip Hip HIP hir his His HIS hit HIT Hiu HIV HIV+ HIV- H.I.V. Hiw Hix HMI hoi Hsi hui Hui +34 words

172 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

ai Ai AI A-I a.i. A.I. bi BI bi- ci cI CI C&I -ci- di dI Di DI di- D&I EI fi Fi FI gi GI G.I. G.␣I. ha Ha HA h@ ha' HB hc HC h/c H&C H/C H.C. HD H.D. he He HE he- H&E H.E. hf HF HG H/G hh Hh HH H&H H/H H.H. hj /hj H&J HK H.K. hm HM h'm HN Hn. ho Ho HO 'ho h/o H₂O hp HP H&P HQ h.q. hr HR hr. H.R. hs Hs HS h's H's H.␣S. ht HT h/t ht. hu Hu HU HV hw HW hx Hx HX (+70 words)

9 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

hai HCI HDI hei HMI hoi Hsi hui Hui

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