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— English words —
  • id n. The unconscious impulsive component of the personality in the Freudian psychoanalytic model.
  • id n. Alternative spelling of ide (the fish).
  • id n. (Computing) Identifier.
  • id pron. Used in citations to state that the citation is to the work immediately previously cited.
  • ID n. Abbreviation of identification / identity document.
  • ID n. (Music) An electronic music track without an official title.
  • ID n. (Radio, television) An ident.
  • ID n. Abbreviation of identifier.
  • ID n. Initialism of intellectual disability.
  • ID n. Initialism of intelligent design.
  • ID n. Initialism of industrial design.
  • ID n. Initialism of inside diameter.
  • ID n. Initialism of inner diameter.
  • ID n. Initialism of internal diameter.
  • ID n. Initialism of industry discount.
  • ID prop.n. Abbreviation of Idaho.
  • ID v. (Transitive) To identify (An object, etc.).
  • ID v. (Transitive) To request to see a person’s identification for proof of identity or age.
  • ID v. (Intransitive) To identify (as something).
  • -id suff. (Not productive except in zoology) of or pertaining to; appended to various foreign words to make an…
  • -id suff. (Botany) Forming nouns from Latin or Greek roots, including certain plant names modelled on Latin sources.
  • -id suff. (Astronomy) Forming common names of meteors from their apparent constellation of origin.
  • -id suff. (Zoology) Forming common names of members of a taxon which has a name ending in -idae.
  • -id suff. (Dentistry, paleontology) Forming names of dental features found in lower (mandibular) teeth.
  • -id suff. (History) Forming the names of certain dynasties of Asia and Africa, being suffixed to the name of their…
  • id. pron. (Bibliography) Abbreviation of idem. Used in citations to state that the citation is found in the same…
  • id. n. Acronym of identity document.
  • id. n. Abbreviation of identification.
  • id. n. (Computing) Abbreviation of identifier.
  • I'd cont. Contraction of I had.
  • I'd cont. Contraction of I would.
  • I'd cont. Contraction of I should.
  • I-D n. (Internet) Abbreviation of Internet Draft.
  • I.D. n. Abbreviation of identification or identity documentation.
  • I.D. n. Initialism of intelligent design.
— International convention —
  • id sym. (Mathematics) identity function.
  • id sym. (International standards) ISO 639-1 language code for Indonesian.
  • id num. (Informal) A Roman numeral representing four hundred and ninety-nine (499).
  • ID sym. (International standards) ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Indonesia.
  • .id sym. The ccTLD for Indonesia as assigned by the IANA.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Blagar
    • id n. Star.
  • Czech
    • id n. Id (psychoanalysis).
  • Danish
    • id n. Pursuit, business, calling.
    • id n. Id (one of the three components of the personality in the Freudian psychoanalytic model).
    • id n. ID (identification or identity documentation, such as in ID card).
  • Elfdalian
    • pron. You, ye (plural, subject).
  • Faroese
    • pron. Who, which, that.
    • conj. As, when.
    • íð conj. Misspelling of ið.
    • íð pron. Misspelling of ið.
  • Finnish
    • id n. (Psychology) id.
  • Gothic
    • id- rom. Romanization of 𐌹𐌳-.
  • Hungarian
    • -id suff. (Possessive suffix) your ... -s (second-person singular informal, multiple possessions).
    • -id suff. (Chemistry) -ide (indicating a binary compound).
    • id. adj. Sr. (a title used before a father’s name when his son is given the same name)
  • Icelandic
    • n. A continual moving about, fidgeting, not staying still.
    • -ið suff. Marks definiteness on neuter nouns, corresponding to the definite article.
  • Irish
    • id cont. (Munster) Contraction of i do (“in your”).
    • id' cont. Superseded spelling of id.
  • Japanese
    • ID n. Identification.
    • ID n. Identifier.
  • Livonian
    • īd num. Nominative plural of ikš.
    • īd num. Genitive singular of ikš.
    • īd num. Genitive plural of ikš.
  • Malay
    • id n. Feast day.
  • Maltese
    • id n. (Anatomy) hand.
    • id- art. Alternative form of il-.
  • Manx
    • -id suff. Agent suffix.
  • Northern sami
    • -id suff. The ending of the accusative and genitive plural.
  • Norwegian nynorsk
    • id n. (Islam) Eid.
    • id n. Abbreviation of identitet (“identity”).
    • id n. Abbreviation of identifikasjon (“identification”).
    • id n. An ide, Leuciscus idus.
    • id n. (Archaic) effort, work.
  • Ojibwe
    • -id suff. A suffix denoting the third-person singular to first-person singular conjunct form of a transitive animate verb (vta).
  • Old irish
    • -id suff. Forms a noun of agency.
    • id- pref. Him (triggers nasalization).
    • id- pref. It (triggers lenition).
  • Old swedish
    • ið- part. Repeated action.
  • Polish
    • id n. (Psychoanalysis) id (the unconscious impulsive component of the personality in the Freudian psychoanalytic model).
    • -id suff. -ide.
  • Swedish
    • id n. (Obsolete) effort, work, occupation.
    • id n. (Rare) the tree Taxus baccata, more commonly known as idegran.
    • id n. Ide; a fish, Leuciscus idus.
  • Turkish
    • id n. The unconscious impulsive component of the personality in the Freudian psychoanalytic model.
    • İD prop.n. (Islamism, politics) Initialism of İslâm Devleti (Islamic State founded by the terror organisation…
  • Volapük
    • -id suff. Forms an ordinal number (adjective) from a cardinal number.
  • Welsh
    • -id suff. Forming abstract nouns, -ness, -ment.
    • -id suff. (Literary) verb suffix for the impersonal imperfect/conditional.
— English words, defined in German —
  • I'd „I would“: ich würde.
  • I'd „I had“, past perfect: ich hatte.
— English words, defined in French —
  • id n. (Psychologie) Ça.
  • id n. Variante orthographique de ID (« pièce d’identité »).
  • id n. (Informatique) Variante orthographique de ID (« identifiant »).
  • ID n. Identification.
  • ID n. (En particulier) Carte d’identité.
  • ID n. Identifiant, identificateur.
  • ID n. (Indénombrable) Dessein intelligent, design intelligent.
  • ID v. Identifier.
  • I’d v. Contraction de I had. J’avais.
  • I’d v. Contraction de I would. Je + conditionnel ou imparfait.
— English words, defined in Spanish —
  • I'd contr. Contracción de I had: yo tuve.
  • I'd contr. Contracción de I would.
  • I'd contr. Contracción de I should.
— English words, defined in Portuguese —
  • ID abr. (Estados Unidos⚠) Idaho.
  • ID abr. Identification (português: identificação).
  • ID abr. Identity document (português: documento de identidade).
  • ID abr. (Criacionismo) intelligent design (português: design inteligente, DI).
  • ID abr. (Aviação) industry discount.
  • ID abr. Inner diameter.
  • ID abr. Inside diameter.
  • ID abr. Internal diameter.
  • I'd cont. Contração de I would (esse caso é o mais utilizado).
  • I'd cont. Contração de I had (utilização mais rara).
— English words, defined in Italian —
  • id s. (Psicologia) es.
  • ID acro. Sigla postale per Idaho.
— In German —
  • ID Abk. Identifikationsnummer (Zeichenkette zur Anmeldung bei Computersystemen).
  • ID Abk. Informationsdienst.
  • ID Abk. Innendienst.
  • ID Abk. Indonesien.
  • -id Suff. Nachgestelltes Wortbildungselement mit der Bedeutung „ähnlich…
  • -id Suff. Chemie: bezeichnet ein Anion der Wasserstoffsäure des…
  • i.␣D. Abk. Id, id.
  • i.␣D. Abk. Im Dienst.
  • i.␣D. Abk. Im Durchmesser.
  • i.␣D. Abk. Im Durchschnitt.
  • i.␣D. Abk. Inklusive Dividende(n).
  • i.␣D. Abk. Innerer Durchmesser.
— In Dutch —
  • id n. (Psychologie) meest oorspronkelijke deel van iemands onderbewustzijn.
— In French —
  • ID n.f. (Économie) Abréviation de innovation par la demande.
  • ID n.f. (Automobile) Citroën ID.
  • id. adv. Idem, de même, semblable au précédent.
— In Spanish —
  • id v. Segunda persona del plural (vosotros, vosotras) del imperativo…
— In Portuguese —
  • id s. (Psicanálise⚠) sistema básico da personalidade, que possui…
  • id. abr. Abreviatura de idem.
284 English words from 89 English definitions

Abbreviation about abstract abstract␣nouns accusative Acronym action adjective Africa age agency Agent alpha Alternative Anatomy and animate apparent appended Archaic article Asia as␣in assigned Astronomy before being Bibliography binary binary␣compound Botany business calling card cardinal cardinal␣number ccTLD certain Chemistry citation citations cited code common commonly common␣names component components compound Computing conditional conjunct constellation continual Contraction corresponding country country␣code day definite definite␣article definiteness denoting dental Dentistry design diameter disability discount document documentation Draft dynasties effort Eid electronic electronic␣music ending ending␣in etc except father Feast Feast␣day features fidgeting first first␣person first-person␣singular fish for foreign form Forming Forms found founded four four␣hundred Freudian from function genitive given Greek had hand has Him his History hundred IANA Idaho ID␣card ide idem ident identification identifier identify identity identity␣document identity␣function immediately imperfect impersonal impulsive including indicating Indonesia Indonesian industrial industrial␣design industry industry␣discount informal Initialism inner inner␣diameter inside inside␣diameter intellectual intelligent intelligent␣design internal internal␣diameter International Internet Intransitive Islam Islamic Islamic␣State Islamism ISO I␣would known language language␣code Latin lenition Literary lower make mandibular Marks Mathematics members ment meteors Misspelling model modelled more moving multiple Munster music name names nasalization ness neuter nine ninety ninety-nine Nominative not noun nouns number numeral object Obsolete occupation of␣a official one ordinal ordinal␣number organisation origin paleontology person personality pertaining plant plural politics possessions Possessive Possessive␣suffix previously productive proof psychoanalysis psychoanalytic Psychology Pursuit Radio Rare Repeated representing request Roman Romanization Roman␣numeral roots same second second␣person second-person␣singular see should singular something son sources spelling standards Star state staying still subject such such␣as suffix suffixed Superseded taxon teeth television terror that the their the␣same third third␣person third-person␣singular three title to␣the track transitive transitive␣animate tree triggers unconscious used various verb vta when which Who without words work would You your zoology

47 English words from 46 foreign definitions

Anion Automobile Carte Citroën Contraction deel del der des design diameter discount document esse had ich Idaho idem Identification Identifier Identity Identity␣document industry industry␣discount Inner Inner␣diameter innovation Inside Inside␣diameter intelligent intelligent␣design Internal Internal␣diameter I␣would par past past␣perfect per perfect persona plural que semblable should Sigla van would

4 foreign words from 89 English definitions

-idae idus sla Taxus

80 foreign words from 46 foreign definitions

Abréviation Abreviatura ähnlich Anmeldung avais Aviação básico Bedeutung bei bezeichnet caso Chemie Computersystemen conditionnel Contração Contracción Criacionismo demande de␣même Dessein Dienst Dividende documento Durchmesser Durchschnitt Économie ein En␣particulier Estados Estados␣Unidos hatte identidade identifiant identificação identificateur Identifikationsnummer identité iemands imparfait imperativo Indénombrable Indonesien Informatique Inklusive Innendienst Innerer inteligente mais meest même mit Nachgestelltes onderbewustzijn orthographique particulier personalidade pièce pièce␣d’identité português possui postale précédent Psicanálise Psicologia Psychologie rara Segunda Segunda␣persona sistema tuve Unidos utilização utilizado Variante vosotras vosotros Wortbildungselement würde Zeichenkette zur

934 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

Ida I'da Ida. I'd-a IDB IDC idd IDD I/DD ide Ide IDE -ide IDF IDH idk IDK IDL IDM IDN Ido I␣do IDP IDR ids IDs IDS I-Ds I.D.s IDT IDU IDV IDW IDX Idas IDBI IDBs IDCT IDDM IDDs idea IDed idée IDEF idek IDEK idem Iden iDEN ideo- +884 words

39138 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

Aida AIDA aide Aidi AIDP aids Aids AIDS bid'a bide bidi Bido bids BIDS -cide CIDP CIDR CIDs CIDT Cidu Dida didi Didi di-di didn' dido Dido DIDO DIDP DIDs DIDS didy EIDE eids Eids EIDs FIDE fido Fido FIDO fids FIDS Gida gids GIDs hide HIDs hidy Iida Kidd +39088 words

10885 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

aid AID bid BID CID did DID eid Eid EID 'eid 'Eid fid Fid Fid. gid GID hid HID iid i.i.d. kid lid mid MID 'mid mid- Mid. nid OID -oid PID QID rid RID sid Sid SID sid' tid TID uid UID vid vid. wid yid Yid abid Abid +10835 words

6 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

di dI Di DI di- D&I

191 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

Adi aid AID bid BID CDI CD-i CD-I CID dai Dai DAI DBI DCI ddI DDI DEI DFI Dia DIA dia- dib Dib DIB DIC did DID die dif DIF dig dIG DIG DIL -dil dil- -dil- dim Dim dim. din Din DIO dip DIP dir dir. Dir. dis dIs Dis DIs DIS 'dis dis- +136 words

178 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

ad Ad AD 'ad -ad ad- ad. A.D. A.␣D. bd Bd BD b/d bd. Bd. B/D B␣&␣D cD CD C&D C.D. dd DD D&D D.D. ed Ed ED -ed ed- ed. Ed. -èd E.D. FD f****d gd GD g-d G-d HD H.D. IA -ia i.a. IB ib. IC -icC I.C. I.␣C. ie IE -ie IE. i.e. i.␣e. if IF ig Ig IG IH Ii II IJ Ik IK IL il- I'l Im IM 'im im- I'm I.M. I.␣M. in IN -in i'n in- in. -in' io Io IO i/o io- I/O Ip IP IQ i.q. IR ir- Ir. is Is IS I$ 'is i's is- is. I's (+70 words)

28 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

IAD -iad IBD ICD idd IDD I/DD IED -ied IgD iid i.i.d. ILD IMD IM'd Ind IND ind. Ind. in␣d. IOD iod- -iod- ISD it'd IUD IVD IWD

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