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— English words —
  • maa interj. A bleating sound, as that of a sheep or goat.
  • maa v. (Intransitive) To make such a sound.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • 'are'are
  • Afar
    • maa det. Alternative form of má.
    • maa- Bound form of má (“what kind of?”).
  • Alemannic german
  • Barunggam
  • Cebuano
  • Estonian
    • maa n. Rural.
    • maa n. Agri.
    • Maa prop.n. Earth (planet).
  • Estonian - Finnish - Ingrian - Votic - Võro
    • maa n. Country.
  • Estonian - Finnish - Votic - Võro
    • maa n. Countryside.
  • Estonian - Ingrian - Votic - Võro
  • Estonian - Votic - Võro
  • Finnish
    • maa n. Land, ground.
    • maa n. Earth, soil.
    • maa n. (Card games) suit.
    • Maa prop.n. The planet Earth.
    • mää interj. (Onomatopoeia) baa.
    • mää pron. (Personal, dialectal) I.
  • Gamilaraay
    • maa n. Hand (part of the body).
    • maa n. Finger.
    • maa num. Five.
    • maa n. Totem.
    • maa n. Marks made on rugs and weapons to indicate the totem of their manufacturer/owner.
  • Guruntum
  • Hawaiian
    • maʻa n. Custom, habit.
    • maʻa n. Sling (weapon).
    • maʻa v. (Stative) accustomed, familiar, experienced.
    • maʻa v. (Transitive) to cast in a sling.
    • maʻa v. (Transitive) to tie.
  • Ingrian - Votic - Võro
  • Iu mien - Nzadi
  • Jingpho
  • Khana
  • Komi-permyak
    • маа adj. Made of honey; containing honey.
  • Koyo
  • Magdalena peñasco mixtec
    • maꞌa n. Raccoon (Procyon lotor).
  • Mongolian
    • -маа suff. Common ending of female proper names.
  • Norwegian nynorsk
    • maa v. Obsolete typography of må.
  • Old portuguese
    • maa adj. Feminine singular of mao.
  • Ottawa
    • maa adv. There.
  • Plautdietsch
  • Swedish
    • maa prep. Because of, due to.
  • Tahitian
  • Tairuma
  • Tee
  • Tezoatlán mixtec - Western juxtlahuaca mixtec
  • West makian
    • maa v. (Transitive) to hold.
    • maa v. (Transitive) to seize.
  • Yola
    • maa v. Alternative form of mye.
  • Yoruba
    • maa part. Used to express the future tense.
    • maa part. Used to express the durative tense in commands.
    • maa cont. Contraction of èmi á (“I’ll”).
— English words, defined in French —
  • maa n. Bêlement, en parlant d’une chèvre.
  • maa v. Bêler.
  • MAA n. (Économie) AMM.
— In German —
  • Maa S. Eine nilotische Sprache, die vor allem in Ostafrika vom Volk…
105 English words from 60 English definitions

accustomed Agri Alternative and baa Because Because␣of bleating body Bound Bound␣form Card Card␣games cast commands Common containing Contraction Country Countryside Custom dialectal dry due due␣to Dumb durative Earth ending experienced express Extinguished Eye familiar female Feminine Few Finger Five form future future␣tense games goat ground habit Hand hold honey Husband indicate Intransitive kind kind␣of Land made Made␣of make Man manufacturer mao Marks Mother names Obsolete ocean of␣a Onomatopoeia owner part Personal planet Procyon proper proper␣names Raccoon rugs Rural Sea seize sheep singular sling Snake soil sound Stative such suit tense that the their There tie totem Transitive typography Used Used␣to Water weapon weapons what what␣kind␣of

6 English words from 4 foreign definitions

chèvre die Eine Volk vom vor

2 foreign words from 60 English definitions

lotor mye

10 foreign words from 4 foreign definitions

allem AMM Bêlement Bêler Économie Ostafrika parlant Sprache une vor␣allem

52 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

MAAB ma'am maar maas Maas maat Maat Ma'at Maʽat maaan Maack maaed Maafa Maahs ma'ams maare maars maash maats Maacks maaing ma'amed Maasai maasha maatje maaveh ma'abara Maahses Maalaea Maalouf ma'aming maashas Maassen maatjes ma'abaras ma'abarot Maaloufs Maaloula Ma'anshan Maassens Maas's␣law maackiain ma'amselle Maasdriel ma'amselles maasbanker Maastricht maasbankers Maastrichtian Maastrichtians ma'am,␣this␣is␣an␣Arby's ma'am,␣this␣is␣a␣Wendy's

78 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

amaas imaam smaak imaams jamaat namaaz samaan Samaan Semaan smaaks Alkmaar Alma-Ata chamaar Dimaano Domaaki Ezemaal jamaats khimaar Nagmaal samaans Samaans Semaans shimaal smaaall smaaart smaaked ujamaas wadmaal badmaash chamaars Dimaanos imaamate kamaaina kamaʻaina khimaars laal␣maas Nagmaals Rigsmaal Riksmaal shimaals smaaking wadmaals grandma'am imaamates kamaainas Landsmaal Nachtmaal Van␣Maanen badmaashes Nachtmaals +28 words

9 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

BMAA MAMAA Arimaa ujamaa Hiiumaa Setomaa Uusimaa Keminmaa Saaremaa

2 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

aam AAM

5 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

aam AAM ama Ama AMA

114 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

AAAM AABM AACM A.A.M.A. AAMC A.A.M.D. A.A.M.I. aams AAMs AAMS AAMT Aamu Abma ACMA Adam AFAM AFMA agma AHAM Ajam Alam alma Alma ALMA AMAB amae amah Amal Amar amas amay amba Amba amia amla amma AMPA AMSA Amya anma Apma Ap␣Ma Aram ARMA AsAm Ayam Azam -azam BAAM bama Bama +63 words

32 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

aa Aa AA āā a'a a-a a/a a/A A-a A&A A/A a.a. A.A. A␣&␣A am Am AM 'am Am. A&M a.m. A.M. a.␣m. A.␣M. A.␣&␣M. ma Ma MA M&A M+A -ma- M.A.

131 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

aaa AAA AA&A A.A.A. aa␣&␣a baa BAA CAA EAA faa FAA GAA mab mAb Mab MAb -mab mac Mac MAC Mac- Mac. mad Mad MAD Mae MAE MAF mag MAG Mag. mah Mah mai Mai MAI maj Maj maj. Maj. mak Mak ma'k mal Mal mal- Mal. mam Mam man Man MAN -man man. Man. mao Mao MAO map MAP mar Mar MAR mar- Mar. -mar- mas Mas MAs MAS -mas M.A.s M.A.S. M.␣A.␣S. mat Mat MAT mat. Mat. Mau MAU Mav MAV maw Maw MAW max Max MAX -max max. may May Mba MBA MCA MDA MEA MFA MGA (+31 words)

21 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

aa Aa AA āā a'a a-a a/a a/A A-a A&A A/A a.a. A.A. A␣&␣A ma Ma MA M&A M+A -ma- M.A.

28 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

Maba maca maga Maga MAGA maha Maha MAHA mahā Maia maka Maka mala mama ma␣ma mana mara Mara masa Masa Mawa maya Maya maza Maza MCAA MPAA MSAA

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