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— English words —
  • nat n. A spirit in Burmese mythology, whose cult is followed alongside Buddhism.
  • nat adv. (Obsolete) Not.
  • nat n. A logarithmic unit of information or entropy, based on natural logarithms.
  • nat n. (Colloquial, US) Clipping of natatorium.
  • Nat prop.n. A unisex given name.
  • Nat prop.n. A surname.
  • Nat n. (Slang, informal, Australian politics) A member or supporter of the Australian National Party.
  • Nat n. (Slang, informal, New Zealand politics) A member or supporter of the New Zealand National Party.
  • Nat n. (Slang, informal, UK politics) A member or supporter of the Scottish National Party.
  • Nat n. (Slang, informal, South African politics, dated) A member or supporter of the National Party of South Africa.
  • NAT prop.n. (Politics) Abbreviation of National Party.
  • NAT prop.n. (Aviation) Abbreviation of w:North Atlantic Tracks.
  • NAT n. (Genetics) Initialism of nucleic acid test.
  • NAT n. (Networking) Acronym of network address translation (“network address rewriting”).
  • NAT n. (Networking) Acronym of network address translator (“device that implements that network function; a…
  • Nat. adj. Abbreviation of natural.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Ancient greek
    • ἥατ' v. Apocopic form of ἥατο.
  • Aromanian
  • Baha
  • Catalan
  • Czech
    • nať n. The aboveground parts of an herb.
  • Danish
    • nat n. Night (period between sunset and sunrise).
  • Jingpho
    • nat v. To burn.
    • nat n. Ghost; god; spirit.
  • Livonian
    • nǟt v. 2nd person plural present indicative form of nǟdõ.
  • Maia
  • Middle english
    • nat adv. Alternative form of not.
    • nat n. Alternative form of not.
  • Old english
    • nat v. First/third-person singular present indicative of nytan.
  • Old swedish
  • Romanian
    • nat n. (Uncommon, popular) person, individual.
    • nat n. (Uncommon, popular) kinsman, relative.
  • Saterland frisian
  • Singpho
  • Swedish
    • nåt n. A groove, a fold.
    • nåt n. A seam, a joint (between boards).
    • nåt pron. (Colloquial) Syncopic form of något (“something, anything”).
    • nåt det. Neuter singular of nån.
    • nät n. Net; a mesh of string, cord, or rope.
    • nät n. (Fishing) net; a device made from such mesh, generally used for catching fish.
    • nät n. Net; a device made from such mesh, generally used for trapping something.
    • nät n. (Computing) net; a computer network.
    • nät n. (Sports) net; framework backed by a mesh, serving as the goal in hockey, soccer, etc.
    • nät n. (Sports) net; mesh stretched to divide the court in tennis, badminton, volleyball, etc.
  • Tzotzil
  • Tày
    • nát n. Bluebottle.
    • nạt v. To bully; to cow; to frighten.
  • Vietnamese
    • nát adj. Crushed, crumbled.
    • nát v. (Northern Vietnam) to intimidate, to cow.
    • nạt v. To bully; to cow.
    • nạt v. (Central Vietnam, southern Vietnam) to browbeat; to thunder.
  • Welsh
    • nat- pref. Nasal mutation of dat-.
  • Westrobothnian
    • nåt n. Night.
    • nåt n. End, impossibility.
  • Yola
— English word, defined in German —
  • NAT Abk. Abkürzung für Network Address Translation - Adressumsetzung in IT-Netzwerken.
— English word, defined in French —
  • NAT n. (Réseaux informatiques) NAT.
— In German —
  • nat. Abk. National.
— In Dutch —
  • nat bijv. Gedrenkt in een vloeistof, meestal water.
  • nat n. (Drinken) vocht.
  • nat w. Enkelvoud tegenwoordige tijd van natten #gebiedende wijs van natten.
— In French —
  • nat n.m. (Mythologie, Religion) Esprit vénéré au Myanmar depuis…
  • Nat prén. Diminutif de Nathalie.
  • Nat prén. Diminutif de Natacha.
  • Nat prén. Diminutif de Nathan.
  • Nat prén. Diminutif de Nathanael.
  • Nat prén. Diminutif de Nathaël.
  • NAT n.m. Protocole autorisant les redirections d’adresses. Par exemple…
— In Spanish —
  • NAT sig. Informática. Mecanismo utilizado por ruteadores de red…
171 English words from 55 English definitions

Abbreviation aboveground acid acid␣test Acronym address Africa African alongside Alternative Anatomy and anything Apocopic Atlantic Australian Aviation backed badminton based based␣on between Bluebottle boards Born browbeat Buddhism bully Burmese burn catching Central Child Clipping Colloquial computer computer␣network Computing cord court cow crumbled Crushed cult dat dated Deep device divide End entropy etc First fish Fishing fold followed for form framework frighten from function generally Genetics Ghost given given␣name goal god got groove herb hockey implements impossibility indicative individual informal information Initialism intimidate joint kinsman logarithmic logarithms made member mesh mutation mythology name Nasal Nasal␣mutation natatorium National National␣Party natural natural␣logarithms net network Networking Neuter New New␣Zealand Night North North␣Atlantic Northern nose not nucleic nucleic␣acid nucleic␣acid␣test Obsolete of␣an parts Party period person plural politics popular present present␣indicative Rain relative rewriting rope Scottish seam serving singular Slang soccer something South South␣Africa South␣African southern spirit Sports stretched string such sunrise sunset supporter surname Syncopic tennis test that the third third␣person third-person␣singular thunder To␣burn Tracks translation translator trapping Uncommon unisex unit used Vietnam volleyball whose Zealand

21 English words from 14 foreign definitions

Address Drinken een Esprit exemple les Myanmar NAT Nathalie Nathan Nathanael National Network Par red redirections Religion Réseaux Translation van water

28 foreign words from 14 foreign definitions

Abkürzung adresses autorisant depuis Diminutif Enkelvoud für gebiedende gebiedende␣wijs Informática informatiques Mecanismo meestal Mythologie Natacha natten Netzwerken Par␣exemple por Protocole Réseaux␣informatiques tegenwoordige␣tijd tijd utilizado vénéré vloeistof vocht wijs

699 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

Nata Nate Nath natl. Nat'l nato Nato NATO natr- nats Nats NATs Natt natal Natal natch nater nates Nates Nathe natos natro- Natsi natto Natts natty Natty natya Natali natals Nataly natant Natera naters NATFHE Nathan nather Nathes natick Natick nation Nation native Native Natoli Natori nat'ral natric natron natrum +649 words

8427 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

Anath CNATT enate gnats Gnats gnat's inate Onate snath unate adnate agnate agnath anatid anatta anatto annate annats banate banats binate Conaty donate Donate Donath Donato donats Donats Elnath enates enatic gnatho- gnatty gunate Hinata Ignaty -inator innate Kanata kanats kinate Konate Konats Kunath lanate lunate manati manats McNatt menats +8377 words

65 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

Anat anat. gnat Gnat Hnat annat banat Banat benat denat denat. donat Donat Ihnat kanat Konat manat menat qanat qanāt ran␣at run␣at senat Tanat Wanat amanat bannat Bernat civnat Dhanat Gernat Jannat pét-nat wignat Zeenat aeronat aplanat Chainat Chai␣Nat frown␣at get␣on␣at hasanat kaganat quinnat Scotnat alternat assignat cybernat externat gall␣gnat +15 words

3 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

tan Tan TAN

15 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

ant Ant ANT -ant an't ant- ant. Ant. a'n't ATN NTA tan Tan TAN TNA

156 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

AANT aint ain't amn't Anat anat. andt ANDT anet ani anot anta ANTA ante Ante ante- -anth anth. anti anti- ants Antu anty APTN arn't ar'n't ASNT Aten Atin Aton attn aunt bant cant Cant can't Cant. ca'n't Dant Etan etna Etna Fant Gant gnat Gnat hant ha'nt han't ha'n't +106 words

35 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

an An AN -an an' an- A/N a(n) at AT 'at at- A-T A/T na Na NA n/a N/A n.a. N.A. NT n't n/t -n't -'nt ta Ta TA T&A T/A T.A. tn Tn TN

138 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

AAT bat BAT bat- Bat- cat Cat CAT dat DAT .dat dat. D.A.T. D.␣A.␣T. eat fat FAT gat hat HAT IAT jat Jat kat Kat KAT lat LAT lat. Lat. mat Mat MAT mat. Mat. naa nab NAB -nab nab- -nab- NAC nad NAD NAE NAF nag nah NAH Nah. nai nak NAK nal- Nam NAM 'nam 'Nam N.␣Am. nan Nan NaN NAN nao Nao NAO nap NAP -nap Nar NAs NAS nau Nau nav NAV naw nay Nay NAY NCT NDT net Net NET .NET NFT nit NLT NMT NNT not NOT not. Not. NPT NQT NRT nut Nut NUT (+37 words)

18 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

at AT 'at at- A-T A/T na Na NA n/a N/A n.a. N.A. NT n't n/t -n't -'nt

12 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

naat NAAT nait NAIT NAPT Nast Natt -naut naut. neat Neat NEAT

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