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50 short excerpts of Wiktionnary (A collaborative project to produce a free-content dictionary.)

— English words —
  • oe n. (Literary or poetic, rare) A small island.
  • oe n. A grandchild.
  • OE prop.n. (Linguistics) Initialism of Old English.
  • OE prop.n. (New Zealand) Initialism of Overseas Experience.
  • OE prop.n. (Computing) Initialism of Outlook Express.
  • œ sym. (Chiefly archaic) A ligature of vowels o and e.
  • Œ let. (Chiefly dated) Ligature of vowels O and E, called œthel.
  • OE. prop.n. Alternative form of OE.
— International convention —
  • Oe sym. Oersted.
  • œ let. Ligature of Latin letters o and e.
  • œ sym. (IPA) open-mid front rounded vowel.
  • ɶ sym. (IPA) open front rounded vowel.
  • Œ let. Ligature of the Latin letters O and E.
  • Œ sym. (Speech pathology) œsophageal speech.
  • sym. (IPA) open-rounded labialization.
  • sym. (IPA) [œ]-coloring.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Afrikaans
    • n. Plural of oog.
  • Ambonese malay
    • oe interj. Hello, hi.
  • Ancient greek
    • σε pron. Accusative singular of σύ.
    • σέ pron. Accusative singular of σύ.
    • ΘΕ prop.n. Nomen sacrum form of Θεέ.
    • -σε suff. Added to words to form adverbs of direction: to, toward.
  • Central atlas tamazight
  • Galician
    • oe v. Third-person singular present indicative of oír.
    • oe v. Second-person singular imperative of oír.
  • Gothic
  • Greek
    • σε pron. You (2nd person singular, accusative).
    • σε prep. To, at, by, in, on, unto, upon.
  • Hawaiian - Samoan
    • ʻoe pron. Second person singular; you.
  • Manx
    • oe n. Grandchild.
  • Muna - Uab meto
    • oe n. Water.
  • Nungon
    • oe n. Woman.
  • Romani
    • -θe suff. (International Standard) attaches to the oblique stem to form the locative case.
  • Samoan
    • 'oe pron. Alternative form of ‘oe.
  • Sardinian
    • oe adv. (Logudorese, Nuorese) today.
  • Scots
    • oe n. (Archaic) grandchild (especially illegitimate).
  • South marquesan
  • Tahitian
    • 'oe pron. You (singular).
  • Vietnamese
    • oẹ interj. (Onomatopoeia) blech; blarg.
    • oẹ v. (Colloquial) to throw up; to puke; to hurl.
    • ọe interj. Alternative spelling of oẹ (“blech; blarg”).
    • ọe v. Alternative spelling of oẹ (“to throw up; to puke; to hurl”).
    • ộ␣ệ adj. Potbellied due to pregnancy.
  • ǁani
— English word, defined in Dutch —
  • oe n. (Dichterlijk) eiland.
— In French —
  • œ let.m. Ligature orthographique des lettres minuscules o et e…
  • Œ let.m. Ligature orthographique des lettres capitales O et E. E dans l’o.
110 English words from 47 English definitions

accusative Added adverbs Air Alternative and archaic attaches blarg blech called case Chiefly Colloquial coloring Computing dated direction due due␣to English especially Experience Express form front grandchild Hello How hurl illegitimate imperative indicative Initialism International IPA island Knee labialization Latin letters ligature Linguistics Literary locative locative␣case Logudorese mid New New␣Zealand Nomen Nomen␣sacrum Nuorese oblique oblique␣stem Oersted œsophageal œthel Old Old␣English Onomatopoeia open open-mid Outlook Overseas pathology person Plural poetic Potbellied pregnancy present present␣indicative puke rare rounded rounded␣vowel sacrum Second Second␣person Second-person␣singular singular small Somehow speech spelling Standard stem the Third Third␣person Third-person␣singular throw throw␣up today to␣the toward unto upon vowel vowels Water what whom Wind With Woman words you Zealand

5 English words from 3 foreign definitions

dans des lettres Ligature minuscules

1 foreign word from 47 English definitions


4 foreign words from 3 foreign definitions

capitales Dichterlijk eiland orthographique

383 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

OEB OEC OED OEE OEF OEL OEM o'er oes OES OES. OEV OECD oeci OECs OEIS OELs OEMs oeno- œno- OEOB oeuf OEVs OECTA oecus OEISs oenin Œnoë Oenus Oesch oeufs OECism oecist oecium Œcles oedema œdema oekaki oekist œkist oenach Œneus oenite Oenone o'erlay oestri œstri Oetaea œthel Œting +333 words

9629 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

AOEs Boen boep Boer Boes BOEs boet coed COED co-ed coef. Coel -coel coel- Coen coen- cœn- CoEs COEs Coey doed doek Doel doer does Does doey EOEs foen foes goed goel Goel Goen goer go␣ER goes Goes GOEs goey hoed Hoel hoer hoes Hoes Hoey IoEs IOEs J/Oed Joel +9579 words

531 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

AoE AOE Boe BoE BOE Coe CoE COE doe Doe DOE EOE e&oe E&OE foe FoE FOE goe Goe GOE hoe Hoe IoE IOE joe Joe Joe. Loe moe Moe MoE MOE m Noe NOE poe Poe PoE POE p roe Roe RoE ROE soe Soe SOE toe Toe TOE +481 words

5 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

Eo EO eo- E&O E␣O

170 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

AEO AoE AOE BEO Boe BoE BOE ceo CEO Coe CoE COE deo doe Doe DOE eco ECO eco- Edo EDO EFO ego ego- EKO elo Elo emo Emo eno- EOB EOC EOD EOE e&oe E&OE EOF EOG EOI EOL Eom EOM eon EON EoP eor EOR Eos E&Os EOT +120 words

216 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

ae AE æ Æ -ae A&E -æ a**e a.e. A␣&␣E be BE be- B&E B/E B.E. ce CE -ce C.E. de dE De DE de- ee EE 'ee -ee E&E Fe FE F&E f.e. ge gE Ge GE he He HE he- H&E H.E. ie IE -ie IE. i.e. i.␣e. JE Ke KE le Le LE -le me Me ME /me Me. M&E -me- ne NE né nê ne. Ne. -ne- OA ob Ob OB ob- ob. Ob. oc Oc OC Oc. O.C. O.␣C. od Od OD O&D O/D O.D. of OF Of- OF. og Og OG 'og O&G O.G. (+116 words)

32 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

obe OBE ode Ode ODE -ode OEE oke ole OLE olé -ole 'Ole ome Ome OME 'ome -ome one -one ope 'ope ore Ore ORE öre øre Ore. OSE -ose OTE owe

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