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— English words —
  • oh interj. Expression of surprise.
  • oh interj. Expression of wonder, amazement, or awe.
  • oh interj. Expression of understanding, affirmation, recognition, or realization.
  • oh interj. A word to precede an offhand or annoyed remark.
  • oh interj. A word to precede an added comment or afterthought.
  • oh interj. An invocation or address (similar to the vocative in languages with noun declension), often with a term of endearment.
  • oh interj. Exclamation for drama or emphasis (often poetic).
  • oh interj. Expression of pain. See ouch.
  • oh interj. Space filler or extra syllable, especially in (popular) music.
  • oh interj. (Interrogative) Expression of mild scepticism.
  • oh interj. A word to mark a spoken phrase as imaginary.
  • oh n. An utterance of oh; a spoken expression of surprise, acknowledgement, etc.
  • oh v. (Intransitive) To utter the interjection oh; to express surprise, etc.
  • oh n. The letter O, o (more commonly spelled o).
  • oh n. The digit 0 (especially in representations of speech).
  • Oh prop.n. A surname from Korean derived from a common Korean surname.
  • Oh prop.n. A surname from Chinese.
  • OH prop.n. (US) Abbreviation of Ohio.
  • OH n. (Internet slang) Initialism of other half: a husband, wife, partner, etc.
  • OH n. (US, army, aviation) Initialism of observation helicopter.
  • OH n. Initialism of office hours.
  • OH sym. (Organic chemistry) A hydroxyl, or alcohol, functional group.
  • OH sym. (Inorganic chemistry) A hydroxide radical, or hydroxyl group.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Adyghe
    • он v. To hit someone or something physically and directly (not by throwing for example).
    • он v. To eat with gusto.
    • он v. To play music.
    • он v. To shake (milk).
    • он v. To shoot (кӏэрахъомкӏэ еон).
    • он v. To spend money thriftily.
    • он v. To sting.
    • он v. To weed.
    • он v. To smoke.
    • он v. (Mathematics) to multiply.
  • Azerbaijani
    • он num. Cyrillic spelling of on (“ten”).
    • өн n. Cyrillic spelling of ön.
  • Bahnar
    • oh n. Younger sibling.
  • Bashkir
    • он n. Flour.
    • өн n. Real life (experienced while awake), actual reality (as opposed to a dream).
    • өн n. Voice, sound.
    • өн n. (Linguistics) sound.
  • Buryat - Kalmyk - Mongolian
  • Choctaw
    • oh- pref. The subject of an imperative verb.
    • oh- pref. (Obsolete) used in place of ordinary pronominal suffixes in the communication between in-laws, especially…
  • Chulym - Karachay-balkar - Kazakh - Khakas - Kumyk - Kyrgyz - Shor - Southern altai - Tuvan
  • Danish
    • øh interj. Uh.
  • Finnish
    • oh n. (Housing) Abbreviation of olohuone (“living room”).
  • Finnish - Swedish
    • öh interj. Uh (expression of uncertainty).
  • Galician
    • oh interj. Oh (Expression of surprise, etc.).
  • Hungarian
    • oh interj. Oh!
    • óh interj. Oh.
  • Ingrian
    • oh interj. Expression of surprise: oh!
  • Kazakh
    • өн adv. All over.
    • өн adv. Throughout.
  • Kazakh - Kyrgyz - Shor - Tuvan
    • оң adj. Right (opposite of left).
  • Khakas
  • Khakas - Shor
  • Komi-permyak
  • Komi-zyrian
    • он v. Second-person present/future of оз.
    • он n. (Dialectal) Alternative form of ун (“dream”).
  • Kyrgyz - Tuvan
  • Macedonian
    • он pron. (Dialectal) he.
    • ОН prop.n. UN (United Nations).
    • -он suff. The definite article "the" in its distal singular form, male gender.
  • Mohawk
    • óh part. How? (i.e. in what manner).
  • Mongolian
    • -он suff. Rounded back vowel harmonic form of -ан.
    • -өн suff. Rounded front vowel harmonic form of -ан.
  • Pohnpeian
    • oh conj. And.
  • Romanian
    • oh interj. Alternative form of of.
  • Russian
    • он pron. Third-person masculine singular pronoun: he, it.
    • -он suff. When added to verbs or other parts of speech, produces masculine nouns related in meaning to the original word.
    • -он suff. When added to nouns, produces stylistically reduced synonyms.
  • Rusyn - Serbo-croatian - Tajik
  • Southern altai
    • оҥ adj. Right (opposite of left).
    • ӧҥ n. Colour.
  • Tagalog
    • Oh prop.n. A surname from Korean, most notably borne by…
  • Tajik
  • Tuvan
    • өң n. Friend, comrade.
  • Yakut
    • оҥ v. (Transitive) to extract by force (Tear out, gouge out, etc.).
    • өҥ n. Color.
— English words, defined in French —
  • oh interj. Oh.
  • oh n. Lettre O ou o.
  • oh n. Chiffre 0 (zéro). Note d’usage : On utilise cette prononciation quand on dit un numéro chiffre par chiffre.
— English word, defined in Spanish —
  • oh interj. ¡Ah!, ¡oh!, se emplea para expresar sorpresa, dolor, desaprobación, etc.
— English words, defined in Italian —
  • oh int. Espressione di sorpresa.
  • oh int. Espressione di meraviglia.
  • oh int. Espressione di comprensione o riconoscimento.
  • oh int. Interiezione che precede un commento detto con irritazione.
  • oh int. Interiezione che precede un commento detto in secondo momento.
  • oh int. Interiezione che equivale il vocativo.
  • oh int. Interiezione che aggiunge enfasi o dramma.
  • oh int. Espressione di dolore.
  • oh int. (Musica) interiezione nelle canzoni che aggiunge un sillabo quando necessario per mantenere ritma o armonia.
— In German —
  • oh Interj. Ausruf des Erstaunens, der Überraschung.
— In Dutch —
  • oh tuss. Een uitroep van lichte verbazing or herkenning.
— In French —
  • oh interj. Marque l’étonnement ou la surprise.
  • oh interj. Marque la déception.
  • oh interj. Marque la reconnaissance.
  • oh interj. Marque l’admiration.
  • oh interj. Sert à donner au sens plus de force → voir ô.
  • Oh n.fam. Nom de famille coréen.
  • OH n.f. (Pédologie) Horizon constitué de débris humifiés non identifiables.
— In Portuguese —
  • oh interj. Designativo de espanto, alegria, dor, repugnância, etc.
— In Italian —
  • oh int. Espressione di meraviglia.
  • oh int. Espressione di sorpresa.
  • oh int. Espressione di sdegno.
  • oh int. Espressione di compassione.
  • oh int. (Raro) variante, vedi ho.
  • oh s. Espressione di stupore, ecc.
  • oh prep. (Raro) variante, vedi o.
240 English words from 84 English definitions

Abbreviation acknowledgement actual added address affirmation afterthought alcohol All All␣over Alternative amazement and annoyed army article as␣opposed␣to aviation awake awe back back␣vowel between borne chemistry Chinese Color Colour comment common commonly communication comrade Cyrillic declension definite definite␣article derived Dialectal digit directly distal drama dream eat emphasis endearment especially etc example Exclamation experienced express expression Exterior extra extract filler Flour for force for␣example form Friend from front front␣vowel functional functional␣group future gender gouge group gusto half harmonic helicopter hit hours Housing How husband hydroxide hydroxyl imaginary imperative Initialism in-laws Inorganic Inorganic␣chemistry in␣place in␣place␣of interjection Internet Interrogative Intransitive invocation its Korean languages laws left letter life Linguistics living living␣room male manner mark masculine Mathematics meaning mild milk money more most multiply music Nations not notably noun nouns observation Obsolete of␣an offhand office office␣hours often Ohio opposed opposite ordinary Organic Organic␣chemistry original or␣something other other␣half ouch out over pain partner parts parts␣of␣speech person phrase physically place play poetic popular precede present produces pronominal pronoun radical Real reality realization Real␣life recognition reduced related remark representations Right room Rounded scepticism Second Second␣person See shake She shoot sibling similar singular slang Sleep smoke someone something sound Space speech spelled spelling spend spoken sting stylistically subject suffixes surname surprise syllable synonyms Tear Tear␣out ten term term␣of␣endearment That the Third Third␣person thriftily Throughout throwing to␣the Transitive uncertainty understanding United United␣Nations used utter utterance verb verbs vocative Voice vowel weed what When while wife with wonder word Year Younger

37 English words from 30 foreign definitions

admiration canzoni che chiffre con débris der des dit dolor donner dor Een equivale etc force Horizon Lettre Marque momento Nom non Note on␣dit par para per plus precede Raro reconnaissance secondo sens surprise usage utilise van

59 foreign words from 30 foreign definitions

aggiunge alegria armonia Ausruf cette commento compassione comprensione constitué coréen déception de␣force desaprobación Designativo detto dolore dramma d’usage ecc. emplea enfasi Erstaunens espanto Espressione étonnement expresar famille herkenning humifiés identifiables interiezione irritazione lichte meraviglia Musica necessario nelle Nom␣de␣famille numéro Pédologie prononciation quand quando repugnância riconoscimento ritma sdegno Sert sillabo sorpresa stupore Überraschung uitroep variante vedi verbazing vocativo voir zéro

183 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

OHA OHC OHD OHG OHG. Ohi OHK Ohl OHL ohm ohn oho OHP ohs OHs OHS ohu OHV ohai oh␣ar Ohau OHCs ohed ohel ohia OHIM Ohio OHIP Ohis OHKO OHKs OHLE Ohls ohms OHMS oh␣my oh␣no oh-oh oh␣oh ohoy OHPs oh-so oh␣so Ohta ohus ohana ʻohana O'Hara O'Hare oh␣boy +133 words

4662 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

Bohl Bohm Bohn boho Boho bohr Bohr COHA Cohn coho COHs doha Doha DOHC Dohm Dohn dohs Dohs FOHE fohn föhn Gohl Gohn Gohr Gohs GoHs GOHs Hohe Hohl Hohs joha Joha john John joho Johs koha kohl Kohl Kohn Kohr Lo-ho Lohr Lohs LOHs moha Mohd Mohe Mohl Mohn +4612 words

120 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

boh BOH COH doh Doh d'oh foh FOH Goh GoH GOH hoh Hoh HoH Joh Joh. Loh LOH moh MOH Moh. noh Noh NOH ooh OOH poh pOH POH Roh ROH soh Soh ZOH booh broh Groh gsoh GSOH IOOH Ipoh Kroh NaOH oh-oh oh␣oh oooh otoh OTOH Paoh phoh +70 words

6 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

ho Ho HO 'ho h/o H₂O

145 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

AHO BHO boh BOH Cho CHO COH doh Doh d'oh foh FOH gho Goh GoH GOH hao Hao hào HBO HCO Heo HEO HFO h'lo HMO hoa Hoa HOA hob Hob HoC hod Hod hoe Hoe hof Hof HOF hog hoh Hoh HoH hoi hok HoL hol- Hom hon Hon 'hon h'on Hon. +92 words

166 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

ah Ah AH A"H BH B"H B&H b***h ch CH ch- ch. DH eh eH EH -eh E.H. gh GH hh Hh HH H&H H/H H.H. IH JH LH /lh mh MH mh+ mh- NH N.H. OA ob Ob OB ob- ob. Ob. oc Oc OC Oc. O.C. O.␣C. od Od OD O&D O/D O.D. oe OE œ Œ OE. of OF Of- OF. og Og OG 'og O&G O.G. oi Oi OI -oi oi! OJ ok Ok OK Ok. OK. O.␣K. ol OL -ol ol' Ol. om OM O&M O.M. on ON -on on- ON. oo OO oo- O&O O/O oö- (+64 words)

11 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

och Och OCH ooh OOH osh Osh oth OTH -oth o'th'

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