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— English words —
  • oi interj. Said to get someone’s attention; hey.
  • oi interj. An expression of surprise.
  • oi interj. An informal greeting, similar to hi.
  • oi n. (UK, sometimes capitalized) A working-class punk rock subgenre of the 1970s, sometimes associated with racism.
  • oi interj. Alternative spelling of oy.
  • oi pron. (Representing rural dialect pronunciation) I.
  • oi interj. Alternative spelling of oy.
  • Oi pron. (South west England) Pronunciation spelling of I.
  • OI n. (Medicine) Initialism of opportunistic infection.
  • OI n. (Medicine) Initialism of osteogenesis imperfecta.
  • -oi suff. Plural of -os.
  • oi! n. Synonym of oi (a genre of British punk rock).
— International convention —
  • OI sym. (Chemistry, spectroscopy) neutral atomic oxygen; an atom of oxygen with its full normal complement of…
  • O-I sym. Alternative form of OI.
  • O␣I sym. Alternative form of OI.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Alemannic german
    • öi pron. Accusative/dative of ir: you.
  • Ancient greek
    • οἴ interj. Woe (expressing pain or grief).
    • οἱ art. Masculine nominative plural of ὁ.
    • οἵ pron. Nominative masculine plural of ὅς.
    • οἵ adj. Nominative masculine plural of ὅς.
    • οἷ adv. To where, whither.
    • οἷ adv. How, in what state.
    • -θι suff. Added to nouns to form adverbs of location: at, in, on.
    • -οι suff. Nominative plural of masculine and feminine second-declension nouns.
    • -οι suff. Masculine nominative plural of first- and second-declension adjectives.
    • -οι suff. Masculine and feminine nominative plural of second-declension adjectives.
    • -οι suff. Archaic locative singular of some second-declension nouns.
    • -οι suff. Dative singular of o-stem third-declension nouns.
    • -σι suff. Vocative singular of -σῐς.
  • Archi
    • оӏ let. The fifty-fourth letter of the Archi alphabet, written in the Cyrillic script.
  • Biao
  • Bima
    • oi n. Water.
  • Catalan
    • oi n. (Mallorca) aversion, revulsion.
    • oi interj. Used at the end of a sentence, or with que at the beginning to make a tag question.
    • oi interj. Indicates agreement with a statement: yeah; that’s right.
    • oi interj. Indicates surprise: whoa; hey.
    • oi interj. Indicates physical pain: ouch.
    • v. First-person singular preterite indicative form of oir.
    • v. Third-person singular preterite indicative form of oir.
  • Dakota
  • Finnish
    • oi interj. (Poetic) O, oh.
    • oi interj. Oh (to express surprise, wonder, amazement or awe).
    • -oi- inf. Alternative form of -i- (“plural infix”).
  • Galician
    • oi interj. Hey.
  • Greek
    • οι art. (Definite) nominative masculine plural of ο (the).
    • οι art. (Definite) nominative feminine plural of ο (the).
    • σι n. (Music) si, ti (seventh note in the tonic sol-fa or solfège scale).
    • σι n. (Music) B (seventh note or leading tone in the C major scale).
  • Hawaiian
    • ʻoi v. (Stative) sharp.
    • ʻoi n. Sharpness.
    • ʻoi n. (Music) sharp.
  • Hiri motu
    • oi pron. 2nd-person singular pronoun: you.
  • Irish
    • óí n. Plural of ó.
  • Japanese
    • oi rom. Rōmaji transcription of おい.
    • ōi rom. Rōmaji transcription of おおい.
  • Kabardian
    • фӏ let. The forty-first letter of the Kabardian alphabet, written in the Cyrillic script.
  • Malay
    • oi interj. Hey; interjection used to call out to people.
  • Mang
  • Maori
  • Mòcheno
    • oi n. Egg.
  • Northern tepehuan
    • n. Palm tree.
    • ói n. Needle.
  • Old french
    • oi v. Past participle of oir.
    • v. Alternative form of oi (past participle of oir).
  • Old irish
    • n. (Poetic, archaic) sheep.
    • n. Dative singular of áu (“ear”).
  • Pennsylvania german - Swabian
    • Oi n. Egg.
  • Prakrit
  • Romanian
    • oi n. Inflection of oaie…
    • oi v. (I) might.
    • oi v. (You) might.
    • -oi suff. Augmentative suffix, used to indicate a larger version of (e.g. piatră (“rock”) + -oi → pietroi (“boulder”)…
    • -oi suff. Used to make a masculine version of (e.g. pasăre (“bird”) + -oi → păsăroi (“male bird”), vulpe (“fox”)…
    • -oi suff. In a few cases, used as a deprecative or slightly derogatory suffix, especially relating to people (e…
  • Sardinian
    • oi adv. (Campidanese) today.
  • Sicilian
    • oi adv. Today.
  • Tsakonian
    • σι pron. Third person plural personal pronoun: they, them, their.
  • Vietnamese
    • oi adj. Hot and oppressive, sultry.
    • oi n. Creel.
    • ói v. (Central Vietnam, southern Vietnam) to vomit.
    • ôi adj. Tainted (meat), putrid (flesh).
    • ơi part. Suffixes someone’s name or kinship title, used to call for their attention; compare vâng and dạ.
    • ơi interj. (To someone of equal or lower status) yes, what is it?; compare vâng and dạ.
    • ối n. (Chiefly in compounds) amniotic fluid.
    • ối adj. (Colloquial) plentiful; abundant.
    • ối interj. (Northern Vietnam) An expression of surprise.
    • ổi n. Guava.
  • West makian
    • oi n. Ginger.
    • oi n. Mosquito.
    • oi v. (Stative) to be full.
  • Xavante
    • öi n. Form of ö (utterance-medial variant).
  • Yoruba
    • oi n. (Oǹdó) A type of Yoruba food made from cornflour typically eaten with mọ́ínmọ́ín or àkàrà.
  • Zou
    • oi n. Belly.
— English words, defined in Portuguese —
  • oi interj. Usado para chamar atenção.
  • oi interj. Usado como resposta fática para mostrar que ouviu.
— In Dutch —
  • oi tuss. (Jiddisch-Hebreeuws) ach!
— In French —
  • oï n. (Musique) Variante orthographique de oi!.
  • oi! n. (Musique) Genre du punk rock originaire du Royaume-Uni.
— In Spanish —
  • oí v. Primera persona del singular (yo) del pretérito perfecto…
  • oí v. Segunda persona del singular (vos) del imperativo afirmativo de oír.
— In Portuguese —
  • oi interj. (Brasil) expressa cumprimento que se faz ao encontrar uma pessoa.
  • oi interj. (Brasil) expressa resposta que se dá quando se é chamado…
  • oi interj. Expressa chamamento à atenção de alguém em específico.
  • oi interj. Expressa chamamento à atenção em situações em que não…
  • oi interj. Expressa estado de pasmo ante uma implausibilidade enorme…
  • oi interj. Expressa incompreensão a algo dito e demonstra que se…
— In Italian —
  • oi int. Espressione, spesso spontanea ma paziente ed amorevole…
  • oi int. (Per estensione) quando si rivela qualcosa e, ormai risaputa…
257 English words from 94 English definitions

abundant Accusative Added adjectives adverbs a␣few agreement alphabet Alternative amazement amniotic amniotic␣fluid Anatomy and archaic Archi associated atom atomic attention Augmentative aversion awe beginning Belly bird boulder breast British call call␣for call␣out Campidanese capitalized cases Central Chemistry Chiefly class C␣major Colloquial compare complement compounds cornflour Creel Cyrillic dative declension Definite deprecative derogatory dialect ear Earring eaten Egg end end␣of England equal especially express expressing expression feminine few fifty fifty-fourth first First␣person First-person␣singular flesh fluid food for form forty forty-first four fourth fox from full genre get Ginger greeting grief Guava Head Head␣louse hey Hot How indicate Indicates indicative infection infix Inflection informal Initialism interjection is␣it its Kabardian kinship larger leading leading␣tone letter location locative louse lower made major major␣scale make male Mallorca masculine meat medial Medicine might Mosquito Muck Music name Needle neutral nominative normal Northern note nouns of␣a opportunistic oppressive o-stem osteogenesis ouch out out␣to oxygen pain Palm Palm␣tree participle past past␣participle people person personal personal␣pronoun physical plentiful plural Poetic preterite pronoun pronunciation Pronunciation␣spelling punk punk␣rock putrid que question Quicksand racism relating Representing revulsion right rock Rōmaji rural Said scale script second sentence seventh sharp Sharpness sheep similar singular slightly sol sol-fa solfège some someone sometimes South southern spectroscopy spelling state statement Stative status stem subgenre suffix Suffixes sultry surprise Synonym tag tag␣question Tainted that the their them they third Third␣person Third-person␣singular title today tone tone␣in tonic transcription tree type typically used used␣to utterance variant version Vietnam Vocative vomit Water west what what␣is␣it where whither whoa with Woe wonder working working␣class written yeah yes Yoruba you

19 English words from 15 foreign definitions

ach algo ante Brasil chamar del estado Genre Musique para Per perfecto persona punk punk␣rock que rock singular Uni

4 foreign words from 94 English definitions

imperfecta oir pasa roi

52 foreign words from 15 foreign definitions

afirmativo alguém amorevole atenção chamado chamamento chamar␣atenção como cumprimento demonstra dito encontrar enorme específico Espressione estensione fática faz Hebreeuws imperativo incompreensão Jiddisch mostrar não oír originaire ormai orthographique ouviu pasmo paziente Per␣estensione pessoa pretérito pretérito␣perfecto Primera Primera␣persona qualcosa quando resposta risaputa rivela Royaume Royaume-Uni Segunda Segunda␣persona spesso spontanea uma Usado Variante vos

321 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

OIA oic OIC -oic OIc. OID -oid OIF OIG oik oil OIr OIs OIS OIt OIT Oich OICs oiks Oi'll oils oily OIML oink oint oi␣oi Oise OISE OISM Oita Ōita Oi've oidia oikoi oikos oiled oiler oil␣up oinks oints oiran Oishi OITNB oi␣vay oi␣vey oibara oidial oidium oikish oikist +271 words

16874 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

AOIs Boia BOIA boid Boii boil bois Bois BOIs Coia coid coif coil Coil coin Coin COIN COIP coir COIs coit Coit coix doid Doig doin doin' do␣in DOIs doit do␣it EOIs FOIA foid foie foil FOIL foin Foix goin Goin goin' go␣in goit go␣it hoid hoik hoit IOIs Joie +16824 words

339 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

Aoi AOI boi Boi BOI COI DOI EOI FOI goi Goi GoI hoi IOI JOI koi KOI Loi LOI moi MOI mo'i NOI Ooi OOI poi POI P.O.I. Roi RoI ROI soi SOI Toi TOI VoI VOI Woi yoi YOI ZOI AEOI Aloi Choi Ekoi Eloi EROI euoi Khoi Kooi +289 words

6 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

io Io IO i/o io- I/O

145 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

AIO Aoi AOI bio Bio bio- bio. boi Boi BOI CIO COI DIO DOI EOI FOI Gio goi Goi GoI hoi Ibo IBO ICO Ido I␣do IEO IFO IGO Ijo ILO imo Imo IMO Ino -ino IOB IoC IOC IOD iod- -iod- IoE IOE IOF IOI IOK IOM ion Ion -ion +94 words

201 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

ai Ai AI A-I a.i. A.I. bi BI bi- ci cI CI C&I -ci- di dI Di DI di- D&I EI fi Fi FI gi GI G.I. G.␣I. hi Hi HI H&I Ii II Ji JI -ji ki kI Ki KI Ki. -ki- li Li -li- mi MI mi. ni Ni NI N.I. OA ob Ob OB ob- ob. Ob. oc Oc OC Oc. O.C. O.␣C. od Od OD O&D O/D O.D. oe OE œ Œ OE. of OF Of- OF. og Og OG 'og O&G O.G. oh Oh OH OJ ok Ok OK Ok. OK. O.␣K. ol OL -ol ol' Ol. (+99 words)

22 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

obi ODI ogi Ohi Oki Oli omi oni ONI Ooi OOI OPI OQI Ori OSI oui OUI OVI ovi- OWI oxi oxi-

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