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— English words —
  • or conj. Connects at least two alternative words, phrases, clauses, sentences, etc., each of which could make a passage true.
  • or conj. (Logic) An operator denoting the disjunction of two propositions or truth values. There are two forms…
  • or conj. Counts the elements before and after as two possibilities.
  • or conj. Otherwise (a consequence of the condition that the previous is false).
  • or conj. Connects two equivalent names.
  • or n. (Logic, electronics) Alternative form of OR.
  • or n. (Heraldry) The gold or yellow tincture on a coat of arms.
  • or adj. (Heraldry) Of gold or yellow tincture on a coat of arms.
  • or adv. (Obsolete) Early (on).
  • or adv. (Obsolete) Earlier, previously.
  • or prep. (Now archaic or dialect) Before; ere. Followed by "ever" or "ere".
  • Or prop.n. A surname.
  • OR conj. (Logic) Inclusive or; either one proposition or the other is true or both.
  • OR conj. (Computer science) A lexical symbol to implement inclusive or in a computer language.
  • OR conj. (Electrical engineering) A logical gate to implement inclusive or.
  • OR n. (Logic) The binary operator inclusive or, true if one at least one of two inputs is true. In infix notation.
  • OR n. (Healthcare, countable) Initialism of operating room.
  • OR n. (Sciences, uncountable) Initialism of operations research.
  • OR n. (Sports, countable) Initialism of Olympic Record.
  • OR n. (Anatomy, countable) Initialism of odorant receptor.
  • OR n. (Anatomy, countable) Initialism of w:olfactory receptor.
  • OR n. (Wikimedia jargon) Initialism of original research.
  • OR n. (Military) Initialism of other ranks.
  • OR prop.n. Oregon, a state of the United States of America.
  • OR prop.n. Orissa, a state of India.
  • -or suff. Creates an agent noun, often from a verb, indicating a person or object (often machines or parts of…
  • -or suff. (Electrical science) Appended to the names of members of classes of components, especially those that…
  • -or suff. Used to form nouns of quality, state, or condition.
  • or- pref. (No longer productive) From the outset; original; out; out of; without.
  • Or. prop.n. (Law) Abbreviation of Oregon, as used in case citations.
— International convention —
  • or sym. (International standards) ISO 639-1 language code for Oriya.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Albanian
    • -or suff. A suffix that forms adjectives which do not require adjectival articles.
  • Aromanian
    • or v. I pray.
  • Basque
    • or n. Dog.
  • Catalan
    • or n. Gold.
    • or n. (Heraldry) or.
    • -or suff. Used to create abstract nouns from adjectives; -ness.
  • Chuukese
  • Czech
    • n. (Literary) horse.
    • v. Second-person singular imperative of orat.
  • Danish
    • ør n. (Dated) gravel.
    • ør n. (Dated) gravel bank, ayre, gravel beach.
    • ør adj. (Rare) confused.
  • Danish - Norwegian nynorsk
    • ør adj. Dizzy, woozy.
  • German low german
    • Or n. Alternative spelling of Ohr.
  • Hungarian
    • őr n. Guard, watchman, keeper.
    • őr n. Guardian, protector.
    • őr v. (Dialectal) Alternative form of őröl, to grind, mill, pulverize.
    • őr v. (Intransitive, dialectal) to chat without drinking wine (often used with szárazon).
    • -őr suff. A distinguishable foreign word ending in nouns. It cannot be considered as an independent Hungarian suffix.
  • Icelandic
    • ör n. Arrow (weapon).
    • ör n. (Graph theory) directed edge, arrow, arc.
    • ör n. Scar.
    • ör adj. Rapid, fast.
    • ör adj. Spirited, heated, excitable (Can we add an example for this sense?).
    • ör adj. Generous.
    • ör- pref. Micro- (very small).
    • ör- pref. Extremely, very.
    • ör- pref. Devoid of, short of.
  • Ido
    • or conj. Now, but (in argument).
    • -or suff. Used to denote the future infinitive of a verb.
  • Irish - Old irish
  • Japanese
    • or part. Alternative form of オア (“or”).
  • Komi-zyrian
    • ог v. First-person present/future of оз.
  • Lombard - Piedmontese - Scottish gaelic
  • Macedonian
    • о.␣г. adv. Abbreviation of оваа година (“this year”).
  • Middle dutch
    • or- pref. A prefix with a variety of meanings, but originally meaning "out" or "original".
  • Middle english
    • or n. (Early ME, hapax) beginning, start.
    • or det. (Chiefly Early ME and West Midland) Alternative form of here (“their”).
    • or n. Alternative form of ore (“honour”).
    • or n. Alternative form of ore (“ore”).
    • or det. Alternative form of your.
  • Middle french - Old french
    • or n. Gold (metal).
    • or n. Gold (color).
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk
    • or n. An alder (tree of genus Alnus).
    • -ør suff. Used in forming nouns.
  • Norwegian nynorsk
    • or prep. Out of.
    • or prep. From.
    • ør v. Imperative of øre.
    • ør n. (Pre-2012) alternative form of øyr.
    • ør pron. (Obsolete, dialectal, Lofoten, Helgeland) objective case of i.
  • Norwegian
    • -or suff. A plural marker, used on feminine gender nouns ending with an unstressed -e [-a].
  • Old english
    • or n. Origin, beginning.
    • -or suff. Suffix forming adjectives from verbs denoting tendency or causation.
    • -or suff. Suffix variant found on masculine a-stem nouns.
    • or- pref. Original.
    • or- pref. Former.
    • or- pref. Ex-, out of.
    • or- pref. Without, lacking.
    • or- pref. Causing deprivation, privative.
  • Old french
    • or n. (By extension) blond(e) color.
    • or adv. Alternative form of ore.
    • -or suff. -er, suffix used to form agent nouns.
    • -or suff. -ness, indicates a quality, a characteristic.
  • Old frisian
    • or adj. Old West Frisian form of ōther.
  • Old norse
    • ór prep. Out of, from.
    • ór prep. Made out of, denoting a substance.
    • ór prep. From among (a group).
    • ór prep. Denoting a cause.
    • ór prep. Beyond.
    • ór prep. Denoting absolute completeness, as in "utterly".
    • ǫr n. Arrow.
    • ǫr adj. Positive degree strong feminine nominative singular of ǫrr, positive degree strong neuter nominative/accusative…
  • Polish
    • -or suff. Forms augmentatives.
  • Romagnol
  • Romanian
    • or v. (They) might.
    • or v. (Informal, sometimes proscribed) Variation of o in the third person plural.
    • or adv. Alternative form of ori.
  • Romansch
    • or n. (Sutsilvan, Puter, Vallader) gold.
    • ôr n. (Surmiran) gold.
  • Scots
    • or conj. Before or until (only in certain senses).
  • Scottish gaelic
    • or n. Hymn, incantation, petition, prayer.
    • or v. Chant, sing.
  • Serbo-croatian
    • -or suff. Suffix appended to words to create a masculine noun, usually denoting a profession or a performer, used…
    • о.␣г. adv. Abbreviation of ове године (“this year”).
  • Swedish
    • or n. A mite.
    • -or suff. A plural marker. This marker is the regular plural for common gender nouns ending with an unstressed…
    • -ör suff. Used to form (male) agent nouns from verbs.
  • Tocharian a - Tocharian b
    • or n. Wood.
  • Tuvan
  • Walloon
  • Welsh
    • -or suff. Person or man associated with root.
    • or- pref. Soft mutation of gor-.
  • Westrobothnian
  • Yola
    • or conj. Alternative form of ar.
— English words, defined in German —
  • or Konj. Koordinierend: oder.
  • OR Abk. Operating room — Operationssaal, Operationsraum, OP-Saal.
  • OR Abk. Operational research oder operations research — Unternehmensforschung.
— English words, defined in Dutch —
  • or voeg. Of.
  • or n. (Heraldiek) goud.
— English words, defined in Latin —
  • or con. Aut, vel.
  • or adi. (Heraldica) Aureus.
  • or n.subs. (Heraldica) Auri color.
— English words, defined in French —
  • or conj. Ou.
  • or n. (Indénombrable), (Héraldique) Or (couleur dorée).
  • or adj. (Héraldique) Doré, en or.
  • OR n. RO (recherche opérationnelle).
  • OR n. (Chirurgie) Salle d’opération.
  • OR n. (Logique) OU.
  • OR v. (Informatique) Faire le OU de.
  • -or suff. Suffixe nominal, -eur.
  • OR. n. (Union européenne) OR..
— English words, defined in Spanish —
  • or conj. O.
  • or s. Heráldica. Oro.
  • -or suf. Crea un sustantivo agente, que indica una persona que hace algo.
  • -or suf. Electricidad. Unido a los nombres de miembros de clases de componentes, especialmente aquellos que tienen…
— English word, defined in Portuguese —
  • or conj. Ou (inclusivo ou exclusivo).
— English words, defined in Italian —
  • or conj. O, ovvero.
  • or s. (Araldica) oro.
— In German —
  • -or Suff. Nachgestelltes Wortbildungselement zur Bildung männlicher…
— In Dutch —
  • -or Ter aanduiding van het instrument van de handeling of de persoon…
— In French —
  • or n.m. (Chimie) (Indénombrable) Élément chimique de symbole Au…
  • or n.m. (Métallurgie) (Indénombrable) Métal précieux de couleur…
  • or n.m. (Par extension) (Collectivement) Les objets et les monnaies de ce métal.
  • or n.m. (Spécialement) Dorure ; objet recouvert d’or (enluminures…
  • or n.m. (Spécialement) (Par apposition) Il indique que le cours…
  • or n.m. (Par extension) La couleur de ce métal.
  • or n.m. (Par extension) Un objet qui a une grande valeur.
  • or n.m. (Héraldique) Métal servant à décrire la couleur jaune.
  • or adj. De la couleur du métal, jaune orangé. gold.
  • or conj. Conjonction dont on se sert pour lier un discours à un autre.
  • or conj. Conjonction qui sert aussi à lier une proposition à une…
  • or conj. (Familier) Conjonction qui s’emploie pour exhorter, pour…
  • OR n.m. (Anglicisme informatique) (Logique) OU.
  • OR n.m. (Droit, Finance) (Finances publiques) Abréviation d’ordre de recettes.
  • OR. n.m. (Union européenne) Langue originale, version originale…
— In Spanish —
  • -or suf. Compone sustantivos masculinos abstractos, muchos de los…
  • -or suf. Compone adjetivos y sustantivos de verbos, con el significado…
— In Italian —
  • or s. (Matematica) operatore di disgiunzione logica dell’Algebra di Boole.
  • or s. (Letterario) variante di oro.
  • or adv. Variante apocopata di ora, usata quasi esclusivamente nell’espressione…
370 English words from 126 English definitions

Abbreviation absolute abstract abstract␣nouns accusative add adjectival adjectives after agent agent␣noun agent␣nouns alder alternative America A␣mite among Anatomy and appended arc archaic are argument arms arrow articles as␣in associated a-stem at␣least augmentatives ayre bank beach before beginning Beyond binary binary␣operator blond both but By␣extension Can cannot case case␣citations causation cause Causing certain Chant characteristic chat Chiefly citations classes clauses coat coat␣of␣arms code color common common␣gender completeness components computer computer␣language Computer␣science condition confused Connects consequence considered could countable Counts create Creates Dated degree denote denoting deprivation Devoid dialect dialectal directed directed␣edge disjunction distinguishable Dizzy Dog drinking each Earlier Early edge either Electrical Electrical␣engineering electronics elements ending ending␣in engineering equivalent ere especially etc ever example excitable extension Extremely false fast feminine First First␣person Followed Followed␣by for foreign form Former forming forms found found␣on Frisian from future gate gender Generous genus ger gold Graph Graph␣theory gravel grind group Guard Guardian hapax Healthcare heated Heraldry here honour horse Hungarian Hymn imperative implement incantation in␣case inclusive inclusive␣or independent India indicates indicating infinitive infix infix␣notation Informal Initialism inputs International Intransitive ISO jargon keeper lacking language language␣code Law least lexical Literary Logic logical longer machines Made Made␣out make male man marker masculine meaning meanings members metal Micro- Midland might Military mill mite mutation names ness neuter No␣longer nominative not notation noun nouns Now Oar object objective objective␣case Obsolete odorant of␣a often Old Old␣West olfactory Olympic one only operating operating␣room operations operations␣research operator øre Oregon Origin original originally Orissa Oriya other other␣ranks Otherwise out out␣of outset parts passage performer person petition phrases plural positive positive␣degree possibilities pray prayer Pre- prefix present previous previously privative productive profession proposition propositions proscribed protector pulverize Puter quality ranks Rapid Rare receptor Record regular require research room root Scar science Sciences Second Second␣person Second-person␣singular sense senses sentences short short␣of sing singular small Soft Soft␣mutation sometimes South spelling Spirited Sports standards start state States stem strong substance suffix Surmiran surname symbol tendency that the their theory There There␣are They third third␣person this this␣year those tincture to␣the tree true truth truth␣values two uncountable United United␣States United␣States␣of␣America unstressed until used used␣to usually utterly values variant Variation variety verb verbs very watchman weapon West West␣Frisian which wine with without Wood woozy word words year yellow your Yurt

60 English words from 46 foreign definitions

Algebra algo apposition Aureus Boole Chirurgie color Compone con couleur cours Crea dell dont Droit exhorter extension Faire Finance Finances gold goud grande hace het indica instrument Langue les lier nominal objet objets Operating Operating␣room Operational Operational␣research operations operations␣research ora ordre Oro Par persona pour proposition publiques quasi que recherche research room Salle servant symbole Ter Union van vel version

7 foreign words from 126 English definitions

Alnus gor Ohr ori Sutsilvan Vallader Wikimedia

104 foreign words from 46 foreign definitions

aanduiding Abréviation abstractos adjetivos agente Algebra␣di␣Boole Anglicisme apocopata aquellos Araldica aussi Aut autre Bildung Chimie chimique clases Collectivement componentes Conjonction de␣couleur décrire De␣la discours d’or Doré dorée Dorure Electricidad Élément Élément␣chimique emploie enluminures esclusivamente especialmente espressione -eur européenne exclusivo Familier Finances␣publiques handeling Heráldica Heraldiek Héraldique inclusivo Indénombrable indique informatique jaune Koordinierend Letterario logica Logique los männlicher masculinos Matematica métal Métallurgie Métal␣précieux miembros monnaies muchos Nachgestelltes nell nombres oder opération opérationnelle Operationsraum Operationssaal operatore OP-Saal orangé ordre␣de␣recettes originale oro ovvero Par␣extension persoon précieux qui recettes recouvert Saal sert significado Spécialement Suffixe sustantivo sustantivos tienen una un␣autre une Unido Union␣européenne usata valeur variante verbos Wortbildungselement zur

3603 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

ora Ora orb ORB orc Orc ORC ord Ord ore Ore ORE öre øre Ore. orf Orf ORF org org. Org. Ori ork orl ORL ORM O/RM orn Oro oro- orp Orr ORR ors Ors ORs ORS ort ORT ORV ORW -ory orad oral Oral Oram Oran oras ORAS orbs ORBs +3552 words

79270 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

AoRs AORs aort- bora Bora bora- bord bore borg Borg bork Bork borm born boro Boro -boro boro- bors BORs bort Bort Cora corb cord core Core CORE -core co-r.e. corf Cori cork Cork Corl corm corn Corn -corn Corn. corp Corp corp. Corp. Corr corr. Corr. cors CORs CORS cors. +79219 words

5577 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

AoR AOR bor Bor BOR Bor. cor CoR COR cor- cor. Cor. dor Dor d'or Dor. D.␣Or. eor EOR for FOR for- hor jor Jor. kor Kor KOR lor Lor Mor MOR Mor. nor NOR nor- Nor. POR QOR ROR sor Sor tor Tor TOR UoR UOR vor VOR wor Wor. +5526 words

3 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

RO r/o R&O

208 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

AoR AOR aro ARO bor Bor BOR Bor. bro Bro bro. cor CoR COR cor- cor. Cor. cro CRO dor Dor d'or Dor. D.␣Or. dro DRO eor EOR for FOR for- fro 'fro gro GRO hor IRO jor Jor. kor Kor KOR lor Lor LRO Mor MOR Mor. MRO nor NOR nor- Nor. +155 words

204 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

ar AR -ar ar- Ar. A&R A/R A.R. A␣&␣R A.␣&␣R. Br BR Br. cr Cr CR Cr. dr Dr DR dr. Dr. D.R. er ER 'er -er er. E-R -'er E.R. E.␣R. fr Fr FR Fr. F&R Fr⁺⁶ gr GR gr. Gr. hr HR hr. H.R. IR ir- Ir. jr Jr JR Jr. KR K&R LR mr Mr MR Mr. M.R. nr NR n****r OA ob Ob OB ob- ob. Ob. oc Oc OC Oc. O.C. O.␣C. od Od OD O&D O/D O.D. oe OE œ Œ OE. of OF Of- OF. og Og OG 'og O&G O.G. oh Oh OH (+103 words)

19 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

oar OAR OBR OCR ODR Óðr o'er OIr OJR OKR OMR OPr. OQR Orr ORR OTR our 'our -our

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