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— English words —
  • per prep. For each.
  • per prep. To each, in each (used in expressing ratios of units).
  • per prep. (medicine) By the, by means of the, via the, through the.
  • per prep. In accordance with.
  • per pron. (rare) They (singular). Gender-neutral third-person singular subject pronoun, coordinate with…
  • per pron. (rare) Them (singular) Gender-neutral third-person singular object pronoun, grammatically equivalent…
  • per adj. (rare) Belonging to per, their (singular). Gender-neutral third-person singular possessive adjective…
  • PER n. (nutrition) Initialism of protein efficiency ratio.
  • per- pref. (non-productive) In verbs: denoting the sense "through", as in perforate.
  • per- pref. (non-productive) In verbs: denoting the sense "thoroughly", as in perfect.
  • per- pref. (non-productive) In verbs: denoting the sense "to destruction", as in pervert.
  • per- pref. (non-productive) In adjectives and adverbs: denoting the sense "extremely", as in perfervid.
  • per- pref. (chemistry) Forming nouns and adjectives denoting the maximum proportion of one element in a compound…
  • per- pref. (chemistry) Added to the name of an element in a polyatomic ion denote the number of atoms of…
  • per- pref. (non-productive) Denoting the sense "by" or "per", as in perchance or perhaps.
  • per. n. Abbreviation of period.
  • Per. prop.n. Abbreviation of Perthshire.
— Translingual —
  • PER sym. The ISO 3166-1 three-letter (alpha-3) code for Peru.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Albanian
    • për prep. (+ accusative) for.
    • për prep. (+ ablative) per.
    • për- pref. trans-.
  • Aromanian
  • Asturian
    • per prep. by means of, by way of, by.
    • per- pref. used to make superlatives of adjectives and adverbs.
  • Asturian - Ladin
  • Asturian - Ladin - Lithuanian
    • per prep. through.
  • Breton
    • Per prop.n. A male given name, equivalent to Peter.
  • Breton - Cornish
  • Catalan
    • per prep. Through, via: used in indicating the medium through which passage occurs.
    • per prep. At, during, in: used in indicating the time at which an event occurs.
    • per prep. During, for: used in indicating the duration of time for which an event occurs.
    • per prep. Because, because of: used in indicating the reason an action was undertaken.
    • per prep. (when followed by a verbal noun) Used in indicating the activity one intends to do because of an action.
    • per prep. By: used in indicating the agent responsible for an action.
    • per prep. A, for, per: used in indicating a rate of exchange.
  • Catalan - Danish - Swedish
    • per prep. For each; for every.
  • Cimbrian
  • Czech
    • per v. second-person singular imperative imperfect of prát.
  • Danish - Faroese - Norwegian - Swedish
    • Per prop.n. A male given name.
  • Esperanto
    • per prep. by means of, with.
  • Finnish
  • Hungarian
    • per n. (law) action, suit, lawsuit.
    • per adv. per.
    • per adv. (mathematics) divided by.
  • Icelandic
    • þér pron. (personal) dative singular of þú.
    • þér pron. (archaic) plural of þú.
    • þér pron. (dated, formal) you (the V-form in terms of T-V distinction).
  • Ido
    • per prep. by means of, by, with (some means).
    • per prep. (mathematics) multiplied by, times.
  • Indonesian
    • per- pref. Used to form nouns from verbs conjugated with ber-.
  • Ladin
    • per prep. in or on.
    • per prep. by.
    • per prep. with.
    • per prep. as.
  • Latvian
    • per v. 2nd person singular present indicative form of pērt.
    • per v. 3rd person singular present indicative form of pērt.
    • per v. 3rd person plural present indicative form of pērt.
    • per v. 2nd person singular imperative form of pērt.
    • per v. (with the particle lai) 3rd person singular imperative form of pērt.
    • per v. (with the particle lai) 3rd person plural imperative form of pērt.
  • Lithuanian
    • per prep. during.
  • Malay
    • per- pref. abstraction, place, goal, result.
  • Middle english
    • per n. Alternative form of pere (“pear”).
    • per n. Alternative form of pere (“bridge pillar”).
    • per n. Alternative form of pere (“peer”).
    • per adj. Alternative form of pere (“equal”).
    • þer det. Alternative form of þeir.
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk
    • per prep. For each, for every, per.
  • Novial
    • per prep. by means of.
  • Old english
    • þer adv. (Anglian) there.
  • Old norse
    • þér pron. you (plural).
  • Romani
    • per n. abdomen, belly.
  • Romansch
    • pér n. (Sursilvan, Sutsilvan) pear.
  • Tajik
  • Venetian
  • Volapük
  • Welsh
    • pêr n. pears; sweet fruit.
    • pêr n. pear trees; sweet-fruit trees.
    • pêr adj. sweet(-tasting), mellow, delicious.
    • pêr adj. sweet-smelling, fragrant.
    • pêr adj. sweet-sounding; pleasant, agreeable.
  • Zazaki
— English words, define in German —
  • per  Präp. für jedes/jeden einer Menge; pro.
  • per  Präp. in Übereinstimmung mit etwas; entsprechend, gemäß.
— English words, define in French —
  • per  prép. Pour chaque (peut souvent être traduit par chaque).
  • per  prép. (Médecine) (suivi du nom latin d’un orifice) À travers, par.
  • per  prép. En accord avec.
  • PER  n. (Nutrition) CEP, coefficient d’efficacité protéique.
— English words, define in Spanish —
  • per  prep. Por.
  • per  prep. De acuerdo con.
  • per  prep. Por medio de.
  • per  adv. Por cada uno.
— English words, define in Portuguese —
  • per  prep. por.
  • per  prep. pelo.
  • per  prep. de acordo com.
  • per-  pref. per-.
— English word, define in Italian —
  • per  prep. per ogni.
— In German —
  • per  Präp. das Mittel einer Tätigkeit beschreibend: mittels.
  • per  Präp. in Verhältnisangaben: bezogen auf.
  • Per  S. männlicher Vorname.
  • Per  S. Peer.
  • per-  vorangestelltes Wortbildungselement in Fremdwörtern aus dem…
  • per-  in Fachwörtern aus dem Bereich der Chemie: Vorsilbe für eine…
— In Dutch —
  • per  voorz. door middel van, met.
  • per  voorz. volgens, op basis van.
  • per  voorz. over een periode van, over een afstand van.
  • per  voorz. met ingang van, vanaf.
  • per  voorz. door, wegens.
  • per-  (scheikunde) ter aanduiding dat een anion een hogere of de hoogste…
— In Latin —
  • per  preap. √ A fine ad finem; a latere ad latus; in rem et e latere opposito.
— In French —
  • per  sym. (Métrologie) Symbole de la perche, ancienne unité de mesure…
  • PER  n. Polyéthylène réticulé.
  • per-  préf. Employé dans le sens de à travers, durant (à travers une…
  • per-  préf. Employé pour intensifier, dans le sens de totalement.
  • per-  préf. (Chimie) Employé en nomenclature pour signifier le plus…
  • per-  préf. Employé pour indiquer une notion de déviation (de travers…
  • per-  préf. Signifie per-manent dans pergélisol.
— In Portuguese —
  • per  prep. (arcaico) por.
  • per  prep. (arcaico) para.
  • per-  pref. com a ideia de "através": perfurar.
  • per-  pref. com a ideia de "completamente": perfeito.
  • per-  pref. com a ideia de "destruição": perverter.
  • per-  pref. (Química⚠) com a ideia de "proporção máxima de um elemento…
— In Italian —
  • per  prep. indica il moto attraverso un luogo.
  • per  prep. indica il moto entro un certo spazio.
  • per  prep. indica destinazione.
  • per  prep. in certi casi indica un luogo.
  • per  prep. indica un periodo.
  • per  prep. indica inclinazione.
  • per  prep. indica un mezzo.
  • per  prep. indica una causa.
  • per  prep. indica uno scopo.
  • per  prep. indica a vantaggio di chi è l’azione.
  • per  prep. indica l’ambito in cui è valida l’affermazione.
  • per  prep. indica il modo in cui si svolge l’azione.
  • per  prep. indica un prezzo.
  • per  prep. indica una distanza.
  • per  prep. (matematica) indica quante volte un numero è moltiplicato o diviso.
207 English words from 83 English definitions

Abbreviation abdomen ablative abstraction accordance accusative action activity Added adjective adjectives adverbs agent agreeable alpha Alternative and Anglian archaic as␣in atoms bear because because␣of belly Belonging ber bridge by␣means␣of by␣way␣of chemistry code compound conjugated coordinate dated dative delicious denote denoting destruction distinction divided duration during each efficiency element equal equivalent event every exchange expressing extremely followed followed␣by for form formal Forming fragrant from fruit fruit␣trees Gender Gender-neutral given given␣name goal grammatically hair imperative imperfect indicating indicative Initialism intends in␣terms␣of ion ISO lai law lawsuit letter loss make male mathematics maximum means medicine medium mellow multiplied name neutral neutral␣third non noun nouns number nutrition object object␣pronoun occurs of␣an one page pair particle passage pear pears pear␣tree pear␣trees peer per perchance pere perfect perfervid perforate perhaps period person personal Perthshire Peru pervert Peter pillar place pleasant plural polyatomic possessive possessive␣adjective present present␣indicative productive pronoun proportion protein rare rate rate␣of␣exchange ratio ratios reason responsible result sand second second-person second␣person second-person␣singular sense singular smelling some sounding subject subject␣pronoun suit superlatives Sursilvan sweet sweet-smelling tasting terms the their Them there They third third-person third␣person third-person␣singular thoroughly three through time times to␣the trans trans- tree trees T-V␣distinction undertaken units used used␣to verbal verbal␣noun verbs V-form V␣form via was way when which with you

53 English words from 56 foreign definitions

accord anion auf basis chi coefficient com con dans das dat dem der diviso door durant een Employé fine indica ingang in␣rem intensifier latus met mezzo Mittel moto nom nomenclature notion numero Nutrition orifice over par para Peer per per- periodo perverter plus pour pro rem sens signifier Symbole ter travers van volte

1 foreign word from 83 English definitions


112 foreign words from 56 foreign definitions

aanduiding acordo acuerdo affermazione afstand ambito ancienne arcaico à␣travers através attraverso aus avec azione Bereich beschreibend bezogen cada casi causa CEP certi certo chaque Chemie Chimie completamente cui de␣acordo de␣acordo␣com De␣acuerdo de␣la destinazione destruição de␣travers déviation distanza efficacité eine einer elemento entro entsprechend être etwas Fachwörtern Fremdwörtern für gemäß ideia inclinazione indiquer jeden jedes latere latin luogo männlicher matematica máxima Médecine medio Menge mesure met␣ingang␣van Métrologie middel mit mittels modo moltiplicato nom␣latin ogni pelo perche perfeito perfurar pergélisol periode peut Polyéthylène por prezzo proporção protéique quante Química réticulé scheikunde scopo Signifie souvent spazio suivi svolge Tätigkeit totalement traduit Übereinstimmung una une unité unité␣de␣mesure uno valida vanaf vantaggio volgens Vorname Vorsilbe wegens Wortbildungselement

3836 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

Pera perc perc. pere père perf perf. perh peri Peri peri- perk Perl perm Perm pern Pero perp perq PERQ pers pers. Pers. pert PERT Peru perv Perz Perak Peras perce Perce Per perch Perch Percy perdu perdy Perea pereq pères Peret Perez perfs peril Perin peris Peris Perko perks +3786 words

12806 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

apers apert apery LPers opera opere opers OPers. RPers Spera spere sperg Sperl sperm Spero T␣perm XPers afpers Alpers Alpert ampere ampère ampers ampery apercu aperçu aperea aperid Aperol A-per-se aspers Aspers BNPers BUPERS capers Cepero copers Cypert deperm dopers dupers dupery empery espers Espers expert gapers GOPers hipers hopers +12756 words

1388 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

aper LPer oper RPer XPer afper Alper amper asper Asper as␣per BNPer caper coper doper duper esper Esper gaper GOPer hiper hoper hyper hyper- imper. japer Kiper Koper Kuper leper loper Loper Luper moper NDPer neper paper Peper PHPer piper Piper Pyper raper Raper riper roper Roper Soper super super- +1338 words

3 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

rep Rep Rep.

8 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letter.)

EPR ERP pre pre- rep Rep Rep. RPE

106 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

aper derp Earp Emp'r eRCP ERCP ERPs ERSP grep herp lerp LPer oper pare PCRE PDRE pear peer Pera perc perc. pere père perf perf. perh peri Peri peri- perk Perl perm Perm pern Pero perp perq PERQ pers pers. Pers. pert PERT Peru perv Perz pier PKer pore prae- præ- +55 words

30 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

ep EP ep. er ER 'er -er er. -'er pe Pe PE Pe. Pr PR Pr. P+R -pr- P.R. re Re RE Ré 're re- r.e. -'re Rp RP R/P

109 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

Aer aer- aër- ber CER der Der Der. eer EER -eer e'er fer f***er ger Ger GER Ger. Ger⁺⁶ her Her -ier jer Jer Jer. Ker ker- mer MER -mer mer- ner -ner- o'er par Par PAR PBR PBr. PCR PDR pea Pea PEA pec PEC ped PED pee p'ee peg Peg PEG peh Pei PEI P.E.I. pel pen Pen PEN PEO peo. pep PEP pes PEs PES pet PET Pet. peV PeV pew Pew PEX Pez phr PIR PMR PNR POR PPR p.pr. PRR PSR ptr pur PUR PVR pwr PWR pwr. PXR pyr- ser SER ser. ter ter- (+9 words)

16 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

er ER 'er -er er. -'er pe Pe PE Pe. Pr PR Pr. P+R -pr- P.R.

8 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

pear peer pier PKer -pter puer pu'er Pu'er

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