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— English words —
  • ras n. An Ethiopian king or prince.
  • ras n. A headland; a cape.
  • Ras n. plural of Ra.
  • RAs n. plural of RA.
  • RAS n. (linguistics) Initialism of redundant acronym syndrome.
  • RAS n. (military, nautical) Initialism of replenishment at sea.
  • RAS n. (firearms) Abbreviation of rail accessory system.
  • RAS n. (neurology) Initialism of reticular activating system.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Danish - Norwegian bokmål
    • ras v. imperative of rase.
  • Danish - Swedish
    • rås n. indefinite genitive singular of rå.
  • Faroese
    • rás n. path (esp. for sheep).
    • rás n. gait.
    • rás n. way, direction.
    • rás n. flock of flying birds.
    • rás n. broadcasting channel.
  • Friulian
    • râs adj. shaved, cropped.
    • râs adj. full to the brim.
  • Icelandic
    • rás n. run, running.
    • rás n. speed.
    • rás n. flow (of water, etc., also figuratively of events, time, etc.).
    • rás n. duct, channel (for something to run or flow through).
    • rás n. channel (TV, radio, Wi-Fi, etc.).
  • Irish
    • rás n. race (contest).
  • Lithuanian
    • ras v. third-person singular future of rasti.
    • ras v. third-person plural future of rasti.
  • Maltese
    • ras n. (anatomy) head.
    • ras n. beginning.
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk
    • ras n. an avalanche, landslide, landslip.
  • Old norse
    • rás n. race, running.
    • rás n. course, channel.
    • rás n. company, host.
  • Polish
    • ras n. genitive plural of rasa.
    • Raś prop.n. A masculine surname.
    • Raś prop.n. A feminine surname.
  • Romanian
    • ras adj. shaved, shaven.
    • râs n. laughter, laugh.
    • râs v. past participle of râde.
    • râs n. lynx.
    • răs- pref. Indicates that the action of a verb is repeated or goes back to the preceding situation.
    • răs- pref. Intensifies adjectives.
  • Swedish
    • ras n. a race (a large group of individuals of the same species set apart from others on the basis of a common heritage).
    • ras n. a collapse (of a building).
    • ras n. a mudslide (geological disaster).
    • ras n. a cave in, a collapse inward or downward.
    • ras n. a fall (of stock market values).
  • Vilamovian
    • rǡs n. journey, travel, trip.
  • Westrobothnian
    • ras n. Hurry, urgency.
— English word, define in French —
  • Ras  n. Pluriel de Ra.
— In German —
  • ras  V. 2. Person Singular Imperativ Präsens Aktiv des Verbs rasen.
  • Ras  S. früherer äthiopischer Fürstentitel.
— In Dutch —
  • ras  n. groep waarin mensen, dieren of planten op basis van bepaalde…
  • ras  bijv. snel, in hoog tempo.
  • ra's  n. meervoud van het zelfstandig naamwoord ra.
— In French —
  • ras  adj.m. Qui a le poil très court, coupé tout près de la peau…
  • ras  adj.m. (Par analogie) Dont le poil est très court, en parlant…
  • ras  adj.m. Parfaitement uni, sans creux ni bosse.
  • ras  adj.m. (En particulier) Qualifie une campagne plate, unie, qui…
  • ras  adj.m. Qui est près du sol.
  • ras  adj.m. (Marine) Qualifie un bâtiment qui est peu élevé au-dessus…
  • ras  adj.m. (Familier) Qualifie une mesure remplie de manière que…
  • ras  adv. Très court, de très près.
  • ras  n.m. Espace situé très près d’une surface.
  • ras  n.m. Radeau qu’on utilise pour effectuer des travaux sur un…
  • ras  n.m. Variante de raz, courant marin.
  • ras  n.m. Composant toponymique que l’on trouve dans divers noms…
  • ras  n.m. Chef éthiopien.
  • RAS  adv. Rien à signaler.
— In Spanish —
  • ras  s. Igualdad de las cosas en la superficie de ellas, así como en su altura.
141 English words from 47 English definitions

Abbreviation accessory acronym action activating adjectives also anatomy apart apart␣from at␣sea avalanche back basis beginning birds brim broadcasting building cape cave cave␣in channel collapse common company contest course cropped direction disaster downward duct esp etc Ethiopian events fall feminine figuratively firearms flock flow flying for from full future gait genitive geological goes goes␣back group head headland heritage host Hurry imperative indefinite Indicates individuals Initialism Intensifies inward journey king landslide landslip large laugh laughter linguistics lynx market market␣values masculine military mudslide nautical neurology of␣a on␣the others participle past past␣participle path person plural preceding prince race radio rail rasa rase redundant repeated replenishment reticular run running same sea set set␣apart shaved shaven sheep singular situation something something␣to species speed stock stock␣market surname syndrome system that the third third-person third␣person third-person␣plural third-person␣singular through time to␣the to␣the␣brim travel trip urgency values verb water way Wi-Fi

34 English words from 21 foreign definitions

basis campagne Chef coupé courant court dans des divers Dont Espace est het las Marine noms Par Person plate pour que Radeau sans signaler Singular sol surface tempo tout travaux uni utilise van Verbs

69 foreign words from 21 foreign definitions

Aktiv altura analogie así äthiopischer au-dessus bâtiment bepaalde bosse como Composant cosas courant␣marin creux de␣la de␣manière de␣manière␣que dessus dieren effectuer élevé ellas En␣particulier éthiopien Familier früherer groep hoog Igualdad Imperativ la␣peau l’on manière marin meervoud mensen mesure naamwoord Parfaitement parlant particulier peau peu planten Pluriel poil Präsens près près␣de Qualifie qui rasen raz remplie Rien Rien␣à␣signaler situé snel superficie sur toponymique très trouve une unie Variante waarin zelfstandig zelfstandig␣naamwoord

269 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

rasa Raša rase rash Rash rasm Raso rasp rasam rasas Rasch Rasco rased rases Rashi rashy rasic Raska Rasŏn Rasor Rasos rasps raspy rasse rasta Rasta rasul Rasul rasant rascal Rascal Rasche Rascoe Rascon Rascos Rashad rashed rasher rashes Rashid rashie Rashis rashly rasing rasion Raskas Raskin Rasors rasped rasper +219 words

3734 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

Brase brash brass brast crase Crase crash crass -crasy erase Frase frass GRASE grasp GRASP grass Grass LRASM prase trash Trask trass urase yrast abrase abrash acrase acrasy Barash brasco Brasel brasen Brases brashy Brasil Brașov brasse brassy crases Crases crasht crashy crasis erased eraser erases erasin Eraskh ferash Frasca +3684 words

988 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

aras Aras bras BRAS eras ERAs Fras GRAS MRAs M.R.A.S. oras ORAS URAs WRAs abras æras arras auras boras ceras Ceras CERAs Ciras Curas Daras Duras eyras Feras Goras Guras haras horas ioras karas koras liras lyras maras Maras MNRAS moras naras ocras okras paras paras. Peras ra-ras siras soras +938 words

3 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

Sar SAR Sar.

9 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letter.)

ars ARs ARS asr ASR RSA Sar SAR Sar.

147 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

AARs ABRs ADRs AHRS airs AKRs AoRs AORs APRs aras Aras arbs ARBs arcs ards ares Ares AREs args ARGs aris arks arms ARMs Arns aros arps Arps ARSA arse ARSE asar ASAR ascr. ASFR ASLR ASMR ASRM bars BARS bras BRAS cars csar dars ears EARs eras ERAs Ersa +97 words

40 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

ar AR -ar ar- A&R A/R A.R. A␣&␣R A.␣&␣R. as As AS A$ ℁ a's A's A*s A/S a.s. A*'s A+'s A-'s A−'s Ra RA rs Rs RS r's R's Rs. Sa SA S&A s.a. S.A. S.␣A. Sr SR Sr.

139 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

AAs AAS bas BAs BAS B.A.s B.A.S. B.␣A.␣S. cas CAS cas' Cas. das DAs DAS DA's eas EAs EAS fas Fas FAS gas Gas has IAS jas Jas Jas. kas KAs las mas MAs MAS -mas M.A.s M.A.S. M.␣A.␣S. NAs NAS OAS pas Pas PAs PAS QAs RAA Rab RAC rac- rad RAD rad. Rae RAF rag rah rai Rai raï raj Raj RAK ram Ram RAM ran Ran RAN Rao rap Rap RAP RAR rat Rat RAT rav raw RAW rax ray Ray ra'y Raz RBS RCS R/Cs rds RDs RDS R&Ds res Res. RFS RGs RHS r.h.s. RIs RIS (+38 words)

22 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

as As AS A$ ℁ a's A's A*s A/S a.s. A*'s A+'s A-'s A−'s Ra RA rs Rs RS r's R's Rs.

24 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

RACs rads rags rahs rais rams Rams RAMs Raos raps RAPs rats RATs raws rays reas rias RIAs RNAs RNAS Roas RTAs Ruas ryas

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