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40 short excerpts of Wiktionnary (A collaborative project to produce a free-content dictionary.)

— English words —
  • rem n. (often capitalized) Initialism of rapid eye movement, a sleep state.
  • rem n. A dose of absorbed radiation equivalent to one roentgen of X-rays or gamma rays.
  • rem n. (computing) A remark; a programming language statement used for documentation (in BASIC for example);…
  • rem n. (knitting) remaining.
  • rem n. (web design) A unit relative to the declared font size of the root element in a HTML document.
  • Rem n. (colloquial) A Remington firearm.
  • REM n. rapid eye movement.
  • REM n. remaining time: In music, the time remaining in a track.
  • REM n. (computing) A programming language statement used for documentation (in BASIC for example); also…
  • REM n. (chemistry) rare earth metal(s).
  • R.E.M. n. Alternative spelling of REM.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Catalan
    • rem n. (uncountable, sports) rowing.
    • Rem prop.n. Remus.
  • Catalan - Friulian
  • Danish
    • rem n. strap, thong.
    • rem n. belt.
    • rem n. strop.
    • rem n. rem (A dose of absorbed radiation equivalent to one roentgen of x-rays or gamma rays).
  • Hungarian
    • rém n. spook, ghast (a scary, repulsive, hostile specter or phantom).
    • rém n. (figuratively) specter (a threatening mental image).
    • rém n. menace, terror (a bothersome person who frightens others).
    • rém n. (colloquial, adverbial usage) very, really, awfully, extremely, terribly.
  • Indonesian
    • rem n. brake (device used to slow or stop a vehicle).
  • Ladin
  • Middle english
    • rem n. (mainly Early ME) A shout or yell; a loud, aggressive, noise.
    • rem n. (Early Middle English) A moan; a call of sadness or sorrow.
    • rem n. Alternative form of reme (“cream”).
    • rem n. Alternative form of reme (“ream”).
  • Occitan
    • rem n. (nautical) rowing, sculling.
  • Swedish
  • Vietnamese
    • rèm n. curtain; blind.
— English word, define in Italian —
  • rem  acro. R(öntgen) E(quivalent) M(an) equivalente del röntgen per l’uomo: unità di misura della dose biologica…
— In Dutch —
  • rem  n. een mechanisme dat iets vertraagt of tot stilstand brengt.
  • rem  w. eerste persoon enkelvoud tegenwoordige tijd van remmen.
  • rem  w. gebiedende wijs van remmen.
  • rem  w. (bij inversie) tweede persoon enkelvoud tegenwoordige tijd van remmen.
— In French —
  • rem  n.m. Ancienne unité d’équivalent de dose de radiation, remplacée…
— In Spanish —
  • REM  s. Fase del sueño durante la que suceden los ensueños más intensos…
— In Italian —
  • REM  agg. (fisiologia): una delle fasi del sonno in cui si sogna…
127 English words from 32 English definitions

absorbed adverbial aggressive also Alternative awfully BASIC belt blind bothersome brake call capitalized chemistry colloquial computing cream curtain declared design device document documentation dose Early earth earth␣metal element English equivalent example extremely eye figuratively firearm font for for␣example form frightens gamma gamma␣rays ghast hostile HTML image Initialism knitting language loud mainly menace mental metal Middle Middle␣English moan movement music nautical noise oar obstacle often one others person phantom programming programming␣language radiation rapid rapid␣eye␣movement rare rare␣earth rare␣earth␣metal rays really ream relative REM rem remaining remark Remington Remus repulsive roentgen root rowing sadness scary sculling shout size sleep slow sorrow specter spelling spook sports state statement stop strap strop terribly terror the thong threatening time to␣the track uncountable unit usage used used␣to vehicle very web web␣design who x-rays yell

10 English words from 8 foreign definitions

dat del dose een per que radiation röntgen tot van

1 foreign word from 32 English definitions


46 foreign words from 8 foreign definitions

Ancienne bij biologica brengt cui della delle durante eerste eerste␣persoon enkelvoud ensueños équivalent équivalent␣de␣dose equivalente Fase fasi fisiologia gebiedende gebiedende␣wijs iets intensos inversie los más mechanisme misura persoon remmen remplacée sogna sonno stilstand suceden sueño tegenwoordige␣tijd tijd tweede tweede␣persoon una unità unità␣di␣misura unité uomo vertraagt wijs

855 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

REME REMF rems Rems REMs REMS reman remap Remer remet remew remex REMFs REMIC remis remit remix remop remow Rempe Remus remade remail remain remake remand remans remaps remark re-mark remast remate remble remean remedy remeet remeid remelt remend Remers remews Remich Remick remilk remill remind remine remint remise remiss +805 words

2044 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

breme crema creme crème crems fremd NREMT Premo prems premy trema tréma -treme tremp atreme bireme Bremen Bremer cremas Cremer cremes crèmes cremor Dremel drempt fremds fremed gremmy harems herems Jeremy jurema Kremer NREMTs oremus preman premax premed pre-med premia premie premit premix Premos tremas trémas tremie tremis tremor tremps +1994 words

115 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

Arem crem frem NREM Orem prem Prem ad␣rem harem herem in␣rem Jerem. cherem on-prem where'm Yefrem per␣orem theorem Eurocrem lolitrem microrem millirem penitrem somatrem ad␣valorem nontheorem antitheorem Löb's␣theorem no-go␣theorem Ore's␣theorem Bayes'␣theorem Bell's␣theorem Brun's␣theorem Coase␣theorem Haag's␣theorem reverse␣harem Rice's␣theorem Wick's␣theorem Arrow's␣theorem Belyi's␣theorem Bloch's␣theorem Green's␣theorem no-hair␣theorem Price's␣theorem Rolle's␣theorem Solèr's␣theorem Turán's␣theorem virial␣theorem Wilks's␣theorem Cayley's␣theorem +65 words

4 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

mer MER -mer mer-

8 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letter.)

EMR erm ERM mer MER -mer mer- MRE

92 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

amer. Amer. Arem berm Berm. crem derm -derm derm- D-MER E-DRM EMDR Emer. emir Emp'r Emry Erma erme erom ferm frem germ Germ Germ. herm Herm IMer kmer mare Ma MCRE mear meer Mehr merc Merc merd mere Mere -mere meri Meri merk Merk merl merm mero Mero mero- mers MERS +41 words

32 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

em Em EM 'em em- er ER 'er -er er. -'er me Me ME Me. M&E -me- Mr MR Mr. M.R. re Re RE Ré 're re- r.e. -'re rm RM rm.

99 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

BEM cem dem Dem DEM dem. Dem. eem fem FEM fem. gem Gem GEM hem Hem 'hem hem- Jem Kem Lem LEM L.E.M. mem MEM mem. OEM ram Ram RAM RBM rea Rea REA reb Reb REB rec rec. red Red RED -red ree Ree REE ref Ref REF Ref. reg Reg reh rei rel -rel rel. ren REN -ren REO rep Rep Rep. res Res. ret Ret. rev Rev rev. Rev. rew Rew rex Rex Rey rez rim rom Rom ROM Rom. rpm RPM RSM RTM rum Rum Rùm sem Sem SEM TEM wem xem yem zem Žem.

16 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

em Em EM 'em em- re Re RE Ré 're re- r.e. -'re rm RM rm.

7 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

ream Ream reem Rehm reim Rhem riem

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