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— English words —
  • sec n. (Colloquial) Second, 160 of a minute.
  • sec n. (Colloquial) Clipping of second (“short indeterminate period of time”).
  • sec n. (Colloquial, politics) Clipping of secretary.
  • SEC prop.n. (US, government, finance) Initialism of Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • SEC prop.n. (US, college, sports) Abbreviation of Southeastern Conference, a college athletics conference.
  • sec- pref. (Organic chemistry) secondary-form of a functional group, a branched functional group.
  • sec. n. (Law) Abbreviation of section.
  • sec. n. Abbreviation of second.
  • sec. n. Abbreviation of secretary.
  • sec. prep. Abbreviation of secundum.
  • Sec. n. (Law) Abbreviation of security.
  • Sec. n. (Law) Abbreviation of securities.
  • Sec. n. Abbreviation of section.
  • S.E.C. prop.n. Alternative form of SEC.
  • S.␣E.␣C. prop.n. Alternative form of SEC.
— International convention —
  • sec sym. (Trigonometry) Symbol of the trigonometric function secant.
  • sec sym. (Nonstandard) Symbol of second, an SI unit of measurement of time.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Aromanian
    • sec adj. Barren, deserted.
    • sec v. I dry, dry up.
    • sec v. I exhaust, wither, drain, empty.
  • Aromanian - Occitan - Romanian
  • Catalan
    • sec adj. Dry (free from or lacking moisture).
    • sec adj. (Of wine) dry (low in sugar).
    • sec adj. Skinny.
    • sec v. First-person singular present indicative form of seure.
    • sec n. (2016 spelling reform) Alternative form of séc.
    • séc n. Fold.
    • séc n. Groove.
    • séc n. Wrinkle.
  • Czech
    • seč n. (Literary) fight.
    • seč n. (Literary) cutting.
    • seč n. (Forestry).
    • seč n. (Regional) glade, clearing.
    • seč conj. As much as.
  • Emilian
  • Lower sorbian
    • sec v. To mow (cut something down).
  • Old english
    • sec adj. Alternative form of sēoc.
  • Old french
    • sec adj. Dry (lacking moisture).
  • Romagnol
  • Romanian
    • sec adj. Barren, empty, deserted; also dried up.
    • sec adj. (Figuratively) missing or deficient in something, lacking; also useless.
    • sec adj. (Figuratively) dull, stupid, empty-headed.
    • sec adj. (Regional, Transylvania) skinny.
    • sec. n. Abbreviation of secol (“century”).
  • Romansch
    • sec adj. (Sursilvan) dry.
  • Semai
  • Slovene
    • seč n. Urine.
    • seč v. Supine of sẹ́či.
  • Swedish
    • sec adj. Dry (especially of white wine).
  • Vietnamese
    • séc n. A cheque/check.
    • Séc prop.n. Czechia.
    • Séc adj. Czech.
    • sẹc n. (Colloquial) the slash symbol (/) when used on home address, with each slash represents a branching.
— English words, defined in French —
  • sec n. Seconde.
  • sec. n. Seconde.
— In German —
  • SEC Abk. Securities and Exchange Commission.
— In Dutch —
  • sec bijv. Eenvoudigweg, zonder enige opsmuk.
— In French —
  • sec adj. Qui a peu ou pas d’humidité.
  • sec adj. Il est opposé à vert et frais, lorsqu’on parle des herbes…
  • sec adj. Dont on a évaporé les éléments humides, séché ou asséché.
  • sec adj. (Sens figuré) Décharné ; nerveux ; osseux.
  • sec adj. (Sens figuré) Rude ; abrupt ; sans moelleux ; sans douceur…
  • sec adj. Qualifie un vin qui n’est pas liquoreux, qui n’est pas moelleux.
  • sec adj. Seul, sans accompagnement, nu.
  • sec adj. (Sens figuré) Sans compensation, sans contrepartie.
  • sec adj. (Jeu de cartes) Seul.
  • sec adj. Qualifie un lieu où la vente d’alcool est interdite.
  • sec n.m. Ce qui n’est pas humide.
  • sec n.m. (En particulier) Fourrage séché, foin, paille ou avoine.
  • sec n.m. Endroit sec.
  • sec n.m. (Marine) Terre, par opposition à l’eau.
  • sec n.m. Relief sous-marin où la profondeur de l’eau est faible…
  • sec n.m. Homme grand et maigre.
  • sec adv. Rudement, sans ménagement, brusquement.
  • sec adv. Sans eau ajoutée, en parlant d’alcool.
  • sec. n.f. Seconde.
133 English words from 54 English definitions

Abbreviation address also Alternative and As␣much As␣much␣as athletics Barren branched branching bucket Carpi century check chemistry cheque clearing Clipping college Colloquial Commission conference cut cutting Czech Czechia deficient deserted down drain dried dried␣up dry dry␣up dull each empty empty-headed especially Exchange exhaust fight Figuratively finance First First␣person First-person␣singular Fold Forestry form free from function functional functional␣group glade government Groove group headed home indeterminate indicative Initialism lacking Law Literary low measurement Meat minute missing moisture mow much much␣as Nonstandard of␣a Organic Organic␣chemistry period period␣of␣time person Plural politics present present␣indicative reform Regional represents sac SEC secant second secondary secretary section secundum securities security short singular skinny slash something Southeastern spelling spelling␣reform sports stupid sugar Supine Sursilvan symbol the time Transylvania trigonometric trigonometric␣function Trigonometry unit unit␣of␣measurement Urine used useless when white white␣wine wine with wither Wrinkle

34 English words from 23 foreign definitions

abrupt alcool and cartes Commission compensation des Dont douceur eau est Exchange foin Fourrage grand Homme les lieu maigre Marine moelleux opposition par parle pas Relief Rude sans sec Seconde Securities Sens sous vert

1 foreign word from 54 English definitions


52 foreign words from 23 foreign definitions

accompagnement ajoutée asséché avoine brusquement Ce␣qui contrepartie Décharné Eenvoudigweg éléments Endroit enige En␣particulier évaporé faible figuré frais herbes humide humides humidité Il␣est interdite Jeu Jeu␣de␣cartes liquoreux marin ménagement nerveux opposé opsmuk osseux ou␣pas paille parlant par␣opposition␣à particulier peu peu␣ou␣pas profondeur Qualifie qui Rudement sans␣ménagement séché Sens␣figuré Seul sous-marin Terre vente vin zonder

1038 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

SECA sech seck Seck SECO secs secs. sect sec'y Sec'y SECAM SECAs secco secks Secks secle Secor SECOs sects secus SECAmb secant Secchi seccos SecDef secede seceed secern secesh secess Sechan Seckel secksy secles Seclin secohm second Secord Secors secpar secret sector secuer secula secund secure secalin secancy secants secapin +988 words

1894 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

C-secs fsecs HSeCN ksecs msecs AASECT arsech bisect cusecs disect exsect insect resect Waseca Absecon arcsech arcsecs beseche bisects Canseco dissect Elsecar exsects Fonseca insects insecty Lasecki nosecap nose␣cap nosecco parsecs prosect resects rose-cut rose␣cut subsecs. subsect trisect use-case use␣case μsecond Wisecup arsecunt assecure basecall basecamp base␣camp base␣case basecoat base␣coat +1844 words

44 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

CSEC C-sec fsec ksec msec cm/sec cusec exsec OPSEC arcsec COMSEC Krusec natsec parsec subsec. witsec WitSec WITSEC demi-sec infosec Montsec WHINSEC forinsec just␣a␣sec microsec waitasec subarcsec subparsec triple␣sec attoparsec decaparsec dekaparsec gigaparsec kiloparsec Mattabesec megaparsec Noisy-le-Sec teraparsec microarcsec microparsec milliarcsec milliparsec yottaparsec saucisson␣sec

3 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

ces CEs CES

9 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

ces CEs CES CSE ECS Esc ESC SCE sce.

138 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

aces Aces ACEs aesc æsc ASCE B.C.E.s bcse case Case CASE CBSE Cdes CDEs CD-Es Ceas CEAs cees cels CELs cems CEMs Cens ceos CEOs ceps CEPs CERs cese CESG cess cest CEST -cest ches Ches. CMEs CoEs COEs cose CPEs Cres CRES cres. CSCE CSEC C-sec CSEM CSEs CSPE +88 words

33 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

ce CE -ce C.E. cs Cs CS C$ c's C's CS. EC ec. E.C. es Es ES -es e's es- E's 'e's sc Sc SC sc. Sc. S.C. se SE -se se. Se.

108 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

AEC Bec BEC dec Dec DEC dec- dec. Dec. EEC FEC IEC LEC mec MEC NEC n.e.c. OEC pec PEC QEC rec rec. sac Sac SAC SBC SCC SDC sea Sea SEA Seb SEB sed SED see See SEE seg SEH sei Sek SEL sem Sem SEM sen Sen SEN Sen. Seo SEO sep Sep SEP Sep. seq SEQ seq. &␣seq. ser SER ser. ses SEs SES -ses set Set SET se SEU sev sew sex sex- Sey. sez SEZ SFC sGC SHC sic SIC SLC SMC soc Soc SoC SOC soc. Soc. SPC src SRC SSC STC svc SVC (+8 words)

14 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

EC ec. E.C. sc Sc SC sc. Sc. S.C. se SE -se se. Se.

5 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

spec SPEC spec. Stec Svec

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