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— English words —
  • soft adj. Easily giving way under pressure.
  • soft adj. (of cloth or similar material) Smooth and flexible; not rough, rugged, or harsh.
  • soft adj. (of a sound) Quiet.
  • soft adj. Gentle.
  • soft adj. Expressing gentleness or tenderness; mild; conciliatory; courteous; kind.
  • soft adj. Gentle in action or motion; easy.
  • soft adj. Weak in character; impressible.
  • soft adj. Requiring little or no effort; easy.
  • soft adj. Not bright or intense.
  • soft adj. Having a slight angle from straight.
  • soft adj. (linguistics) Voiced; sonant.
  • soft adj. (linguistics, rare) voiceless.
  • soft adj. (linguistics, Slavic languages) palatalized.
  • soft adj. (slang) Lacking strength or resolve; not tough, wimpy.
  • soft adj. (of water) Low in dissolved calcium compounds.
  • soft adj. (Britain, colloquial) Foolish.
  • soft adj. (physics) Of a ferromagnetic material; a material that becomes essentially non magnetic when an…
  • soft adj. (of a person) Physically or emotionally weak.
  • soft adj. Incomplete, or temporary; not a full action.
  • soft adj. (Britain, of a man) Effeminate.
  • soft adj. Agreeable to the senses.
  • soft adj. Not harsh or offensive to the sight; not glaring or jagged; pleasing to the eye.
  • soft interj. (archaic) Be quiet; hold; stop; not so fast.
  • soft adv. (obsolete) Softly; without roughness or harshness; gently; quietly.
  • soft n. A soft or foolish person; an idiot.
  • soft n. (motorsports) Ellipsis of soft tyre (A tyre whose compound is softer than mediums, and harder than supersofts.).
  • -soft suff. Used in the names of software houses.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Czech - Polish
    • soft n. (colloquial) software, program.
  • Westrobothnian
    • söft n. A bracket; a hoop.
    • söft n. A sight; a bead.
    • söft v. (intransitive) To aim.
    • söft v. (nautical) To reef sails.
    • söft v. To put warm water on malt so that it may stand and sweeten or become sweet.
— English word, define in German —
  • soft  Adj. weich.
— English word, define in Dutch —
  • soft  bijv. zacht.
— English words, define in French —
  • soft  adj. Mou, molle.
  • soft  adj. Doux, douce (agréable au toucher ; d’une eau à teneur faible en minéraux ; se dit d’une consonne sonore).
— English words, define in Spanish —
  • soft  adj. Suave.
  • soft  adj. Blando.
— English words, define in Portuguese —
  • soft  adj. mole.
  • soft  adj. macio.
  • soft  adj. suave.
— English word, define in Italian —
  • soft  agg. soffice, morbido.
— In Dutch —
  • soft  bijv. zacht, zachtaardig.
— In French —
  • soft  adj. (Anglicisme) Peu violent, doux.
  • soft  adj. (Anglicisme) Dans le domaine de la sexualité, désigne des…
  • soft  adj. (Anglicisme) Dans le domaine de la pornographie, qualifie…
  • soft  n.m. (Anglicisme informatique) Logiciel.
  • soft  n.m. (Anglicisme) Boisson sans alcool.
140 English words from 33 English definitions

action Agreeable aim and angle archaic bead become becomes Be␣quiet bracket bright Britain calcium character cloth colloquial compound compounds conciliatory courteous dissolved Easily easy Effeminate effort Ellipsis emotionally essentially Expressing eye fast ferromagnetic flexible foolish from full Gentle gentleness gently giving giving␣way glaring harder harsh harshness Having hold hoop houses idiot impressible in␣action in␣character Incomplete intense intransitive jagged kind Lacking languages linguistics little Low magnetic malt man material may mediums mild motion motorsports names nautical non not not␣so␣fast obsolete of␣a offensive palatalized person Physically physics pleasing pressure program put quiet quietly rare reef Requiring resolve rough roughness rugged sails senses sight similar slang Slavic slight Smooth soft softer Softly software software␣houses sonant so␣that sound stand stop straight strength sweet sweeten temporary tenderness than that the to␣the tough tyre under Used Voiced voiceless warm water way weak when whose wimpy without

13 English words from 16 foreign definitions

alcool Dans des dit douce doux eau mole molle sans suave toucher violent

28 foreign words from 16 foreign definitions

agréable Anglicisme Blando Boisson consonne consonne␣sonore de␣la désigne domaine faible informatique Logiciel macio minéraux morbido Mou Peu pornographie qualifie sans␣alcool sexualité soffice sonore teneur une weich zacht zachtaardig

331 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

softa soft␣c soft␣g softs softy softas soft␣cs soften softer soft␣gs softie softly Softail softbot softbox soft␣elm softens softest softgel softies softirq softish softkey soft-key soft␣key softmax softmod softner soft␣roe softrot soft␣rot soft␣top soft␣toy Softails softback softball softbill softbots soft␣coal softcode softcopy soft␣copy softcore soft-core soft␣coup soft␣elms softened softener soften␣up softgels +281 words

253 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

resoften unsoftly cups␣of␣tea resoftens semisofts cards␣of␣ten Microsofts oversoften oversoftly resoftened ultrasofts unsoftened biosoftware Microsofted Microsofter Microsoftie mists␣of␣time nonsoftware oversoftens presoftened resoftening sands␣of␣time tests␣of␣time tread-softly unsoftening walls␣of␣text webs␣of␣trust arrows␣of␣time as␣often␣as␣not bags␣of␣tricks flowers␣of␣tan free␣software Microsofters Microsoftian Microsofties Microsoftify Microsofting Microsoft␣tax oversoftened pieces␣of␣tail rules-of-thumb rules␣of␣thumb softly-softly softly␣softly softly,␣softly telesoftware terms␣of␣trade tips␣of␣the␣hat unsoftenable vales␣of␣tears +203 words

13 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

unsoft airsoft fail-soft oversoft semisoft semi-soft hypersoft Microsoft Micro$oft silky␣soft supersoft ultrasoft Mickeysoft

2 words-in-word (Words found as is inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

oft OFT

One word-in-word RTL (Word found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)


33 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

fatso FOBTs Fogts foist fonts foots forts FOSTA Foths Fotis fotos Foust frost Frost frots f-stop f/stop f␣stop lofts LOFTs OVFST q-tofs 'sfoot shtof softa soft␣c soft␣g softs softy tifos toffs tofts tofus

22 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

fos FOT FST FTs FTS ft³/s OFs oft OFT ost OST OTs SFO sot stf Stf. TFS TOF TOs TOS Tso TSO

13 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

BOFT loft LOFT ooft SAFT sift sofa Sofi soot sort sout sqft toft

3 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

oft OFT sot

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