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— English words —
  • stock n. A store or supply.
  • stock n. (Finance) The capital raised by a company through the issue of shares. The total of shares held by an…
  • stock n. The raw material from which things are made; feedstock.
  • stock n. Stock theater, summer stock theater.
  • stock n. The trunk and woody main stems of a tree. The base from which something grows or branches.
  • stock n. Any of the several species of cruciferous flowers in the genus Matthiola.
  • stock n. A handle or stem to which the working part of an implement or weapon is attached.
  • stock n. Part of a machine that supports items or holds them in place.
  • stock n. A bar, stick or rod.
  • stock n. A type of (now formal or official) neckwear.
  • stock n. A bed for infants; a crib, cot, or cradle.
  • stock n. (Folklore) A piece of wood magically made to be just like a real baby and substituted for it by magical beings.
  • stock n. (Obsolete) A cover for the legs; a stocking.
  • stock n. A block of wood; something fixed and solid; a pillar; a firm support; a post.
  • stock n. (By extension, obsolete) A person who is as dull and lifeless as a stock or post; one who has little sense.
  • stock n. (UK, historical) The longest part of a split tally stick formerly struck in the exchequer, which was…
  • stock n. (Shipbuilding, in the plural) The frame or timbers on which a ship rests during construction.
  • stock n. (UK, in the plural) Red and grey bricks, used for the exterior of walls and the front of buildings.
  • stock n. (Biology) In tectology, an aggregate or colony of individuals, such as trees, chains of salpae, etc.
  • stock n. The beater of a fulling mill.
  • stock v. To have on hand for sale.
  • stock v. To provide with material requisites; to store; to fill; to supply.
  • stock v. To allow (cows) to retain milk for twenty-four hours or more prior to sale.
  • stock v. To put in the stocks as punishment.
  • stock v. (Nautical) To fit (an anchor) with a stock, or to fasten the stock firmly in place.
  • stock v. (Card games, dated) To arrange cards in a certain manner for cheating purposes; to stack the deck.
  • stock adj. Of a type normally available for purchase/in stock.
  • stock adj. (Racing, of a race car) Having the same configuration as cars sold to the non-racing public, or having…
  • stock adj. Straightforward, ordinary, just another, very basic.
  • stock n. A thrust with a rapier; a stoccado.
  • Stock prop.n. A village and civil parish in Chelmsford district, Essex, England (OS grid ref TQ6998).
  • Stock prop.n. A surname.
  • -stock suff. Forming the names of theme-based festivals or concerts.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Central franconian
    • Stock n. (Most dialects) stick; staff.
    • Stock n. (Most dialects) floor; storey; level.
    • Stöck n. (Ripuarian, plural Stöcker) piece.
    • Stöck n. (Ripuarian, plural Stöck or Stöcker) general counter word, usually not translated in English.
    • Stöck n. (Ripuarian) plural of Stock.
  • Hunsrik
  • Swedish
    • stock n. A log (trunk of a dead tree).
    • stock n. A stock (of a gun).
    • stock n. (In some compounds) a thick (wooden) object.
    • stock n. A pack of snus, usually ten, wrapped in plastic film or packed in a light cardboard box.
    • stock- pref. Extremely, absolutely.
— English words, defined in German —
  • stock S. Bestand, Lager.
  • stock S. Suppe.
  • stock S. Aktie.
— English words, defined in Dutch —
  • stock n. Voorraad.
  • stock n. Aandeel.
  • stock n. Kolf (van geweer).
  • stock w. Overgankelijk voorraadig zijn.
— English words, defined in French —
  • stock n. Stock, réserve.
  • stock n. (Finance)Action.
  • stock n. Matériau brut, matière première.
  • stock n. (Arboriculture) Tronc principal d’un arbre.
  • stock n. Barre, bâton.
  • stock n. (Botanique) Giroflée.
  • stock n. Lit d’enfant, berceau.
  • stock n. (Folklore) Morceau de bois sur lequel on jette un sort pour le faire passer pour un bébé et pouvoir…
  • stock n. Collier formel ou officiel, comme une cravate ou un col romain.
  • stock n. (Désuet) Des bas (voir stockings).
  • stock n. Coup d’estoc, estocade.
  • stock v. Emmagasiner, stocker.
  • stock v. Empoissonner.
  • stock adj. Du stock.
  • Stock n.prop. (Géographie) Paroisse civile d’Angleterre située dans le district de Chelmsford.
— English words, defined in Spanish —
  • stock s. Reserva.
  • stock s. Ganado.
  • stock s. Linaje, estirpe.
  • stock s. En cocina Caldo.
  • stock s. Existencia en inventario.
  • stock v. Vender.
  • stock v. Surtir, abastecer.
— English word, defined in Portuguese —
  • stock s. Estoque.
— English words, defined in Italian —
  • stock s. Provvista, scorta, riserva.
  • stock s. (Commercio)merce in magazzino, scorte in magazzino, giacenza, scorta, assortimento, stock.
  • stock s. (Economia) (commercio) (finanza) capitale sociale, capitale azionario.
— In German —
  • stock V. 2. Person Singular Imperativ Präsens Aktiv des Verbs stocken.
  • Stock S. Länglicher zylindrischer Gegenstand, meist aus Holz.
  • Stock S. Oberirdischer Trieb einer Pflanze.
  • Stock S. Ohne Plural: Vorrat, zum Beispiel an Waren; auch beim Kartenspiel: Talon.
  • Stock S. Geologie: umfangreiche, unregelmäßig geformte Gesteinsmasse.
  • Stock S. Kurz für: Stockwerk.
  • Stock S. Sport: kegelförmiges Wurfgerät für das Spiel auf Eis oder Asphalt.
  • Stock S. Forstsprache: Wurzelstock.
  • stock- Präf. Mit Adjektiven: verstärkend im Sinn von völlig, sehr.
— In Dutch —
  • stock n. Dat wat wordt bewaard om pas in de toekomst te gebruiken of te verkopen.
  • stock n. (Kaartspel) stapel speelkaarten.
  • stock n. (Dichtkunst) telkens terugkerende regel in een refrein.
— In French —
  • stock n.m. (Logistique) Quantité de marchandise qui se trouve en magasin…
  • stock n.m. (Par métonymie) Entrepôt, réserve.
  • stock n.m. (Pêche) Ensemble d’individus qui, du fait de caractéristiques…
  • Stock n.prop. (Géographie) Paroisse civile d’Angleterre située dans…
— In Portuguese —
  • stock s. (Estrangeirismo) ver estoque.
— In Italian —
  • stock s. (Forestierismo) (economia) (commercio) (finanza) riserva…
273 English words from 47 English definitions

absolutely aggregate allow anchor and another Any Apartment are arrange attached available baby bar base based basic beater bed beings Biology block box branches bricks buildings Bush By␣extension capital car Card cardboard cardboard␣box Card␣games cards cars certain chains cheating Chelmsford civil civil␣parish colony company compounds concerts configuration construction cot counter cover cows cradle crib cruciferous dated dead dead␣tree deck dialects district dull during England English Essex etc exchequer extension exterior Extremely fasten feedstock festivals fill film Finance firm firmly fit fixed flat floor flowers Folklore for for␣it formal formerly Forming for␣sale four frame from front fulling fulling␣mill games general genus grey grid grows gun hand handle has have have␣on having held historical holds hours implement individuals infants in␣place issue items just legs level lifeless light like little log longest machine made magical magically main manner material milk mill more Most names Nautical neckwear non normally not now object obsolete of␣a of␣an official one on␣hand ordinary pack packed packed␣in parish part person piece pillar place plastic plural post prior prior␣to provide public punishment purchase purposes put put␣in race race␣car racing raised rapier raw raw␣material real Red ref requisites rests retain Ripuarian rod sale salpae same sense several shares ship Shipbuilding shrub snus sold solid some something species split stack stack␣the␣deck staff stem stems stick stoccado stock stocking stocks stock␣theater store storey Straightforward struck substituted such such␣as summer summer␣stock supply support supports surname tally tally␣stick tectology ten that the theater them theme the␣same thick things through thrust timbers total to␣the translated tree trees Tree␣trunk trunk twenty twenty␣four type used usually very village walls was weapon which who with wood wooden woody word working working␣part wrapped

58 English words from 51 foreign definitions

Action Arboriculture Asphalt auf Barre bas bâton Bestand bois brut Chelmsford col Collier Coup dans das Dat des district een Eis Ensemble Entrepôt faire fait Finance Folklore formel Kurz Lager Lit merce Morceau Par pas passer Person Plural pour première principal refrein riserva Singular sort Spiel Sport stock stocken stocker stockings Talon Tronc van Vender ver Verbs wat

1 foreign word from 47 English definitions


132 foreign words from 51 foreign definitions

Aandeel abastecer Adjektiven Aktie Aktiv Angleterre arbre assortimento auch aus azionario bébé beim Beispiel berceau Botanique Caldo capitale capitale␣sociale caractéristiques civile cocina col␣romain comme commercio cravate Désuet Dichtkunst economia einer Emmagasiner Empoissonner enfant estirpe estoc estocade estoque Estrangeirismo Existencia faire␣passer faire␣passer␣pour finanza Forestierismo für Ganado gebruiken geformte Gegenstand Géographie Geologie geweer giacenza Giroflée Holz Imperativ individus inventario jette Kaartspel Kartenspiel kegelförmiges Kolf Länglicher lequel Linaje Logistique magasin magazzino marchandise Matériau matière matière␣première meist métonymie Mit Oberirdischer oder officiel Ohne Overgankelijk Paroisse Paroisse␣civile pas␣in passer␣pour Pêche Pflanze pouvoir Präsens Provvista Quantité Quantité␣de qui regel regel␣in Reserva réserve romain scorta scorte sehr Sinn située sociale speelkaarten Spiel␣auf stapel Stockwerk Suppe sur Surtir telkens terugkerende toekomst Trieb trouve umfangreiche une unregelmäßig verkopen verstärkend voir völlig von Voorraad Vorrat Waren wordt Wurzelstock zijn zum zum␣Beispiel zylindrischer

298 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

Stocki stocks Stocks stocky stocked stocken stocker Stocker stockin' stock␣up stockade stockage Stockard stock-bow stockboy stock-boy stock␣boy stockcar stock␣car stockens stockers Stockers Stockert stocketh Stockett Stockham stockier stockily stocking Stocking stockin's stockish stockist Stockley stockman Stockman stockmen stockout stock-out stock␣out stockpot Stockton stockable stockaded stockades stockages Stockards stock␣ball stockbook stock-bows +248 words

204 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

Estocks Bostocks castocks destocks restocks unstocks vestocks bedstocks Binstocks bitstocks bun␣stocks Comstocks destocked diestocks fatstocks gunstocks gun␣stocks linstocks McStocker penstocks rawstocks restocked restocker tipstocks unstocked backstocks ballstocks basestocks Beenstocks bergstocks Brigstocks bumpstocks bump-stocks bump␣stocks buttstocks cardstocks card␣stocks cult␣stocks deadstocks destocking feedstocks film␣stocks fish␣stocks forestocks gunstocker headstocks hook␣stocks lackstocks lintstocks livestocks live-stocks live␣stocks +152 words

169 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

Estock bestock Bostock castock destock ex-stock ex␣stock Lostock restock Rostock unstock vestock barstock bar␣stock bedstock Binstock bitstock bun␣stock Calstock Comstock diestock fatstock Finstock gunstock gun␣stock Hinstock linstock midstock nonstock penstock Radstock rawstock sea␣stock Tawstock tipstock antistock backstock ballstock basestock Beenstock bergstock Brigstock bumpstock bump-stock bump␣stock buttstock cardstock card␣stock cryostock Culmstock +119 words

6 words-in-word (Words found as is inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

ock -ock sto ToC TOC tock

7 words-in-word RTL (Words found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)

cot cots COTS C.O.T.S. ots OTs OTS

2 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

tocks 'tocks

16 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

Estock Kostic mock'st SCOTUK shockt socket sock␣it Stocki stocks Stocks stocky stoick Stoick Storck Strock thocks

24 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

cost Cost cots COTS C.O.T.S. CSTO CTOs KCTs Kocs OCTS OSTC OTKs OTSC scot Scot Scot. sock TCKs TCOs TKOs tock TOCs Toks Tosk

20 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

shock Shock slock smock Smock Spock stack Stack steck Steck stick Stick stoak stonk stook stork Stork stouk stuck Stuck

2 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

sock tock

4 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

stoick Stoick Storck Strock

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