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— English words —
  • ay interj. Ah! alas!
  • ay interj. Alternative spelling of aye ("yes").
  • ay n. Alternative spelling of aye ("yes").
  • ay adv. (archaic, poetic or Northern England) Always; ever; continually; for an indefinite time.
  • ay interj. New Zealand spelling of eh (question tag).
  • AY n. Initialism of academic year.
  • -ay suff. Used in the game of Pig Latin.
  • ay^ interj. (text messaging) Abbreviation of ay up.
— Translinguals —
  • let. A ligature from the letters a and y.
  • let. A ligature from the letters A and Y.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Adyghe
    • ау adv. there, within that area (far away from here).
    • ау adv. but.
  • Azerbaijani
    • ay n. date (day of the month).
  • Azerbaijani - Crimean tatar - Gagauz - Turkish
    • ay n. moon.
    • ay n. month.
  • Bashkir
    • ау n. (hunting) trap, snare.
    • ау n. (fishing) net for catching fish, dragnet, seine.
    • ау n. cobweb.
    • ау n. hunt, hunting expedition.
  • Bedjond - Gor - Gulay - Mbay - Ngam - Sar
  • Czech
    • ay interj. obsolete typography of aj.
  • Daba - Gulay - Ngam
  • Finnish
    • Ay abbr. An unofficial abbreviation of avoin yhtiö (“general partnership”).
  • Gagauz
    • ay n. saint.
  • Gor
  • Gulay
    • à̰ȳ v. to run (normally with ngɔ̄dɨ̄).
    • à̰ȳ v. to smoke.
    • à̰ȳ v. (a liquid): to flow.
  • Kurdish
    • AY prop.n. USA, US.
    • AY prop.n. Initialism of Ameriqayê Yekbûyî.
  • Ladino
    • ay v. there is, there are.
  • Macedonian
    • ау interj. oh my.
    • ау interj. ow, ouch.
  • Malagasy
  • Middle french
    • ay v. first-person singular present indicative of avoir.
  • Ngam - Sar
  • Russian
    • ау interj. hello? (is anyone there?).
  • Sar
    • à̰ȳ v. (Nar dialect) to smoke.
    • à̰ȳ v. to flow.
    • à̰ȳ v. (Sar dialect) to flee, escape.
  • Scots
    • ay adv. yes.
  • Sranan tongo
    • ay n. Alternative spelling of ai.
  • Tagalog
    • ay prep. Equality marker. It can be translated as is, am, are, was, will be, etc., but functions as a preposition…
    • ay prep. Verb/predicate marker. Only used when the verb or predicate does not begin the sentence.
    • -ay suff. Used to form diminutive forms of female given names.
  • Tocharian a - Tocharian b
  • Turkish
    • ay interj. exclamation of surprise, shock or fear: oh!
    • ay interj. exclamation of pain: ouch!
    • Ay prop.n. A male given name.
    • Ay prop.n. A female given name.
    • Ay prop.n. (astronomy) Moon (sole natural satellite of the Earth).
  • Turkmen
  • Vietnamese
    • ấy det. that; those.
  • Wolof
    • ay art. some (plural indefinite article).
  • Zou
    • ay n. crab.
— English words, define in Dutch —
  • ay  tuss. (tweeletterwoord) ai, au.
  • ay  tuss. ja.
  • ay  bijw. altijd, altoos.
— English word, define in French —
  • Aÿ  n.prop. (Géographie) Aÿ (ville de France).
— In French —
  • ay  n.m. Vin rouge de la catégorie « coteaux champenois » et à base…
  • ay  interj. (Désuet) Variante orthographique de aïe.
  • ay  v. Forme ancienne de « (j’)ai » (verbe « avoir »).
  • Ay  n.prop. (Géographie) Ancienne commune française, située dans…
  • AY  sym. (Marine) Quartier maritime désignant le port d’Auray.
  • Aÿ  n.prop. (Géographie) Variante orthographique de Ay.
— In Spanish —
  • ay  interj. Expresa dolor o pena.
  • ay  interj. De manera enfática («¡aaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!»), denota falta…
  • ay  adv. Grafía obsoleta de ahí.
147 English words from 57 English definitions

abbreviation academic academic␣year alas Alternative Always and anyone archaic are area article as␣is astronomy away aye ay␣up begin bone but can catching cobweb continually crab date day dialect diminutive does dragnet drink Earth England Equality escape etc ever exclamation expedition far far␣away fear female first first-person first␣person first-person␣singular fish fishing flee flow for form forms from functions game general general␣partnership given given␣name given␣names hello here hunt hunting indefinite indefinite␣article indicative Initialism in␣the␣game Latin letters ligature liquid male marker messaging month moon name names natural net New New␣Zealand normally Northern not obsolete oh␣my Only ouch our pain partnership person Pig Pig␣Latin plural poetic predicate preposition present present␣indicative question run saint Sar satellite seine sentence shock singular smoke snare sole some spelling surprise tag text text␣messaging that the there there␣are there␣is those time translated trap typography unofficial USA used Used␣to verb was when will with within year yes Zealand

13 English words from 13 foreign definitions

base commune coteaux dans dolor Forme France Marine maritime port Quartier rouge Vin

3 foreign words from 57 English definitions

avoir Nar question␣tag

30 foreign words from 13 foreign definitions

ahí aïe altijd altoos ancienne Auray avoir catégorie champenois de␣la denota désignant Désuet enfática Expresa falta française Géographie Grafía manera obsoleta orthographique pena Quartier␣maritime située tweeletterwoord Variante verbe ville Vin␣rouge

180 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

aya Aya aye Aye AYH ayn Ayn AYN ayo ayr Ayr ays AYs AYT ayu Ayu Ayad ayah Ayan ayas ayat ayen Ayer ayes Ayes ayin ʿayin ayle ayme ay␣me ayns Aynu Ayon ayoo ayre Ayre ayry Ayub ayuh ayup ay␣up ayus Ayva Ayaan Ayads ayahs Ayaka Ayako Ayala Ayame +130 words

7453 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

baya bay'd bays bayt cayo Cayo cays daye Daye Dayi days Faye fays Gaya Gaye gayo Gayo gays haya Haya haye Haye Hayk hays Hays Jaya Jaye jays kaya Kaye kayo kays laya layd laye layn lays maya Maya maye Maye mayo Mayo Mayr mays Mays may't Mayu nays Nays +7403 words

2436 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

bay Bay cay day Day fay Fay gay Gay hay Hay jay Jay kay Kay 'kay lay Lay may May nay Nay NAY pay Pay ray Ray ra'y say tay Tay way Way 'way -way yay Yay zay abay Aday A-gay Ajay alay amay apay Asay avay away bday blay Blay +2385 words

2 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letter.)

ya YA

102 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

aby Aly Amy any any% APY ary Ary -ary aya Aya aye Aye AYH ayn Ayn AYN ayo ayr Ayr ays AYs AYT ayu Ayu bay Bay cay cya CYA day Day d'ya fay Fay FYA gay Gay hay Hay jay Jay kay Kay 'kay kya lay Lay Ly-α may May +51 words

195 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

aa AA āā a'a a-a a/a a/A A-a A&A A/A a.a. A.A. a␣&␣a ab Ab AB A -ab ab- ab. A&B A/B a.b. A.B. ac Ac AC -ac a-c a/c ac- ac. A/C a.c. A.C. ad AD 'ad -ad ad- ad. A.D. ae AE æ Æ -ae A&E -æ a**e a.e. A␣&␣E af AF ag Ag AG Ag. A/G ah Ah AH ai Ai AI A-I a.i. aj AJ Ak AK al Al AL -al al- a.l. &␣al. am Am AM 'am Am. A&M a.m. A.M. A.␣M. A.␣&␣M. an An AN -an an' an- A/N a(n) ao Ao AO a.o. (+94 words)

9 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

aby Aly Amy any any% APY ary Ary -ary

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