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— English words —
  • be v. (Intransitive, now usually literary) To exist; to have real existence, to be alive.
  • be v. (With there, or dialectally it, as dummy subject) To exist.
  • be v. (Intransitive) To occupy a place.
  • be v. (Intransitive) To occur, to take place.
  • be v. (Intransitive, in perfect tenses) Elliptical form of "be here", "go to and return from" or similar…
  • be v. (Copulative) Used to indicate that the subject and object are the same.
  • be v. (Copulative, mathematics) Used to indicate that the values on either side of an equation are the same.
  • be v. (Copulative) Used to indicate that the subject is an instance of the predicate nominal.
  • be v. (Copulative) Used to indicate that the subject plays the role of the predicate nominal.
  • be v. (Copulative) Used to indicate that the subject has the qualities described by an adjective.
  • be v. (Copulative) Used to indicate that the subject has the qualities described by a noun or noun phrase.
  • be v. (Auxiliary) Used to form the passive voice.
  • be v. (Auxiliary) Used to form the continuous aspect.
  • be v. (Auxiliary) Used to form the perfect aspect with certain intransitive verbs; this was more common in…
  • be v. (Formal, auxiliary) Used to express future action as well as what is due to, intended to, or should happen.
  • be v. (Copulative) Used to link a subject to a measurement.
  • be v. (Copulative, with a cardinal numeral) Used to state the age of a subject in years.
  • be v. (With a dummy subject it) Used to indicate the time of day.
  • be v. (With since) Used to indicate passage of time since the occurrence of an event.
  • be v. (Rare and regional, chiefly in the past tense) Used to link two noun clauses, the first of which is…
  • be v. (Often impersonal, with it as a dummy subject) Used to indicate weather, air quality, or the like.
  • be v. (Dynamic / lexical "be", especially in progressive tenses, conjugated non-suppletively in the present…
  • be v. (AAVE, Caribbean, auxiliary, not conjugated) To tend to do, often do; marks the habitual aspect.
  • be prep. (Dialectal, possibly dated) Alternative form of by. Also found in compounds, especially oaths, e.g. begorra.
  • be n. The name of the Cyrillic script letter Б / б.
  • BE n. Bachelor of Engineering.
  • BE prop.n. (Linguistics) Initialism of Black English.
  • BE prop.n. Initialism of Buddhist Era.
  • BE prop.n. Abbreviation of Berlin, a federal state of Germany.
  • BE prop.n. Abbreviation of Bengkulu, a province of Indonesia.
  • be- pref. (Rare or no longer productive) By, near, next to, around, close to.
  • be- pref. (Rare or no longer productive) Around; about.
  • be- pref. (Rare or no longer productive) About, regarding, concerning, over.
  • be- pref. (Rare or no longer productive) On, upon, at, to, in contact with something.
  • be- pref. (Rare or no longer productive) Off, away, over, across.
  • be- pref. (Rare or no longer productive) As an intensifier; i.e. thoroughly, excessively; completely; utterly.
  • be- pref. (Rare or no longer productive) All around; about; abundantly; all over.
  • be- pref. (Rare or no longer productive) Forming verbs derived from nouns or adjectives, usually with the sense…
  • be- pref. (Archaic or informal) Used to intensify adjectives meaning "adorned with something", often those with the suffix -ed.
  • B&E n. Initialism of breaking and entering; burglary in general.
  • B/E n. (Banking) Initialism of bill of exchange.
  • B.E. n. Bachelor of Engineering.
— International convention —
  • be sym. (International standards) ISO 639-1 language code for Belarusian.
  • Be sym. (Chemistry) Symbol for beryllium.
  • BE sym. (International standards) ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code for Belgium.
  • .be sym. The ccTLD for Belgium as assigned by the IANA.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Afrikaans
    • be- pref. Used to indicate that a verb is acting on a direct object (making an intransitive verb into a transitive…
    • be- pref. Used to change the direct object of a transitive verb, so that what was previously expressed as an optional…
  • Albanian
    • be n. Oath.
    • be n. Vow, swearing.
  • Antillean creole - Haitian creole
  • Balinese
    • be rom. Romanization of ᬩᬾ.
  • Bambara
    • v. (Predicate of existence) there is, it is.
    • v. Forms the present tense, positive of verbs.
  • Basque - Catalan - Faroese - Polish - Slovene - Turkish
    • be n. The name of the Latin-script letter B/b.
  • Bassa
    • v. To draw sap from a palm tree.
  • Blagar
    • be n. Pig.
  • Catalan
    • be n. Sheep, ram, ewe, lamb; an individual of the species Ovis aries.
    • adv. Well.
    • n. Good.
  • Chichewa
    • -be suff. Used only for the verb -li ndi (“to have”) to form the negative.
    • -be suff. Still, nevertheless (used as a clitic at the end of a verb).
  • Choapan zapotec
    • n. Butterfly.
  • Corsican
  • Czech
    • interj. Baa (the cry of a sheep).
  • Czech - Hungarian - Icelandic - Romagnol - Tetum
    • n. The name of the Latin-script letter B/b.
  • Danish
    • be- pref. Forms adjectives from nouns, with the sense "having noun".
    • be- pref. Forms verbs from adjectives, with the sense "making" (adjective); -ify.
    • be- pref. Prepends to verbs, having no effect save making the verb transitive.
  • Dorasque
    • be n. (Changuena, Chumulu, Gualaca) night.
  • East central german
    • be prep. (Erzgebirgisch) at; with; by; near; (close) to.
  • Erzya
  • Esperanto
    • be interj. The characteristic cry of a sheep.
  • Fula
    • ɓe suff. Noun class indicator for nouns (plural) especially humans.
    • ɓe art. (Definite) the (when it follows the noun).
    • ɓe det. (Used in indicating something).
    • -ɓe suff. Nominal ending for (class of) human plurals.
  • Garo
  • Guerrero amuzgo
    • be adj. Red.
    • num. Two.
  • Hawaiian
    • n. The name of the Latin-script letter B/b.
  • Hungarian
    • be adv. In (towards the interior of a defined space, such as a building or room).
    • n. (Music) bemol, the sign ♭.
    • adv. (Poetic or dialectal) Alternative form of be (“in”).
    • -be suff. (Case suffix) into. Used to form the illative case.
    • -be suff. Eye dialect spelling of -ben.
    • be- pref. (Verbal prefix) in. It indicates actions with inward direction.
  • Iau
    • be n. Fire.
  • Ido
    • be n. The name of the Latin script letter B/b.
  • Indonesian
    • be- pref. Alternative form of ber-.
  • Irish
    • n. (Literary) woman, maiden.
    • n. Muse (inspiration for artist).
    • n. (Greek mythology) a Muse.
  • Japanese
    • be rom. Rōmaji transcription of べ (hiragana).
    • be rom. Rōmaji transcription of ベ (katakana).
  • Jarai
    • ƀĕ Classifier for 1-dimensional objects.
  • Karajá - Serili - West makian
    • be n. Water.
  • Kildin sami
    • -ъе suff. Forms passive verbs.
    • -ъе suff. Forms verbs from nouns.
    • -ъе suff. Forms inchoative verbs.
  • Latvian
    • n. The Latvian name of the Latin script letter B/b.
  • Limburgish
    • n. (Eupen) bee.
  • Limburgish - Luxembourgish
    • be- pref. Inseparable verbal prefix that signifies working on something or change of state.
    • be- pref. Inseparable verbal prefix that signifies touching the object.
    • be- pref. Inseparable verbal prefix that signifies discussing or mentioning the object.
  • Lithuanian
    • be prep. (Shows absence of something) without.
    • be prep. Besides; but, except.
  • Macedonian
    • ве pron. Short direct object form of вие.
    • Ве pron. Short direct object form of Вие.
    • -ве suff. The definite article "the" in its proximate plural form, male and female gender. (Also often as an alternative…
  • Malagasy
    • be adj. Big; great.
    • be adj. Many; numerous.
  • Middle dutch
    • be- pref. A verb prefix with a variety of meanings.
  • Middle english
    • be v. Alternative form of been.
    • be n. Alternative form of bee.
    • be v. First-person singular present indicative of been.
    • be v. Singular present subjunctive of been.
    • be v. Singular imperative of been.
    • be v. Plural present of been.
  • Middle english - Old saxon
    • be- pref. Alternative form of bi-.
  • Middle low german
    • be- pref. Makes an intransitive verb transitive or denotes that the action is targeted at something or accompanying something.
    • be- pref. Denotes on top, onto, often used to create figurative meanings.
    • be- pref. Denotes next to, very close.
  • Mmani
  • Mongolian
    • -ъё suff. Rounded back vowel harmonic form of -ъя.
    • -ье suff. Front vowel harmonic form of -ъя.
  • Mwotlap
    • n. Fresh water.
    • n. River, lake.
  • Mòcheno
    • be n. Path, way.
  • Navajo
    • be- pref. His, her (indicates secondary or alienable possession, in opposition to bi-. See for example akʼah, beʼakʼah).
  • Northern kurdish
  • Northern kurdish - Zazaki
    • prep. Without.
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk
    • be v. To ask something of someone.
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk - Swedish
    • be v. To pray.
  • Occitan
    • be n. Bee (the letter b).
  • Old english
    • be prep. About (concerning).
    • be prep. By, in various senses…
    • be- pref. A productive prefix usually used to form verbs and adjectives, especially…
  • Old irish
    • be v. Second-person singular present subjunctive of is.
    • be v. First/second-person singular future of is.
    • n. (Poetic) woman.
    • v. Second/third-person singular present subjunctive conjunct of at·tá.
  • Old prussian
    • be conj. Alternative form of bhe: and.
    • be prep. Without.
  • Oroqen
  • Phalura
    • be pron. We (1pl nom).
  • Polish
    • be adj. (Childish) icky, yucky.
    • be adv. (Childish) icky, yucky.
    • be interj. (Colloquial) Used with children to tell them not to touch something, bad! no touchy!
    • be interj. (Onomatopoeia) Used to imitate the sound of a sheep or ram, baa.
  • Rade
    • ƀĕ Classifier for cylindrical objects.
  • Romagnol
    • v. To drink.
  • Romanian
    • be interj. Baa (sound made by sheep or goats).
  • Russian
    • -ье suff. Abstract noun suffix; forms part of larger suffixes such as -е́нье, -а́нье, -тье, and exists on its…
    • -ье suff. Suffix used to create names of locations in conjunction with prefixes.
  • Savi
    • be pron. We; first-person plural personal pronoun.
  • Scots
    • be v. To be.
    • be conj. Alternative form of by.
  • Sotho
    • be adj. Bad.
  • Sumerian
    • be rom. Romanization of 𒁁 (be).
  • Swedish
    • be v. To ask for, request someone else to do something.
    • be v. To beg, to plead with someone for help or for a favor.
    • be- pref. Same as German be-, often found in German loanwords, primarily verbs and words based on verbs.
  • Tabaa zapotec
  • Tarao
    • be n. Bean, beans.
  • Tswana
    • -be adj. Bad, evil.
    • -be adj. Ugly.
  • Turkish
    • be n. Letter of the Arabic alphabet: ب.
    • be interj. (Very informal) hey there, hey! you! (implying disapproval of the addressee’s actions).
    • be interj. Strengthening of the preceding sentence.
  • Tzotzil
    • be n. Road, path, way.
  • Vietnamese
    • be n. Wine flask.
    • be adj. Beige.
    • be v. To build a mud embankment with one’s hands.
    • be v. To prop up the lip of a sack while topping off the sack, to ensure a more generous quantity.
    • be v. To hug a boundary or riverbank.
    • be interj. (Onomatopoeia) bleat; baa.
    • adj. Small; little; tiny.
    • adj. Little; very young.
    • n. Short for em bé (“baby”).
    • pron. You, little child.
    • pron. (Informal) you, young person.
    • pron. (Informal) you, young girl.
    • n. (Nautical) a raft (flat, floating structure).
    • n. (Only in compounds or fixed expressions, usually disapproving) a group of cohorts.
    • n. A Feng calf.
    • interj. (Onomatopoeia) The cry of a calf.
    • v. To carry with both hands.
    • v. (Colloquial) to interlard.
    • n. The name of the Latin-script letter B/b.
    • n. The name of the Latin-script letter P/p.
    • bế v. To hold and/or carry (a person, especially an infant, or an animal, with your forearms in front of your torso).
    • bề n. Side, surface.
    • bễ n. Bellows.
    • bể n. (Archaic in mainstream Vietnamese dialects, regular usage in many dialects of North Central Vietnam) sea, ocean.
    • bể n. Some small water bodies, reserves or containers; a lake, a pool, a water reserve, a water tank, etc.
    • bể v. To break, to be broken.
    • bể adj. Broken.
    • bẻ v. To break; to snap.
    • bẹ n. (Botany) sheath.
    • bẹ n. (Dialectal) corn, maize.
    • bệ n. Pedestal; platform; dais; rostrum; throne.
    • bệ v. (Colloquial) to interlard integrally.
  • Volapük
    • be- pref. Used to make an indirect object a direct object.
    • be- pref. Strengthens the meaning of the radical.
    • be- pref. Implies causing or conferring the meaning of the radical.
  • Vurës
  • Welsh
    • be' pron. (Colloquial) what?
  • Wutunhua
    • be- pref. Not; negates the existence of an action or state conveyed by a verb or adjective, in practice chiefly…
  • Yola
    • be v. Alternative form of ba (“to be”).
    • be prep. Alternative form of bee (“by”).
    • be v. Alternative form of ba (“are”).
  • Yoruba
    • bẹ v. (Transitive) to beg.
    • bẹ v. (Intransitive) to plead; to implore.
    • bẹ v. To send someone on an errand.
    • bẹ v. (Transitive) to peel.
    • bẹ v. To be ahead, to be forward.
    • bẹ v. (Intransitive) to snap, to burst, to break.
    • bẹ v. (Intransitive, always used with ń) to be (in a location), to exist.
    • bẹ v. To be held accountable.
    • bẹ v. To shine forth.
    • bẹ v. (Intransitive) to hop, to jump (downwards).
    • bẹ v. To buy a small quantity of something.
    • bẹ v. To slash, to cut off, (in particular), to slash something with a machete or cutlass.
    • bẹ v. (Ìjẹ̀bú) to give birth to.
  • Zia
    • be n. Mouth.
  • Zou
    • be n. Bean.
  • Zulu
    • be v. (Auxiliary) forms continuous tenses [+participial].
    • be- pref. Class 2 simple noun prefix, used with nouns whose full prefix is abe-.
— English words, defined in German —
  • be V. Vollverb; die Existenz bezeichnend: sein, existieren.
  • be V. Sich in einer bestimmten, betonten Weise verhalten, sein (existieren).
  • be V. Kopula: [3a] dem Subjekt ein logisches Prädikat zuordnend: sein [3b] die Gleichheit zweier Sachen bezeichnend: sein.
  • be V. Zusammen mit einer Ortsangabe: sein, sich (am genannten Ort) befinden.
  • be V. Zusammen mit einer Zeitangabe: stattfinden, geschehen [6] mit Mittelwörtern der Vergangenheit, zur Bildung…
  • be V. Kosten.
  • be V. Normalerweise mit from: stammen, kommen (aus).
  • be V. Als been, mit Formen von have: besuchen.
  • BE Abk. B.E.
  • BE Abk. British English.
  • BE Abk. Buddhist Era.
— English words, defined in Dutch —
  • be w. Koppelwerkwoord zijn, wezen.
  • be w. Hulpwerkwoord ~ + voltooid deelwoord: vormt de lijdende vorm: worden.
  • be w. Hulpwerkwoord (verouderd) ~ + voltooid deelwoord: vormt de voltooide tijd van sommige ergatieve werkwoorden.
  • be w. Onovergankelijk zijn, zich bevinden.
— English word, defined in Latin —
  • be v. Sum (esse, fui, —).
— English words, defined in French —
  • be v. Être.
  • be v. (Auxiliaire) Être. Auxiliaire pour former le passif avec un participe passé.
  • be v. (Auxiliaire) Être en train de. Auxiliaire pour former le progressif avec un participe présent.
  • be v. (Auxiliaire) (Soutenu) Aller. Auxiliaire pour former le futur proche avec un infinitif.
  • BE n. (Assurance, Finance) Meilleure estimation.
  • be- préf. Préfixe verbal qui sert à former des verbes.
— English words, defined in Spanish —
  • be v. Ser.
  • be v. Estar.
  • be v. Encontrarse.
— English words, defined in Portuguese —
  • be v. Ser.
  • be v. Estar.
— English word, defined in Italian —
  • B&E acro. (Economia) Business and Economics.
— In German —
  • Be Abk. Musik: das Versetzungszeichen ♭.
  • BE Abk. Baueinheiten der Nationalen Volksarmee (NVA) der DDR.
  • BE Abk. Britisches Englisch.
  • BE Abk. Broteinheit.
  • BE Abk. Deutschland: Kraftfahrzeugkennzeichen für Beckum, Warendorf.
  • be- Präf. Bezeichnet in Zusammensetzungen eine Bearbeitung oder…
  • be- Präf. Bezeichnet in Zusammensetzungen eine Berührung.
  • be- Präf. Bezeichnet in Zusammensetzungen eine intensivere Beschäftigung…
  • be- Präf. Bildet vom Nomen ein Adjektiv mit Pseudopartizipform…
  • be- Präf. Bildet als Vorsilbe ein transitives Verb aus einem zuvor…
  • be- Präf. Verschiebt als Vorsilbe eines Verbs den Fokus und verändert…
— In Dutch —
  • be- Vormt met een werkwoord een nieuw onscheidbaar werkwoord met…
  • be- Vormt met een bijwoord van richting in combinatie met -en (5)…
— In Latin —
  • be n.subs. Nomen B b litterae.
— In French —
  • bé n.m. Lettre latine B, b.
  • bé n.m. Deuxième lettre et première consonne de l’alphabet cyrillique…
  • bè ono. Imitation du bêlement.
  • bê ono. Imitation du bêlement.
  • Bé n.prop.m. (Géographie) Rivière du département de la Vienne en France.
  • °Be sym.m. (Métrologie) Symbole du degré Baumé.
  • °Bé sym.m. (Métrologie) Symbole du degré Baumé.
— In Spanish —
  • be s. Nombre de la letra b.
  • be s. Voz emitida por la oveja o el cordero.
  • Be s. Apellido.
— In Portuguese —
  • BE sig. Bloco de Esquerda, partido político português.
  • bé s. (Onomatopeia) expressa som emitido por um carneiro ou ovelha.
  • bê s. (Letra) nome da segunda letra do alfabeto português (B/b).
— In Italian —
  • bé int. Ebbene.
638 English words from 230 English definitions

AAVE Abbreviation abe about absence Abstract Abstract␣noun abundantly accompanying accountable across acting acting␣on action actions addressee adjective adjectives adorned age ahead air alienable alive all All␣around all␣over alpha alphabet Also alternative always and and/or animal Arabic Arabic␣alphabet Archaic are around article artist ask ask␣for aspect assigned as␣well as␣well␣as auxiliary away baa baby Bachelor back back␣vowel bad Banking based based␣on Bean beans bee been beg begorra Beige Belarusian Belgium Bellows bemol ben Bengkulu ber Berlin beryllium Besides Big bill bill␣of␣exchange birth Black Black␣English bleat bodies Botany both boundary break breaking breaking␣and␣entering broken Buddhist Buddhist␣Era build building burglary burst but Butter Butterfly buy calf cardinal cardinal␣numeral Caribbean carry case causing ccTLD Central certain change change␣of␣state characteristic Chemistry Chief chiefly child Childish children Chumulu class Classifier clauses clitic close close␣to code cohorts Colloquial common completely compounds concerning conferring conjugated conjunct conjunction contact containers continuous continuous␣aspect conveyed Copulative corn country country␣code create cry cut cutlass cut␣off cylindrical Cyrillic dais dated day defined definite definite␣article denotes derived described dialect dialectal dialectally dialects dimensional direct direction direct␣object disapproval disapproving discussing downwards draw drink due due␣to dummy dummy␣subject Dynamic effect either Elliptical else embankment end ending end␣of Engineering English ensure entering equation Era errand especially etc Eupen event evil ewe example except excessively exchange exist existence exists express expressed expressions Eye Eye␣dialect favor federal federal␣state female Feng figurative Fire first first␣person first-person␣plural First-person␣singular fixed flask flat floating follows for forearms for␣example form Formal Forming forms forth forward found Fresh Fresh␣water from front Front␣vowel full future gender general generous German Germany girl give give␣birth goats Good go␣to great Greek group habitual habitual␣aspect hands happen harmonic has have having held help her here hey hiragana His hold hop hug human humans IANA icky -ify illative illative␣case imitate imperative impersonal Implies implore implying inchoative in␣conjunction␣with indicate indicates indicating indicative indicator indirect indirect␣object individual Indonesia infant informal in␣front in␣front␣of in␣general Initialism in␣particular in␣practice Inseparable inspiration instance integrally intended intensifier intensify interior interlard International in␣the␣past into intransitive intransitive␣verb intransitive␣verbs inward ISO its jump katakana lake lamb language language␣code larger Latin Latin␣script Latvian less letter lexical like Linguistics link lip literary little loanwords location locations longer machete made maiden mainstream maize make Makes making male many marks mathematics meaning meanings measurement mentioning Month more Mouth mud Muse Music mythology name names Nautical near negates negative nevertheless next next␣to night no␣longer nom nominal non North North␣Central not noun Noun␣class noun␣clauses noun␣phrase nouns now numeral numerous Oath oaths object objects occupy occur occurrence ocean of␣a of␣an off often one only Onomatopoeia onto on␣top opposition optional over palm palm␣tree part participial particular passage passage␣of␣time passive passive␣voice past past␣tense path Pedestal peel perfect perfect␣tenses person personal personal␣pronoun phrase Pig place platform plays plead plural plurals Poetic pool positive possession possibly practice pray preceding predicate prefix prefixes Prepends present present␣indicative present␣subjunctive present␣tense previously primarily productive progressive pronoun prop prop␣up province proximate qualities quality quantity radical raft ram Rare real Red regarding regional regular request reserve reserves return River riverbank Road role Rōmaji Romanization room rostrum Rounded sack same sap save script sea second secondary second␣person second-person␣singular See send sense senses sentence sheath sheep shine Short Short␣for should Shows side sign signifies similar simple since singular slash small snap Some someone someone␣else something so␣that sound space species spelling standards state Still Strengthening Strengthens structure subject subjunctive such such␣as suffix suffixes suppletively surface swearing Symbol take take␣place tank targeted tell tend tense tenses that the them there there␣is the␣same third third␣person third-person␣singular this thoroughly those throne time time␣of␣day tiny top topping topping␣off torso touch touching touchy towards transcription transitive transitive␣verb tree two Ugly upon usage used used␣to usually utterly values variety various verb verbal verbs very Vietnam Vietnamese voice Vow vowel was water water␣bodies water␣tank way weather well what when which while whose Wind Wine with with␣both␣hands with␣it without woman words working working␣on years you young your yucky

63 English words from 56 foreign definitions

alfabeto alphabet als and Assurance Baumé Beckum been Bloco British British␣English Buddhist Buddhist␣Era Business das DDR dem den département der des Deutschland die Economics een English Era esse estimation Existenz Finance former France from have Imitation lettre met nome Nomen NVA Onomatopeia Ort partido passé pour première Rivière sein Ser sich som Sum Symbole train transitives und van Verb verbal Verbs Vienne vom

4 foreign words from 230 English definitions

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Adjektiv Aller alphabet␣cyrillique Apellido aus Auxiliaire avec Bearbeitung befinden bêlement Berührung Beschäftigung bestimmten besuchen betonten bevinden bezeichnend Bezeichnet bijwoord Bildet Bildung Britisches carneiro combinatie consonne cordero cyrillique deelwoord degré degré␣Baumé de␣la Deuxième Ebbene Economia ein eine einem einer eines emitida emitido Encontrarse Englisch en␣train en␣train␣de Esquerda Estar Être Être␣en␣train␣de existieren Fokus Formen fui für futur futur␣proche genannten Géographie geschehen Gleichheit Hulpwerkwoord infinitif intensivere kommen Koppelwerkwoord Kopula Kosten latine letra lijdende lijdende␣vorm litterae logisches Meilleure Meilleure␣estimation Métrologie mit Mittelwörtern Musik Nationalen nieuw Nombre Nombre␣de Normalerweise oder Onovergankelijk onscheidbaar Ortsangabe oveja ovelha participe participe␣passé participe␣présent passif político por português Prädikat Préfixe présent proche progressif qui richting Sachen segunda sert sommige Soutenu stammen stattfinden Subjekt tijd transitives␣Verb verändert verbes Vergangenheit verhalten verouderd Verschiebt Vollverb voltooid voltooid␣deelwoord voltooide von vorm vormt Vorsilbe Voz Warendorf Weise werkwoord werkwoorden wezen worden Zeitangabe zich zijn zuordnend zur Zusammen Zusammensetzungen zuvor zweier

11360 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

Bea BEA Bec BEC bed BED B.Ed. bee Bee BEE B.E.E. BEF B.E.F. B.␣E.␣F. beg Beg bek bel Bel Bem BEM ben Ben BEO BEP ber bes Bes BEs BES bet Bet BET bet. bev Bev BeV BEV Bew bex Bex bey Bey bez bead beag beak beal Beal beam Beam +11309 words

20522 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

ABEC abed Abed Abee Abel Aber Abes abet abey Abey BBEG CBer Ebel eben Eben eber Eber EBEs Ebey GBEs ibes Ibes IBEW ibex MBEs NBER obea Obed Ober obes OBEs obex obey PBeM PBEM Ubel uber Uber uber- über- VBer WBEs abbed abbes abs abbey Abbey abeam abear abeat +20472 words

1051 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

abe Abe ABE A BBE CBE DBE EBE Gbe GBE Ibe KBE MBE NbE obe OBE QBE SbE ube WBE abbe ab albe ambe aube Aube babe Babe Bebe bibe Bobe Bube Cabe cube dobe Dube Elbe Erbe fabe Gabe gibe GibE gybe Habe hebe Hebe hebe- imbe im +1001 words

3 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letters.)

Eb EB E♭

152 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word and an extra letter.)

abe Abe ABE A aeb AEB bae Bae BAe BAE BBE BCE B.C.E. BDE Bea BEA Bec BEC bed BED B.Ed. bee Bee BEE B.E.E. BEF B.E.F. B.␣E.␣F. beg Beg bek bel Bel Bem BEM ben Ben BEO BEP ber bes Bes BEs BES bet Bet BET bet. bev Bev BeV BEV +100 words

207 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

ae AE æ Æ -ae A&E -æ a**e a.e. A␣&␣E ba Ba BA b@ ba' -ba- B.A. B.␣A. bb BB B B&B B␣&␣B bc BC b/c B.C. bd Bd BD b/d bd. Bd. B/D B␣&␣D bf BF BF% B.F. bg Bg. BH B"H B&H b***h bi BI bi- bj BJ B.J. bk BK bk. BL B/L bm BM B&M bn Bn BN bn. Bn. B.N. bo Bo BO B.O. bp Bp BP Bp. BQ B.Q. B.␣Q. Br BR Br. bs Bs BS b's B's B&S BS. B+'s B.S. B−'s B.␣S. b******s bt Bt BT bu Bu BU B/U BV bw BW b/w (+105 words)

32 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

bae Bae BAe BAE BBE BCE B.C.E. BDE bee Bee BEE B.E.E. BFE bge BIE -bie BKE BLE BME B.M.E. Boe BoE BOE BQE Bre BrE BSE BTE Bue bye Bye 'bye

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