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— English words —
  • of prep. Expressing distance or motion.
  • of prep. Expressing separation.
  • of prep. Expressing origin.
  • of prep. Expressing agency.
  • of prep. Expressing composition, substance.
  • of prep. Introducing subject matter.
  • of prep. Having partitive effect.
  • of prep. Expressing possession.
  • of prep. Forming the "objective genitive".
  • of prep. Expressing qualities or characteristics.
  • of prep. Expressing a point in time.
  • of v. (usually in modal perfect constructions) Eye dialect spelling of have or ’ve, chiefly in depictions…
  • OF prop.n. (initialism) Old French.
  • OF n. (baseball, initialism) Outfield.
  • OF n. (baseball, initialism) Outfielder.
  • Of- pref. (Britain) a regulatory body for a specified industry.
  • OF. prop.n. (initialism) Alternative form of OF.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Afrikaans
    • of conj. whether; if.
  • Afrikaans - West frisian
    • of conj. or.
  • Danish
    • øf interj. The cry of a pig; oink.
    • øf v. imperative of øffe.
  • German low german
    • of prep. from.
    • of adv. away; from.
    • of adv. off.
    • of adj. off (not "on").
    • of conj. Alternative form of àder.
  • Icelandic
    • of adv. too (to an excessive degree).
    • of- pref. too much, excessively, hyper-.
  • Luxembourgish
    • of adv. (chiefly in compounds) off; down.
  • Middle dutch
    • of adv. Alternative form of af.
  • Middle dutch - Old dutch
    • of conj. if, whether.
  • Old english
    • of prep. of, from, off, out of [+dative].
    • of- pref. Forming verbs and adjectives with the sense of "off", "away", "from", "out of", "away from".
    • of- pref. down.
    • of- pref. excessively, negatively.
    • of- pref. for, for the purpose of.
  • Old norse
    • of prep. over, above.
  • Old saxon
    • of prep. above.
    • of prep. away from.
  • Papiamentu
  • Romanian
    • of interj. ugh, tsk, sigh.
  • Turkish
    • of interj. oof (often expressing that some task requires great effort).
    • of interj. ouch (used both for literally and emotionally painful situations).
    • of interj. ugh (expressing disgust or strong dismay).
  • Volapük
    • of pron. she (third-person feminine).
  • Welsh
    • of n. Soft mutation of gof.
  • West frisian
— English word, define in Dutch —
  • of  voorz. van.
— English words, define in Latin —
  • of  praep. Indicat relationes genetivas et possessivas. |.
  • of  praep. De, ex.
  • of  preap. Ex, de, ab.
— English words, define in French —
  • of  prép. De. Indique une origine, une substance, une possession, etc.
  • of  prép. De. Indique une séparation avec certains verbes.
— English words, define in Spanish —
  • of  prep. De.
  • of  prep. De tiempo Menos, para.
— English word, define in Portuguese —
  • of  prep. de.
— English word, define in Italian —
  • of  prep. di.
— In German —
  • of-  Präf. vorangestelltes Wortbildungselement in Fremdwörtern aus…
— In Dutch —
  • of  voeg. Nevenschikkend: gebruikt om keuze aan te geven.
  • of  voeg. Onderschikkend: inleiding van een bijzin om onzekerheid aan te geven.
  • of  voeg. oftewel (verklarend).
  • of  voeg. ongeveer.
114 English words from 49 English definitions

above adjectives agency Alternative and away baseball body both Britain characteristics chiefly composition compounds constructions cry dative degree depictions dialect disgust dismay distance down effect effort emotionally excessive excessively expressing Eye Eye␣dialect feminine for form Forming French from genitive great have Having hyper hyper- imperative industry initialism in␣time Introducing literally matter modal motion much mutation negatively not objective of␣a off often oink Old Old␣French oof origin ouch out Outfield Outfielder out␣of over painful partitive perfect person pig point point␣in␣time possession purpose qualities regulatory requires sense separation she sigh situations Soft Soft␣mutation some specified spelling strong subject subject␣matter substance task that the third third-person third␣person time too too␣much tsk ugh used usually verbs whether with

6 English words from 15 foreign definitions

een etc para possession substance van

1 foreign word from 49 English definitions


23 foreign words from 15 foreign definitions

aan aus avec bijzin certains Fremdwörtern gebruikt geven Indique inleiding keuze Menos oftewel Onderschikkend ongeveer onzekerheid origine séparation tiempo une verbes verklarend Wortbildungselement

749 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

OFA of␣a ofc OFC off -off off- off. Off. OFM OFN OFs oft OFT OFW ofan of␣an OFAs ofay OFCs OFDM of'en ofer o-fer OFEX offa offn offs offy OFLC O␣for OFSP OFWH o-face O␣face of␣age Ofala of␣all ofays of␣coz ofers o-fers offal offed offen offer offie offly off␣of off␣ox +699 words

11357 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

BOFD bofe BofE boff BOFH BOFs BOFT C␣of␣A C␣of␣E C.␣of␣E. DofE doff DoFs Eoff EOFY F␣off goff Goff hoff Hoff hofs koff Kofu Kōfu lofe loff lo-fi lofs loft LOFT moff mofo MOFs ooff ooft oofy Poff POFs Roff ROFL sofa Sofi soft -soft TOFC toff tofi toft tofu TOFU +11307 words

733 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

BOF DoF DOF d.o.f. D.o.F. D.O.F. d.␣o.␣f. D.␣o.␣F. D.␣O.␣F. EOF GoF hof IOF lof MoF MOF NOF oof POF qof TOF V.O.F. WOF as␣of BCOF boof coof doof do␣of foof goof hoof IPOF loof moof Olof poof prof Prof. q-tof roof Roof smof SMOF SPOF thof toof woof yoof AAMOF +683 words

5 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letter.)

fo FO fo' fo. F/O

107 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

BOF CFO DoF DOF d.o.f. D.o.F. D.O.F. d.␣o.␣f. D.␣o.␣F. D.␣O.␣F. EOF fao FAO FBO F/B/O F.B.O. F.␣B.␣O. FCO FFO Flo flo' Foa fob FOB F.O.B. F.␣O.␣B. FOC fod FOD foe FoE FOE fog FOG foh FOH FOI Fok FOK FOL fol. FOM fon Fon foo Foo foo' fop FOP for FOR for- +55 words

143 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

af AF bf BF BF% cf CF cf. c.f. df DF d.f. d.␣f. ef EF FF ff. GF hf HF if IF lf LF MF M-F NF N.␣F. OA ob Ob OB ob- ob. Ob. Oc OC Oc. O.C. O.␣C. od OD O&D O/D O.D. oe OE œ Œ OE. og Og OG 'og O.G. oh OH oi Oi OI -oi oi! OJ ok Ok OK Ok. OK. O.␣K. ol OL -ol ol' Ol. om OM O.M. on ON -on on- ON. oo OO oo- O&O O/O oö- op OP op. Op. OQ or OR -or or- Or. os Os OS -os o's O's O&S OS. -os- o.s. O.S. O.␣S. (+33 words)

15 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

oaf ODF OEF off -off off- off. Off. OIF olf ONF. oof orf ORF Oxf.

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