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— English words —
  • tin n. (uncountable) A malleable, ductile, metallic element, resistant to corrosion, with atomic number 50 and symbol Sn.
  • tin n. (New Zealand, Britain, countable) An airtight container, made of tin or another metal, used to preserve food.
  • tin n. (countable) A metal pan used for baking, roasting, etc.
  • tin n. (countable, squash (sport)) The bottom part of the front wall, which is "out" if a player strikes it with the ball.
  • tin n. (slang, dated, uncountable) money.
  • tin n. (slang, uncountable) Computer hardware.
  • tin adj. Made of tin.
  • tin adj. Made of galvanised iron or built of corrugated iron.
  • tin v. (transitive) To place into a tin in order to preserve.
  • tin v. (transitive) To cover with tin.
  • tin v. (transitive) To coat with solder in preparation for soldering.
  • TIN n. (US, finance) Initialism of taxpayer identification number.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Afrikaans - Old english
  • Atong (india)
    • tin n. corrugated iron.
  • Classical nahuatl
    • -tin suff. Used to form the plural of absolutive noun forms.
  • Danish
    • tin n. tin (Sn).
  • Faroese
    • tín pron. genitive singular of tú.
    • tín det. your; the second person possessive.
  • Faroese - Icelandic
    • tin n. tin (chemical element).
  • Lashi
  • Latvian
    • tin v. 2nd person singular present indicative form of tīt.
    • tin v. 3rd person singular present indicative form of tīt.
    • tin v. 3rd person plural present indicative form of tīt.
    • tin v. 2nd person singular imperative form of tīt.
    • tin v. (with the particle lai) 3rd person singular imperative form of tīt.
    • tin v. (with the particle lai) 3rd person plural imperative form of tīt.
  • Maltese
  • Middle english
    • tin det. (chiefly Northern and northern East Midland dialectal) Alternative form of þin.
    • tin pron. (chiefly Northern and northern East Midland dialectal) Alternative form of þin.
    • tin n. tin (metal).
  • Navajo
    • tin n. ice, frost.
  • Noone
  • North frisian
    • tin num. (Föhr-Amrum) ten.
  • Papiamentu
    • tin v. to have.
    • tin v. to possess.
    • tin v. there are.
  • Penchal
    • tɨn n. fresh water.
  • Picard
    • tin pron. your.
  • Rohingya
    • tin num. three.
  • Romanian
    • țin v. first-person singular present indicative of ține.
    • țin v. first-person singular present subjunctive of ține.
    • țin v. third-person plural present indicative of ține.
  • Saterland frisian
    • Tin n. tin (metal).
  • Sranan tongo
  • Swazi
    • tin- pref. Class 10 noun prefix.
  • Swedish
    • tin n. (colloquial) Pronunciation spelling of tiden, definite singular of tid.
  • Tatar
    • tın n. spirit, breath.
  • Turkish
    • Tin prop.n. A male given name.
  • Vietnamese
    • tin v. to believe or to trust.
    • tin n. news.
  • Welsh
    • tin n. (vulgar) The rump, the arse.
— English words, define in German —
  • tin  S. Chemie: Zinn kein Plural.
  • tin  S. Blechdose.
— English words, define in Dutch —
  • tin  n. (scheikunde), (element) tin.
  • tin  n. (VK) blik.
— English words, define in Latin —
  • tin  n.subs. stannum (-i, neut.) || √ (chem.; materialiter; symbolus: Sn) Elementum 50.
  • tin  n.subs. Lamina stannea seu lamina ferrea stannata.
  • tin  n.subs. Brit. Pyxis ferrea, canistrum. → can.
  • tin  adi. √ Stanneus.
— English words, define in French —
  • tin  n. (Chimie) (nomenclature UICPA) (Indénombrable) Étain.
  • tin  n. (Royaume-Uni) (Nouvelle-Zélande) (Dénombrable) Boîte de conserve, canette.
  • tin  n. (Argot) (Indénombrable) Argent (valeur monétaire).
  • tin  adj. D’étain, en étain.
  • tin  v. Placer dans de l’étain pour préserver.
  • tin  v. Couvrir d’étain.
  • tin  v. Préparer pour la soudure.
— English words, define in Spanish —
  • tin  s. Química. Estaño.
  • tin  s. Hojalata.
  • tin  s. Lata.
— English word, define in Portuguese —
  • tin  s. (Química) estanho.
— In Dutch —
  • tin  n. (scheikunde), (element) scheikundig element met symbool Sn…
— In French —
  • tin  n.m. (Marine) Cale de bois qui supporte la quille d’un navire…
  • tin  n.m. (Par extension) Support de cette cale, qui peut par exemple…
  • tin  n.m. Pièce de bois qui supporte ou cale un tonneau.
  • tin  n.m. (Botanique) Laurier-tin.
  • Tin  n.prop. (Géographie) Hameau des Pays-Bas situé dans la commune…
143 English words from 51 English definitions

absolutive airtight Alternative and another are arse atomic atomic␣number baking ball believe bottom breath Britain built chemical chemical␣element chiefly Class coat colloquial Computer container corrosion corrugated corrugated␣iron countable cover dated definite dialectal ductile East element etc fast figs finance first first-person first␣person first-person␣singular five food for form forms fresh fresh␣water front front␣wall frost galvanised genitive given given␣name hardware have ice identification imperative indicative Initialism in␣order in␣order␣to into iron lai made made␣of male malleable metal metallic Midland money name New news New␣Zealand northern noun number order out pan part particle person place player plural possess possessive prefix preparation present present␣indicative present␣subjunctive preserve Pronunciation Pronunciation␣spelling resistant roasting rump second second␣person singular slang solder soldering spelling spirit sport squash strikes subjunctive symbol taxpayer ten the there there␣are third third-person third␣person third-person␣plural three tid tin transitive trust uncountable used used␣to vulgar wall water which with your Zealand

34 English words from 25 foreign definitions

Argent Argot Bas blik bois Brit cale can chem commune conserve dans des element exemple extension lamina Lata Laurier Marine met neut nomenclature par Pays Placer Plural pour Pyxis stannum Support tin tonneau Uni

2 foreign words from 51 English definitions

Amrum Föhr

51 foreign words from 25 foreign definitions

Blechdose Boîte Boîte␣de␣conserve Botanique canette cette Chemie Chimie Couvrir de␣conserve Dénombrable Elementum estanho Estaño étain ferrea Géographie Hameau Hojalata Indénombrable kein Laurier-tin Laurier␣tin monétaire navire Nouvelle Nouvelle-Zélande par␣exemple Par␣extension Pays-Bas peut Pièce Pièce␣de␣bois Préparer préserver qui quille Química Royaume Royaume-Uni scheikunde scheikundig seu situé soudure supporte symbool UICPA valeur Zélande Zinn

457 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

tina Tina TINA TINC tind tine ting Ting tink tins TINs tint tiny Tinch tinct Tincy tinda Tindi tinds tinea tined Tineo Tiner tines tinet tinga tinge tingi tings Tings -tinib tinks TINLC tinny Tinos tinta tints tinty tinaja tincal tin␣can tin␣cry tincts tindal Tindal tindas tinded tinder Tinder Tindis +407 words

15121 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

GTINs sting STing stink stint acting actino- actins anting Artina Astins attine Autins bating betine biting Catino citing coting cutins cut-ins dating detins diting doting eating elting enting Epting erting ettins extine fating feting Fotini gating get␣ink hating ␣Tĩnh hoting intine JITing ketine kiting Kutina latina Latina Latin@ Latine latino Latino Latino- +15069 words

1186 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

GTIN actin actin' actin- Astin Autin batin bat␣in bit␣in cetin cutin cut-in cut␣in detin ditin eat-in eatin' eat␣in ettin fit␣in get␣in 'ittin' Latin let␣in matin Matin opt-in opt␣in patin potin Putin put-in put␣in rutin satin sat␣in set␣in sit-in sit␣in titin totin' tutin untin vytin acetin Asotin Austin Bastin Battin beatin' +1136 words

One word-in-word RTL (Word found written from right to left, inside the word. Minimum size 3 letters.)


7 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letter.)

int INT in't int. i'n't ITN nit

89 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

aint ain't aniṭ anti anti- bint cTnI dint di'n't gnit GTIN hint idn't init in␣it inst. Inst. inti Inti intj INTJ int'l intl. Int'l into INTO INTP intr intr. ints isnt isn't jint knit lint Lint mint nait NAIT NCIT NDTI neti nift nipt NIST nite Nith nitr- nits Nitz +39 words

24 anagrams found minus a letter (New words formed with all the letters from the word minus a letter.)

in IN -in i'n in- -in' it IT 'it It. It⁺⁶ ni NI N.I. NT n't n/t -n't N.T. ti TI Ti. tn TN

106 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

Ain ain' bin CIN -cin din Din DIN EIN fin Fin Fin. f***in' gin hin jin Jin kin Kin -kin k'in -kin- lin Lin -lin lin. Lin. min Min MIN min. nin Nin NIN pin PIN qin Qin rin sin Sin SIN tan Tan TAN TBN Tbn. TDN ten TEN TFN TGN tia Tia TIA tib TiB tic TIC tid TID tie tig TIJ tik til TIL 'til Tim TIM Tim. tip TIP Tir TIR tis TIs TIS 'tis t'is tit tit. Tit. Tiu Tiv Tiw tix tiz tln TLN TNN ton TON -ton TPN TSN tun Vin VIN win Win WIN (+4 words)

11 lipograms (New words found when removing only one letter.)

in IN -in i'n in- -in' ti TI Ti. tn TN

12 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

tain tein thin thin' tian Tian Tien -tion tiyn Tsin twin Twin

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