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— English words —
  • te n. (music) In solfège, the lowered seventh note of a major scale (the note B-flat in the fixed-do system): ta.
  • TE n. (space science) Initialism of transporter-erector.
— Translingual —
  • Te sym. (chemistry) Symbol for the element tellurium.
— Foreign words, define in English —
  • Adyghe
    • те- pref. (added to verbs) on something.
    • те- pref. (added to verbs) on the surface of something.
  • Afrikaans
    • te adv. indicating excess: too.
    • te prep. modifying an infinitive verb: to.
    • te prep. located at, in.
  • Aiwoo
    • te v. to see.
  • Akan
    • te v. to understand, perceive.
    • te v. to hear.
  • Albanian
    • te prep. at.
    • te prep. (with a human referent) at (someone’s) place.
    • art. adjectival article for.
  • Albanian - Old english
    • te prep. to.
  • Ancient greek
    • τέ conj. stressed form of τε (te) (used before an enclitic).
    • τέ pron. Doric form of σέ (sé): accusative singular of τύ (tú).
    • τε conj. and, also or untranslatable.
  • Asturian
    • te pron. you (second-person plural direct pronoun).
    • te pron. you (second-person plural indirect pronoun).
  • Asturian - Galician
  • Basque - Cornish - Danish - Faroese - Icelandic - Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk - Sranan tongo - Welsh
    • te n. tea.
  • Biao
  • Blagar
    • te n. wood, tree.
  • Bulgarian
    • те pron. They; the third-person plural pronoun in the nominative case, used as the subject of a verb.
    • те pron. Short form of the second-person singular pronoun in the accusative case, used as the direct object…
  • Catalan
    • te pron. you, thee (direct or indirect object).
    • te pron. yourself (reflexive pronoun).
    • te n. the tea plant; (Camellia sinensis).
    • te n. tea; the product made from the leaves of the tea plant.
    • te n. tea; a light afternoon meal at which tea is commonly served.
    • v. third-person singular present indicative form of tenir.
    • v. second-person singular imperative form of tenir.
  • Catalan - Faroese - Galician - Turkish - Turkmen
    • te n. The name of the Latin-script letter T/t.
  • Chuukese
    • -te suff. (auxiliary) Used to express negative tense in the determinate; never.
  • Classical nahuatl
    • te pron. Alternative spelling of teh.
    • te- pref. Indefinite animate object: someone; somebody; everyone; people.
    • te- pref. Indefinite animate possessor: someone’s; somebody’s.
  • Coptic
    • ⲧⲉ pron. (postpositive) she.
    • ⲧⲉ pron. used as 3rd person feminine singular pronominal copula in verbless clauses.
    • ⲧⲉ v. (Akhmimic) Alternative form of ϯ (ti).
    • ⲧⲉ- art. (Sahidic, Fayyumic, Lycopolitan) Alternative form of ⲧ- (t-) used before complex initial clusters.
  • Cornish
    • te pron. you (informal second person singular pronoun), thou, thee.
  • Czech
    • n. (archaic) tea.
    • pron. singular feminine genitive/dative/locative of ten.
    • pron. accusative singular of ty.
    • ťé n. The name of the Latin-script letter Ť/ť.
  • Czech - Icelandic - Tetum
    • n. The name of the Latin-script letter T/t.
  • Dalmatian
    • te pron. (second-person singular pronoun) you, thou.
  • Danish
    • te v. behave.
  • Deg xinag
    • te n. water.
  • Eastern mari
    • те pron. (personal) you (plural).
  • Emilian
    • pron. you (singular, emphatic form).
  • Esperanto
    • t.e. init. Initialism of tio estas (“that is”).
  • Estonian
    • te pron. you (plural and polite form).
  • Ewe
    • te n. paternal aunt.
    • te n. yam.
    • te prep. under.
    • te v. to compact.
    • te v. to compress.
    • te v. to sting.
    • te v. to swell.
  • Finnish
    • te pron. (personal) you (second-person plural; when addressing many persons or when addressing politely…
    • Te pron. (address) You (very formal, honorific or respectful 2nd person address both in singular and in plural).
  • Galician
    • te pron. inflection of ti.
    • n. the shrub Camellia sinsensis.
  • Haitian creole
    • te adv. Indicates the past or pluperfect tense.
    • n. Earth.
    • n. ground.
  • Hungarian
    • te pron. (personal) you (second-person singular, nominative, informal form).
    • -te suff. (past tense suffix) Used to form the third-person singular past tense of verbs (definite conjugations).
  • Icelandic
    • n. used in set phrases.
  • Ido
    • te n. The name of the Latin script letter T/t.
    • t.e. adv. Abbreviation of to esas (“that is”); i.e.
  • Irish
    • te adj. hot, warm.
    • v. present subjunctive analytic of téigh.
    • pron. Only used in an té.
    • -te suff. slender form of -ta (plural suffix).
    • -te suff. slender form of -ta (past participle suffix).
  • Japanese
    • te rom. Rōmaji transcription of て.
    • te rom. Rōmaji transcription of テ.
  • Kalasha
    • te pron. they, them (absent from speaker) (3rd-person plural personal pronoun).
  • Kashubian
  • Kikuyu
    • te v. to throw away.
  • Kurdish
    • v. third-person singular present of hatin.
  • Ladin
    • te prep. in, into.
  • Latvian
    • te adv. here.
    • te conj. now..., now.
    • n. The Latvian name of the Latin script letter T/t.
  • Lithuanian
    • te partic. (with third person) may, let (used to indicate the optative mood).
    • te interj. (with object cases) here you go, take this (when giving something to someone).
  • Louisiana creole french
    • partic. past tense marker.
  • Lower sorbian
    • te det. nominative plural of ten.
    • te det. accusative plural of ten.
  • Macedonian
    • те pron. Short direct object form of ти.
    • -те suff. the definite article "the" in its unspecified plural form, male and female gender.
    • т.е. adv. Abbreviation of то ест (to est).
  • Mandarin
    • te rom. Pinyin transcription of 脦.
    • te rom. Nonstandard spelling of tè.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 忑.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 忒.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 慝.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 棏.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 特.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 犅.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 職.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 脡.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 蚮.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 螟.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 蟘.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 貣.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 貰.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 贳.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 鋱.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 铽.
    • rom. Pinyin transcription of 鴏.
  • Maori
    • te art. the.
    • te det. Referring to a whole class of things or people designated by the noun that follows.
    • te det. Mr, mister, sir (capitalised).
    • te det. Used in front of another verb following a stative.
    • te det. Used in front of another verb following taea.
    • te det. Used before the names for the days of the week.
    • te det. Sometimes used before numbers with a following noun.
    • te det. Used before ordinal numbers including those using tua-.
  • Meriam
    • te n. mouth.
    • te n. door.
  • Middle dutch
    • te prep. at, in (a place).
    • te prep. to, towards.
    • te prep. at, during (a time).
    • te prep. for (the purpose of).
    • te prep. in accordance with.
    • te prep. with, from (a means, such as language).
    • te prep. (with gerund) to, for.
    • te adv. very, particularly.
    • te adv. too, to an excessive degree.
    • te- pref. Creates verbs with a sense of ‘in pieces, apart, asunder’, or with intensive force.
  • Middle english
    • te pron. Alternative form of þe.
  • Middle english - Old english
    • te- pref. Alternative form of to-.
  • Middle french
    • te pron. you, second-person singular object pronoun.
    • te pron. to you, second-person singular indirect object pronoun.
  • Middle french - Old french
    • -té suff. -ty (suffix used to form nouns, often denoting a quality or a property).
  • Min nan
  • Navajo
    • -tʼé st. Verbal stem occurring in the following root, aspect, and mode combinations.
    • -tʼeʼ st. Verbal stem occurring in the following root, aspect, and mode combinations.
  • Neapolitan
    • te pron. you (singular familiar, accusative or dative or reflexive or prepositional).
  • Noone
    • num. three.
  • Norwegian bokmål - Norwegian nynorsk
    • te v. (reflexive) to behave.
  • Norwegian
    • te prep. (dialectal) to.
  • Novial
    • te pron. that (which may be either male or female).
  • Occitan
  • Old french
    • te pron. you (second-person singular direct object pronoun).
    • te pron. to you (second-person singular indirect object pronoun).
    • te pron. yourself (second-person singular direct object reflexive pronoun).
    • te pron. to yourself (second-person singular indirect object reflexive pronoun).
  • Old irish
    • adj. (of temperature): hot, warm.
    • adj. lustful, wanton.
    • adj. (of places): warm, comfortable, sheltered.
    • adj. (of emotions): warm, fervent.
    • adj. (of fights, weapons): fierce, keen.
    • v. third-person singular present subjunctive conjunct of téit.
  • Old saxon
    • te- pref. Creates verbs with a sense of ‘apart, in piece, asunder’, or with intensive force.
  • Pali
    • te adj. masculine nominative/accusative plural of ta (“that”).
    • te pron. masculine nominative/accusative plural of ta (“they”).
    • te pron. instrumental, dative/genitive singular of tvaṃ (“you”).
  • Papiamentu
    • te adj. until.
    • te adj. till.
  • Phuthi
    • te conj. just, only, however.
  • Polish
    • te pron. non-personal nominative/accusative plural of ten.
    • te pron. nominative/accusative plural of ta.
    • te pron. nominative/accusative plural of to.
    • pron. accusative singular of ta.
  • Rapa nui
    • te art. the (the definite article).
  • Romani
    • te conj. if.
  • Romanian
    • te pron. (direct object) you.
    • te pron. (reflexive) yourself.
  • Romansch
    • te n. (Sursilvan) tea.
    • n. (Puter, Vallader) tea.
    • n. (Rumantsch Grischun, Sutsilvan, Surmiran) tea.
  • Russian
    • те pron. nominative plural of тот (tot): those; the ones; the others.
    • те pron. inanimate accusative plural of тот (tot): those; the ones; the others.
    • т.е. adv. initialism of то́ есть (tó jestʹ): i.e., that is.
    • т.␣е. adv. initialism of то́ есть (tó jestʹ): i.e., that is.
  • Saterland frisian
    • -te suff. Forms abstract nouns from verbs, adjectives, or other nouns; -th.
  • Scottish gaelic
    • pron. somebody, something, one.
    • -te suff. Used to form adjectives from nouns, in the sense of having the object represented by the noun.
  • Serbo-croatian
    • te pron. of you (clitic genitive singular of tȋ (“you”)).
    • te pron. you (clitic accusative singular of tȋ (“you”)).
    • te pron. nominative plural of taj (feminine); those (= one).
    • te conj. and (following a cause; lit. and thereby, and thus).
    • te conj. and, and then (before the last thing in order of mention or occurrence).
    • te conj. (Croatia) now (chiefly used in stock phrases).
    • те pron. of you (clitic genitive singular of ти̑ (“you”)).
    • те pron. you (clitic accusative singular of ти̑ (“you”)).
    • те conj. and.
  • Sranan tongo
    • te conj. when.
    • te prep. until.
  • Swedish
    • te n. tea (the tree, its dried leaves and the drink made from them).
    • te v. to appear.
    • -te suff. Variant of -de; suffix to create preterite tense of verbs if the stem ends in a unvoiced consonant…
  • Tahitian
    • te art. the (singular) (definite article).
    • te art. the (plural) (definite article).
    • te art. (conversationally) a, an (indefinite article).
  • Taos
  • Tongan - Tuvaluan
    • te art. the (definite article).
  • Tzeltal - Tzotzil
  • Veps
    • te n. road, way.
  • Vietnamese
    • v. (childish) to go number three; to take a peepee.
    • v. (intransitive) to trip.
    • v. (intransitive) to fall, to fall over.
    • v. to be numb.
    • pron. (Central Vietnam) that; there; those.
    • n. The name of the Latin-script letter T/t.
    • n. (obsolete) rhinoceros.
    • tệ adj. bad (at doing something).
    • tẻ n. non-glutinous rice.
    • tẻ adj. uninteresting; dull.
    • tẻ adj. neither crowded nor active; uncrowded.
    • tẻ adj. gloomy; dreary; dismal.
    • tế v. gallop.
    • tế v. scold.
    • tế v. worship, sacrifice.
  • Volapük
    • te adv. only, solely, merely.
    • te adv. but.
  • Westrobothnian
    • te interj. Quiet!
— English word, define in Portuguese —
  • te  s. (Nota musical⚠) si.
— In German —
  • TE  Abk. Trennungsentschädigung.
  • TE  Abk. beim BKA: Abteilung Terrorismus.
  • TE  Abk. Technische Einheit(en).
  • TE  Abk. Teileinheit(en).
  • TE  Abk. Teilentladung.
  • TE  Abk. Trägerfrequenzerzeuger.
  • TE  Abk. Medizin: Transfusionseinheit(en).
  • TE  Abk. Tight End.
  • T€  Abk. tausend Euro.
— In Dutch —
  • te  voorz. bij plaatsaanduidingen: in.
  • te  voorz. met gebruikmaking van, per, middels.
  • te  voorz. komt regelmatig voor in combinatie met een infinitief.
  • te  bijw. in grotere mate of hoeveelheid dan wenselijk is.
  • -te  maakt van een bijvoeglijk een vrouwelijk zelfstandig naamwoord…
  • -te  samen met voorvoegsel ge- vormt -te een onzijdig zelfstandig…
— In Latin —
  • te  n.subs. T seu t, littera abecedarii Romani quae inter es et u stat.
— In French —
  • te  pron. Pronom à la deuxième personne du singulier, utilisé pour…
  • té  n.m. Lettre latine T, t.
  • té  n.m. (Arts) Instrument ayant la forme d’un T. Il se dit spécialement…
  • té  interj. (Occitanie) Tiens, tenez.
  • -té  suff. Terminaison de certains noms féminins qui indique une…
— In Spanish —
  • té  s. Botánica. (Camellia sinensis) Arbusto de la famila de las…
  • té  s. Hojas desecadas de este arbusto, especialmente si cortadas…
  • té  s. Gastronomía. Infusión preparada con estas hojas secas o fermentadas…
  • té  s. Gastronomía. Infusión cualquiera de plantas medicinales.
— In Portuguese —
  • te  pron. a ti.
  • te  pron. para ti.
  • tê  s. nome da vigésima letra do alfabeto latino, representada pelos…
— In Italian —
  • te  pron. in funzione di complemento di termine, quando precede un altro pronome.
  • te  pron. in funzione di complemento oggetto, quando segue il verbo…
  • tè  s. (botanica) arbusto sempreverde della famiglia delle Teacee…
  • tè  s. (gastronomia) bevanda che si ottiene mettendo in infusione…
419 English words from 224 English definitions

Abbreviation absent abstract abstract␣nouns accordance accusative accusative␣case active added address addressing adjectival adjectives afternoon Akhmimic also Alternative analytic and animate another apart appear archaic article aspect asunder aunt auxiliary away bad before behave B-flat B␣flat both but Camellia capitalised case cases cause Central chemistry chiefly childish class clauses clitic clusters combinations comfortable commonly compact complex compress conjugations conjunct consonant conversationally copula create Creates Croatia crowded cut dative days definite definite␣article degree denoting designated determinate dialectal direct direct␣object dismal doing door Doric dreary dried drink dull during Earth either element emotions emphatic enclitic ends ends␣in erector est everyone excess excessive express fall fall␣over familiar Fayyumic female feminine fervent fierce fights fixed flat following follows for force form formal Forms from front gallop gender genitive gerund giving gloomy glutinous glutinous␣rice ground having hear here here␣you␣go honorific hot however human imperative inanimate including indefinite indefinite␣article indicate Indicates indicating indicative indirect indirect␣object infinitive inflection informal in␣front in␣front␣of initial initialism in␣order instrumental intensive into intransitive its jest just keen language last last␣thing Latin Latin␣script Latvian leaves let letter light lit located locative lowered lustful Lycopolitan made major major␣scale male many marker masculine may may␣be meal means mention merely mister mode modifying mood mouth music name names negative neither never nominative nominative␣case non non-glutinous Nonstandard nor note noun nouns now numb number numbers number␣three object object␣pronoun obsolete occurrence occurring of␣a often one ones only on␣the on␣the␣surface optative order ordinal ordinal␣numbers other others over participle particularly past past␣participle past␣tense paternal paternal␣aunt peepee people perceive person personal personal␣pronoun persons phrases piece pieces Pinyin place places plant pluperfect pluperfect␣tense plural polite politely possessor postpositive prepositional present present␣indicative present␣subjunctive preterite preterite␣tense product pronominal pronoun property purpose Puter quality Quiet referent Referring reflexive reflexive␣pronoun represented respectful rhinoceros rice road Rōmaji root Rumantsch sacrifice Sahidic scale science scold script second second-person second␣person second-person␣plural second-person␣singular see sense served set set␣phrases seventh she sheltered short Short␣form shrub singular sir slender solely solfège somebody someone something something␣to Sometimes space space␣science speaker spelling stative stem sting stock stock␣phrases stressed subject subjunctive such such␣as suffix surface Sursilvan swell Symbol system taj take tea tea␣plant teh tellurium temperature ten tense that that␣is the thee them then the␣ones there thereby they thing things third third-person third␣person third-person␣plural third-person␣singular this those thou three throw throw␣away thus till time to␣go too tot towards transcription transporter tree trip uncrowded under understand uninteresting unspecified until untranslatable unvoiced used used␣to using Variant verb Verbal verbless verbs very Vietnam wanton warm water way weapons week when which whole with wood worship yam you yourself

39 English words from 33 foreign definitions

abecedarii à␣la alfabeto Arts BKA botanica Camellia che con dan dit een End este Euro forme Instrument inter las latino Lettre mate met musical nome noms Nota Occitanie para per pour precede Romani segue stat termine Tiens Tight van

8 foreign words from 224 English definitions

esas estas Surmiran Sutsilvan tenir tio tua Vallader

83 foreign words from 33 foreign definitions

Abteilung alfabeto␣latino altro arbusto ayant beim bevanda bij bijvoeglijk Botánica certains combinatie complemento cortadas cualquiera de␣la della delle desecadas deuxième deuxième␣personne Einheit especialmente estas famiglia féminins fermentadas funzione Gastronomía gastronomia gebruikmaking hoeveelheid hojas indique infinitief Infusión infusione komt latine letra littera maakt medicinales Medizin mettendo middels naamwoord oggetto onzijdig ottiene pelos personne plantas preparada Pronom pronome quando qui regelmatig representada samen secas sempreverde seu singulier spécialement tausend Technische Teileinheit tenez Terminaison Terrorismus une utilisé verbo vigésima voor voorvoegsel vormt vrouwelijk wenselijk zelfstandig zelfstandig␣naamwoord

7254 suffixes (New words found by adding one or more letters at the end of the word.)

tea Tea TEA TEB TEC 'tec 'Tec ted Ted TED tee Tee tef teg teh TEH TEI tej tel TEL Tel. TEM ten TEN Teo Tep ter ter- TEs tet Tet TET TEU TeV tew Tew tex Tex TeX Tex. tey TEZ tead teak teal Teal TEAl TEAL team Tean +7204 words

76794 times in the middle (New words found by adding letters in front and at the end of the word.)

Atem Aten Ater BTEC BTEs BTEX etem FTEs item iter iter. ITEs LTEs mTEC OTEC -pter ptew QTEs Stec sted STed STED stee Stef steg stem Stem STEM Sten step STEP step- -ster stet stew Stew stey utes Utes acted acter after after- Akter alter alter- anted antem ant'em antes Antes +76743 words

17277 prefixes (New words found by adding one or more letters in front of the word.)

ate AAtë -ate BTE CTE DTE FTE GTE ITE -ite LTE MTE OTE Pte PTE QTE R Ste StE Ste. ute Ute Vte Aite ante ante- bate Bate bete bite bote bute Bute byte cate Cate cete cite cmte cmte. cote Cote cute cyte -cyte date Date dite dote +17227 words

4 anagrams (New words found by changing the order of the letter.)

et Et ET -et

179 anagrams found with an extra letter (New words formed with all the letter from the word and an extra letter.)

aet AET æt. a.e.t. ate AAtë -ate bet Bet BET bet. BTE CET CTE Det DET det. Det. DTE eat ECT ect. EDT EET eft EFT EIT elt ELT EMT ent ENT -ent EOT ept EPT ert ERT est Est EST -est est. Est. eta ETA etc ETC etc. +129 words

168 cousins (New words found by changing only one letter.)

ae AE æ Æ -ae A&E -æ a**e a.e. A␣&␣E be BE be- B&E B/E B.E. CE -ce C.E. de dE De DE de- ee EE 'ee -ee E&E Fe FE F&E f.e. gE Ge GE he He HE he- H&E H.E. ie IE -ie IE. i.e. JE Ke KE le Le LE -le me Me ME Me. M&E -me- ne NE né nê ne. Ne. -ne- oe OE œ Œ OE. pe Pe PE Pe. QE re Re RE Ré 're re- r.e. -'re se SE -se se. Se. ta TA T&A T/A T.A. TB TC TD tf Tf TF (+67 words)

22 epenthesis (New words found when adding only one letter.)

tce TCE tee Tee TFE TGE the the- tie TLE toe TOE TPE tse Tse TSE tue Tue TUE tye Tye t'ye

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